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An Overview Of Racing Xtravaganza 2017 By Kylie Glatfelter

On February 4th, and 5th 2017 the Racing Xtravaganza vendor show took place in York, Pennsylvania at the York Fairgrounds in the well-known UTZ Arena. There were over 150 motor vehicles, and 50+ vendors and just to name a few Hyper Racing, and Bob Hilbert Sportswear were in attendance. The event took place from 10am to 9pm on Saturday, and 10am to 4pm Sunday. The attendance on both days was high in numbers.

On Saturday morning, the PASS/IMCA Sprint Series seminar hosted by Jim Stannard, Roger Hayden and Rod Ort kicked off the event. Throughout the day there were numerous meet and greets from a variety of divisions. Some of the drivers that participated were Shai Morris, Randy Christine, Jake Waters, Gregg and Justin Foster and Zach Newlin. Also, Saturday afternoon there was a Safety Seminar presented by Don Wolfe, and Tom Rumsey Inc. The final seminar of the evening was presented by Susquehanna Speedways general manager, Kolten Gouse.

The final event that took place on Saturday night was the annual Racing Xtravaganza pageant! I was one of the contestants that took the stage on Saturday night. It was terrifying going on stage in front of all the show attendees, especially because this was my first pageant…EVER. I knew that I needed to let my personality shine through and be myself, and I did just that. And now I sit here writing as the new 2017 Ms. Racing Xtravaganza. It felt great to win my first pageant and I hope to continue my hot streak next year as compete for the prestigious Ms. Motorsports title at the Motorsports Racecar and Trade Show in Oaks, Pennsylvania! After winning the pageant I had to turn off my phone because my inbox was being flooded with congratulatory messages and Facebook posts. It was heartwarming seeing that so many people were going out of their way to congratulate me, people that I have never met before. As of right now I have approximately 68 racing events that I would like to attend some of the larger tracks include Susquehanna Speedway, Lincoln, Williams Grove, Port Royal, Grandview, and Path Valley. The small car tracks I will be attending are Linda’s Speedway, Action Track USA, and Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway.

Being a female trying to impact a male dominant sport is going to be tough but I am 100% up for that challenge. If I was given the opportunity to drive wheel a car for the night you would find me strapped up inside a midget. This past year I’ve been following USAC and ARDC midget racing very closely and I find them unique and having the chance to drive one would be a blast, and it would be something to cross off my bucket list. If I could meet one “famous person” because of my title it would be Tony Stewart. Tony has championships from running stock cars, open wheel midgets, Indy cars, sprint, and silver crown cars. I would love to meet the man that was able to accomplish all of this and run his philanthropy at the same time.

On the final day of the show the well-known group, Beer Hill Gang spiced up the seminar room to kick off the morning. There were also meet and greets with Lance Dewease, Greg Hodnett, and the new full time World of Outlaws driver Brent Marks. As the afternoon hit the Jr. Miss Racing Xtravaganza pageant took place and Madilynn Keefer took home the crown. The last meet and greet that took place was the Central PA Legend drivers which included Lucas Montgomery, Mason Chaney, and Justice Forbes. Wrapping up the day was the awards ceremonies presented by ServiceMaster Clean. Thank you, Scott Gobrecht, for making this event a big hit!

Kylie Glatfelter
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