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Edgar Takes Home The First Wingless Wednesday At Shellhammers

Last Wednesday night, April 12th – 2017 was the opener for Wingless Wednesday at Shellhammers Speedway in Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania.
On hand as normal for Wednesday night racing was Junior Slingshots, Senior Slingshots, Xcel Modifieds, 125 Wingless Micro Sprints, and last but not least 270 Wingless Micro Sprints.
Thanks to two full hot lap sessions for each division, the surface provided a racey and tacky track that would cooperate throughout the night.
The first feature of the night was the Junior Slingshots. Young veterans at the Speedway Nicho Flammer and Tyler Ulsh would be 1 and 2 with the rookie Emma Flammer starting 3rd. As soon as the green flag dropped, Nicho and Tyler would battle hard. Crossover after crossover it was an interesting and hard fought race with not even 5 laps in the books. Eventually, the 3 car field started to thin out a bit but Tyler was not giving a car length or two up. When the top two drivers started to catch lap traffic things got a bit interesting. Since it was Emma’s first race, she was trying to find a good racing line while staying out of the way. Unfortunately, for the two siblings they got together and Ulsh was able to close the gap in on Nicho. Though, Nicho was not going to give up despite the dented body panels. Thankfully Nicho’s experience led him to victory for his first win of the year. Tyler finished 2nd and Emma finished 3rd. A well presented race and the finishing order was the same as the starting order.

Dakota Kohler and Austin Daniels would be up next for the front row to set the field to green in the Senior Slingshot division. Kohler fell back on the start allowing for Daniels to snatch the lead. Though it would be Jeff Kemp who was on the charge and he has been getting faster each race he participates in. He would start to pull away and Bieber was following him through. The top two pulled away and the rest was history.

Xcel Modifieds always seem to put on a show at whatever track they’re racing at. Whether it be a local short track in Pennsylvania or far up in New York. The stock 600cc motor and shock package never bore us. The opener at Shellhammers was no different. Jason Dunkelberger would start pole and never look back. His complete understanding of how setup works at the high banked 1/8th mile shocks the majority of spectators. 600 Micro Sprint standout Dave Dimaio decided to stir the pot and join the Xcel series as well this year. Due to his past racing experience he did a great job holding on and finished in 2nd.

The 125 and 270 Wingless Micro Sprint features are the last two divisions to be mentioned. And you should always save the best for last.
Kyler Heiney has always been fast ever since he sat in the cockpit of a 125. We wouldn’t be surprised if he’s winning a Chili Bowl Nationals Prelim Night within the next year or so. Kyler would start pole and Ron Zimmer would follow through. Though Kyler was untouchable through the whole night and went on to win the first 125 feature of 2017 at Shellhammers.

The headliner 270s were up next! This is what the fans waited for all off-season. Richie Hartman and Matt Hoffman set the field to the green and the aggressive 2 stroke battles started. Brandon Edgar started third and it was certainly no surprise to see him make a charge to the lead position. Eventually time was up for Hartman to lead the pack and Edgar secured the pass. While the battle for the lead was heating up Nick Sweigart made a pass for 3rd. The final caution of the night was brought out by Hoffman who came up short on a pass coming out of turn 4. Congratulations to Edgar on yet another impressive victory.

Photo by : SDS Photography