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Edgar Still Unstoppable With Bounty On Wingless Wednesdays

The pits were packed Wednesday evening at Shellhammer’s Speedway, the racers were ready to hit the track, the fans were ready for side by side action and the 270 Wingless Micro drivers had their goals set on ending the dominating reign of Brandon Edgar.

Brandon Edgar would work his way to the front in both of his heat qualifying events for the 270 Wingless Micro Sprints, making it look easy to pass cars and be fast around the track. The feature would prove to be a bit more challenging as the teams were ready to try to cash in on the extra money in the prize fund for anyone that could beat Edgar, fairly, on the track. Richie Hartman was ready for the challenge and kept his car on the tail end of Edgar and these drivers would become the focus of everyone. Hartman tried numerous lines to get a run on Edgar, but Edgar was consistent and kept a clean smooth line around the race track. After a late race caution, Hartman had an excellent start and looked like he was going to be able to get around Edgar, but the caution flew again before the pair returned to the start finish line, negating all of the work and efforts made by Hartman. This also allowed Edgar to be better prepared on the next restart and Brandon quickly shut the door on Hartman. A 3 lap shoot out would take place, with Hartman giving it all he had, but in the end, Edgar would once again be the one going to Victory Lane, Richie Harman would finish 2nd followed by Toby Blumenshine, Bradley Brown and Matthew Kreider. Blumenshine, Brown and Kreider all provided some excellent racing action as they battled for the 3rd place spot and swapped the places between themselves right up until the checker flag flew. Be sure to come out this Wednesday and cheer on your favorite driver and help them try to earn the added Prize Fund Payout, as the “Bounty” on Edgar to be defeated cleanly, safely, fairly and while still on the track, continues to grow.

Jason Dunkelberger remains undefeated in the Xcel Modified division on Wingless Wednesdays. He has found the perfect set up and fastest line around Shellhammers and Wednesday evening he once again was able to visit Victory Lane. The entire Xcel Modified class is extremely competitive and Brian Blankenmiller was not letting Jason take the win so easily Wednesday night. Blankenbiller followed Dunkelberger through lapped traffic and stayed in a position to take over the lead if Dunkelberger made any slip ups. Barry Lee looked to have an early shot of joining this pair in battling for the lead, but faded towards the end of the race. When the checkered flag few, Dunkelberger would continue his perfect streak of wins in the Wingless Wednesday series, followed by Blankenbiller in the runner up spot, Dave Dimaio was 3rd, Ray Gradwell and Barry Lee rounded out the top 5.

The PA Wings made their first appearance at a Wingless Wednesday event. These drivers put on a great show for the fans as their cars slide sideways through the turns and their feature was full of side by side racing action. Kyle Cracker would quickly put his machine out front and pull away from the field. Soon he was catching the tail end of the lead lap cars and one by one putting them a lap down. As Cracker worked his way through lapped traffic, Justin Care and Brandon Hetrick followed along as they battled for the runner up spot. Soon Hetrick would pass Care and set his sights on Cracker. Hetrick would pass Cracker, when Cracker’s car would suddenly slow and eventually his machine came to a stop in turn 2 to bring out the caution and reset the field. Hetrick would have the better start and Care would have his hands full battling with Tanner Brown, who would eventually take over the runner up spot. Steven Hamm-Reilly would bring out the final caution setting up the top 3 for one final battle for the win. Brandon Hetrick would pull away and score the victory, Tanner Brown would hold on to 2nd followed by Justin Care, Russ Ludwig III and Barry McDermitt.

The 125 Wingless Micro Sprints had a large turn out this week, and provided some exciting and wild action for the fans. On the initial start Brian Boyer III would find himself flipping over last weeks winner, Dylan Barlip and landing on teammate, Brian Boyer JR. All cars initially looked like they would be able to continue, but Boyer III had a tire go flat as they were lining up for the restart and unfortunately had to pull off the track. Jas Hehnly would assume the lead on the restart and was able to hold off the rest of the field in order to take home the win. Ron Zimmerman would finish 2nd, followed by Noah Merkey, Tyler Hershey and Brian Boyer Jr.

The Senior Slingshot feature event was won by Jeff Kemp who used patients and skill in order to get around Tyler Ulsh with just 2 laps to go. Tyler Ulsh would finish 2nd followed by Lee Schantzenbach, Rodney Ulsh and Lindsey Garl. The Junior Slingshots ran a caution free event with Nicho Flammer continuing his win streak in the class. Kevin Fitzpatrick finished 2nd followed by Payton Fasnacht.

The racing action will continue Saturday May 6 when the regular Saturday night festivities will take to the track in order to find out who is the best in their class. Over 20 classes are run on a Saturday evening and this week the PA Mini Pros and Keystone Outlaw Tractor series will be in town to hopefully have their season opener. The Champ Karts, Flat Karts, Xcel Modifieds, Junior and Senior Slingshots will all be battling it out in their classes and the action continues to get better each week. Drivers are able to work their way from the back of the field to the front and there is tons of side by side action through out the evening. Bring the family out Saturday night and cheer on your favorite driver! There are many great youth racers that are just starting their career that would love to have more fans cheering them on!

Sunday, May 7, there will be an extra special treat as the AMA Flat Track racers will take over the spotlight and it is also a benefit for the MDA. Watch these riders push their bikes to edge of losing control and fly around the track sideways, and they do it all without having brakes! This is one of the first flat track events in the area and there will be many great starts attending. You will not want to miss this event and the chance to see in person some of the best Flat Trackers from the area. Sunday Gates open at 10:00 am, $10 for pit entry and $5 for grandstand grandstand admission.

It is never too early to mark your calendars for Sunday May 21 when the Burris Series returns to Shellhammer’s Speedway. There will be many divisions of Karts taking to the track to try to earn their share of the prize fund! More information will come in the next few weeks, but now is the time to make your plans to attend for a fun Sunday afternoon of racing with the entire family!

Saturday Admission Pricing is Grandstand $7.00 for ages 13 and older and children under 12 FREE. Pit Passes are $15.00, the required transponder fee is $5.00 and individual class entry fees are as follows: Go-Kart Per Class Fee $20.00, PeeWee class Free Entry, Slingshot $20.00 and Xcel Modified $20.00
Gates open at 2:30 pm Saturday afternoons. REGISTRATION IS 3:30 TO 5:00 PM. Warm-up/practice session starts at 5:00 pm. Call-in entries can be made up to 5:00pm and drivers will be placed in their original starting position. (If after 5:00 pm, driver will start in the rear of their class.)
Wingless Wednesday series featuring the 270 Wingless Micro Sprints, 125 Micro Sprints as well as the Xcel Modifieds and the Junior and Senior Slinger Shots. The heat racing action begins at 7 PM each week. Wednesday Grandstand admission is $7.00 for ages 13 and older and children under 12 are FREE. Pit Passes are $15.00, the required transponder fee is $5.00 and individual class entry fees are as follows:”Wingless” 270/125 Micro Sprints are $30.00, JR/SR Slingshots are $20.00 and Xcel Modifieds are $20.00.

PA Wings Outlaw Karts
1. Brandon Hetrick
2. Tanner Brown
3. Justin Care
4. Russ Ludwig III
5. Barry McDermitt
6. Michelle Ludwig
7. Stephen Hamm-Reilly
8. Kyle Craker
John Lobach (DNW), Bryan Care (DNS), Kyle Kint (DNS), Richard Cisney (DNS)

Jr Slingshots
1. Nicho Flammer
2. Kevin Fitzpatrick
3. Payton Fasnacht

Wingless 125s
1. Jas Hehnly
2. Ron Zimmerman
3. Noah Merkey
4. Tyler Hershey
5. Brian Boyer Jr
6. Dylan Barlip
7. Brian Boyer III
Patrick Chilmonik (DNS)

Xcel Sportsman Modifieds
1. Jason Dunkelberger
2. Brian Blankenbiller
3. Dave Dimaio
4. Ray Gradwell
5. Barry Lee
6. Steve Sterner
7. Tiffany Hitzler
8. Lance Garrison

Sr Slingshots
1. Jeff Kemp
2. Tyler Ulsh
3. Lee Schantzenbach
4. Rodney Ulsh
5. Lindsey Garl
6. Austin Daniels
7. Ryan COnrad
8. Shawn Fitzpatrick
9. Kyle Smith

Wingless 270s
1. Brandon Edgar
2. Richie Hartman
3. Toby Blumenshine
4. Bradley Brown
5. Matthew Kreider
6. Adam Minzer Jr
7. Glenn Macomber
8. Nick Skias
9. Jeff Weaver
10. Mike Kalman
11. Jason Muldowney
12. Wayne Scott
13. Troy Hoffman
14. Brian Boyer Sr
15. Matt Hoffman
Nick Sweigart (DNS)

Photo by Dennis Takacs
Release by Tammy Wynne | Shellhammers Speedway PR