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Spirit Auto Center Speedway Crowns Champions

Spirit Auto Center Speedway crowned their 2016 champions on Friday night. Jermain Godshall won the wingless 600cc Micro Sprint feature but fell nine points short of Jon Keller who became the 600cc Micro Sprint champion. Lee Reinhardt won the 270cc Micro Sprint feature for his first win of the season but his brother, Tyler captured his fourth consecutive championship. Scott Miller scored his second consecutive ServPro Four Cylinder feature while John Webster captured the title. Rich Partite won his fourth feature of the season and captured the title in the Speedway All-Star Bagel Stop Slingshot and Lee Allen also captured his fourth win of the season to capture the Eight Cylinder Enduro championship.

After qualifying the stage was set to name the 2016 600cc Micro Sprint champion. The contenders were Keller who led Travis Hill by 15 points and Godshall by 21 points going into the feature event. All three drivers qualified and participated in the redraw. Godshall drew the pole with Keller outside pole. Hill was relegated to tenth since he won the last Friday night event.

At the drop of the green flag, it was clear to everyone that Godshall had one thing on his mind, win the feature. Matt Smith took second and challenged Godshall for the lead. Steve Bracall dropped Keller to fourth. Godshall began to pull away from Smith and Bracall in the non-stop event as Keller was challenged by Nick Havens for fourth. Meanwhile, Hill remained in traffic battling Jim Tippin, Wayne Scott and Kyle Spence. Godshall recorded his first win of the season as Smith beat out Bracall for third. Havens was fourth and Keller finished fifth.

In a post-race interview, Keller was relieved to have won the championship as he battled fuel pick-up issues all night. He hoped he could have won the championship by winning the feature but was glad that the car stayed running and he was still able to hold on to the title.

In the 270cc Micro Sprint feature, Sean Huesser led the opening lap before stopping in turn two on the second lap. Lee Reinhardt inherited the lead on the restart followed by Billy Gray, John Wagner, Jr., Brandon Pavel and Alex Swift. Tyler Reinhardt exited early from the event on lap four as Swift moved to second. Gray, Wagner and Pavel battled for third behind the leaders. With five laps remaining, Pavel stopped on the backstretch with an expired motor as Nick Walton and Rich Keller dropped Wagner from the top five. Reinhardt assumed command and recorded his first win in nearly two years at the speedway. Swift finished second with Walton third. Ryan Wozunk came on strong in the closing laps to finish fourth with Keller finishing fifth.

Chris Sammons led the first three laps in the non-stop feature for the ServPro Four Cylinder Enduros. Miller then passed Sammons for the lead and went on to record his second consecutive feature win. Sammons finished second with Joe Garey third. John Webster was named the 2016 champion as he clinched the division two weeks prior.

Rich Partite took over the lead on lap two as David Bell led the opening lap. Partite was never seriously challenged for the win as he went on to the record his fourth feature of the season and clinched the Speedway’s All-Star Bagel Stop Slingshot championship. Dave McCullough finished second and Lou Partite third.

Lee Allen led all 30 laps in the non-stop Eight Cylinder Enduro feature taking the win over Derrick Jones and Christopher Allen, Sr.


WINGLESS 600CC MICRO SPRINTS (20 laps): 1. Jermain Godshall, 2. Matt Smith, 3. Steve Bracall, 4. Nick Havens, 5. Jon Keller, 6. Jim Tippin, 7. Wayne Scott, 8. Kyle Spence, 9. Travis Hill, 10. Mike Linderman, 11. Ernie Miles, Jr., 12. Mark Landwher, 13. Rich Mellor, 14. Dave Nelson, 15. Dave Damaio, 16. Mike Fillbrunn, 17. Rob Vivona

270CC MICRO SPRINTS (20 laps): 1. Lee Reinhardt, 2. Alex Swift, 3. Nick Walton, 4. Ryan Wozunk, 5. Rich Keller, 6. John Wagner, Jr., 7. John Blanda, 8. Billy Gray, 9. Luke Fogg, 10. Decker Morrow, 11. Colin Bustard, 12. Ryan Heim, 13. Brandon Pavel, 14. Scott Hulmes, 15. Sean Huesser, 16. Mark Landwher, 17. Tyler Reinhardt.

SPEEDWAY ALL-STAR BAGELS STOP SLINGSHOTS (20 laps): 1.Rich Partite, 2. Dave McCullough, 3. Lou Partite, 4. Steve Schecker, 5. Dave Morrell, 6. David Bell

SERVPRO FOUR CYLINDER ENDUROS (20 laps): 1. Scott Miller, 2. Chris Sammons, 3. Joe Garey, DNS – Todd Francis

EIGHT CYLINDER ENDURO (30 laps): 1. Lee Allen, 2. Derrick Jones, 3. Christopher Allen, Sr., 4. Tom Wolf, 5. Whitey Miller, 6. Joshua Matthews.

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