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Edgar Picks Up Where He Left Off At Shellhammers Speedway

Toby Blumenshine and Glenn Macomber were the lucky drivers to bring the 270 Wingless Micro Sprint field to the green last evening for the return of Wingless Wednesdays at Shellhammer’s Speedway. Blumenshine would jump out to the early lead and be pressured by Adam Minzer Jr for the top spot. Lurking in mid pack at the start was class dominator, Brandon Edgar. He would have to work his way to the front if he wanted to continue his winning ways on Wingless Wednesday, but he would have some tough competition including Mike Kalman, Josh Shaeffer, Macomber and Minzer Jr. These drivers all raced wheel to wheel with each other, lap after lap. Edgar would join the battle with Minzer Jr and Schaffer for the runner up spot and soon Schaffer would bring out the caution after he spun in turn 2. The field would reset and Edgar was on the bumper of Blumenshine. Edgar tried the high line a few laps and was unable to get the run he needed to make the pass for the lead. Then with only a few laps remaining he Edgar went low and was able to take the lead from Blumenshine. Blumenshine would try as hard as he could, but once again, it was Brandon Edgar across the finish line first, Blumenshine would finish in the runner up spot, followed by Minzer Jr, Matt Hoffman and Mike Kalman.

The 125 Wingless Micro’s put on a great show of side by side racing for the fans. Cliff Bryan Jr. took the lead early in the race and was able to hold of the hard charging Jas Hehnly in order to take home the win. Hehnly would finish 2nd followed by Jason Hehnly, Ron Zimmerman and Olivia Pellicciotti. The Xcel Modifieds were revved up and raring to go for their feature time and John Ayre was able to lead the first lap before Jason Dunkelberger took over the top spot. Dunkelberger would never look back after making the pass for the lead, but ended up having young up and coming driver, Cody Manmiller give him a great challenge for the win. the top 2 would pull away from the field, but at the end, it was Dunkelberger who was able to cruise to another win on Wingless Wednesdays. Manmiller would finish 2nd followed by John Ayre, Sam Scicchitano and Barry Lee. The Slingshots had a little fun as they raced their way around the track for their feature event. Jeff Kemp was able to lead a clean solid event and hold off Gavin Danner for the win. Rodney Ulsh would finish third followed by Haley Thunberg.

The action resumes this Saturday evening when the Karts, Slingshots, Xcel Modifieds, Pa Mini Pro Tractors and Vigilante classes come out to play. There will be the make up features from this past week’s activities that ended abruptly when a severe storm quickly came upon the track, wiping out the features for the evening. There are no additional entries that will be allowed in those preset fields. Then the regular night of racing will be features only for all other divisions, which will allow for the entire show to be run, as long as Mother Nature doesn’t decided to provide a surprise track watering again. Sunday, the make up AMA and D6 Flat track motorcycle event will take place. Racing will start at noon that day and this will be the first of 2 motorcycle events that Shellhammer’s will host this season. These bikes are all power and will surely delight the entire family when the riders show off their skill of keeping a high horsepower race bike under control, while not having any brakes! This will be a warm up event for some local racers who will be making the trip to New York Labor Day weekend for the big Speedway Bike event of the year.

Time is running out to pre-register for this year’s Summer Spectacular! Racers have until this weekend, August 25 to take advantage of additional savings. Open Practice will be held Friday evening from 7-9 PM with pit passes being only $5 for that evening. Then there will be entertainment from 9-11 including live music provided by Better Than Nothing. Then on Saturday, the racers will hit the track to take their chance at big purses! Animal Champ Light and Heavy classes will pay the Feature winner $750 while the Flathead Champ Light and Heavy, Flathead 350 and 375 and Rookie Blue Champ Light and Heavy classes are paying $500 to win their respective feature events. The Clone 375 class will be racing for $250 to win. Pre-Registration forms are available and attached to this release.

Gates open at 2:30 pm Saturday afternoons. REGISTRATION IS 3:30 TO 5:00 PM. Warm-up/practice session starts at 5:00 pm. Call-in entries can be made up to 5:00 pm and drivers will be placed in their original starting position. (If after 5:00 pm, driver will start in the rear of their class.)

Wingless Wednesday series featuring the 270 Wingless Micro Sprints, 125 Micro Sprints as well as the Xcel Modifieds and the Junior and Senior Slinger Shots. The heat racing action begins at 7 PM each week. Wednesday Grandstand admission is $7.00 for ages 13 and older and children under 12 are FREE. Pit Passes are $15.00, the required transponder fee is $5.00 and individual class entry fees are as follows:”Wingless” 270/125 Micro Sprints are $30.00, JR/SR Slingshots are $20.00 and Xcel Modifieds are $20.00.

26 Regular Show (make up features from 8/19 and features only for 8/26) + PA MINI PRO TRACTORS + VIGILANTE 350
27 – AMA D6 Flat Track Motorcycle Racing
30 “wingless” Wednesday—270 & 125 Micro Sprints, Xcel Mods, Slingshots
2 SUMMER SPECTACULAR (rain date Sept 3rd) plus PA MINI PROs + VIGILANTE 350 + QUADS
06 “wingless” Wednesday—270 & 125 Micro Sprints, Xcel Mods, Slingshots
09 Regular Show (heats & features) plus QUADS
13 “wingless” Wednesday—270 & 125 Micro Sprints, Xcel Mods, Slingshots
16 Regular Show (heats/features) + PA MINI PRO TRACTORS + KEYSTONE OUTLAW TRACTORS
20 “wingless” Wednesday—270 & 125 Micro Sprints, Xcel Mods, Slingshots
23 Regular Show (heats & features) + QUADS (Double Heat Points and Double Feature Points)
27 “wingless” Wednesday—270 & 125 Micro Sprints, Xcel Mods, Slingshots

Wingless 125s
fastest feature lap: Cliff Brian Jr, lap 3, 9.858, 45.649 mph
1. Cliff Brian Jr
2. Jas Hehnly
3. Jason Hehnly
4. Ron Zimmerman
5. Olivia Pellicciotti
6. Reily Simmons
7. Dylan Barlip

Xcel Modifieds
fastest feature lap: Jason Dunkelberger, lap 21, 9.743, 46.185 mph
1. Jason Dunkelberger
2. Cody Manmiller
3. John Ayre
4. Sam Scicchitano
5. Barry Lee
6. Jarrett Imler

Sr Slingshot
fastest feature lap: Jeff Kemp, lap 18, 10.541, 42.690 mph
1. Jeff Jemp
2. Gavin Danner
3. Rodney Ulsh
4. Haley Thunberg

Wingless 270s
fastest feature lap: Brandon Edgar, lap 4, 9.727, 46.263 mph
1. Brandon Edgar
2. Toby Blumenshine
3. Adam Minzer Jr
4. Matt Hoffman
5. Mike Kalman
6. Jenna Schostkewitz
7. Glenn Macomber
8. Jarrett Imler
9. Patrick Kirn
10. Brent Shearer
11. Danny Lane
12. Matthew Kreider
13. Josh Schaffer
14. Troy Hoffman
15. Wesley Fasnacht
Shellhammers Speedway is an 1/8th mile dirt karting track in Shoemakersville. PA that is family friendly and offers free parking close by the grandstand area. More information can be found at http://www.shellhammerspeedway.com

“Promoting the sport of go-kart racing and providing a first class facility for competitors of all ages.” – The Cordier Family

Press Release By : Tammy Wynne