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Edgar Bites Back At Shellhammers After Week Break

Wednesday September 7th, saw another night come for Wingless Wednesday action featuring the Wingless 270 Micro sprints, Xcel modifieds, Sr Slingshots, and Jr Slingshots. With another evening of racing on hand who would be able to grab the checkers in their respective events?
The Sr Slingshot feature saw heat winner “Cadillac” Kurt Bettler start on the pole and never look back. Early on in the event rookie Tyler Ulsh would challenge Bettler briefly for the lead before falling back to the 3rd place position by features end. Jordan Knepp who was making his Wingless Wednesday debut for the year at Shellhammers was able to work his way into the 2nd spot after a short battle with Tyler Ulsh. Knepp would hold off Ulsh to finish in the 2nd place position. Bettler meanwhile was out front with a commanding lead eventually moving into lapped traffic. The lapped traffic wouldn’t slow down Bettler as he would go on to collect the victory.
The Jr Slingshots would have three competitors enter the pit area and would have quite the battle for the checkers. The front row would be multi time feature winner on Wingless Wednesdays Nicho Flammer, and Brayden Schoch. After a few attempts at a original start, Schoch would jump off to the early lead with Flammer on his bumper in second, and first time racer Ryan Conrad in 3rd. Flammer would challenge Schoch many times over the course of the event trying to make passes in both corners. Flammer would work his way under Schoch and hop the inside berm making contact with Schoch’s rear bumper getting him loose and losing the lead. Flammer would go on to win the feature event over Schoch, and Ryan Conrad.
The Xcel 600 modifieds would continue to see more cars at the speedway although down from eight the week before, six Xcel competitors would enter the pit area and try their hands at winning the feature event. Jason Dunkleberger and his cousin have made most of the starts for Wingless Wednesdays and this Wednesday was no different. Dunkleberger would collect the heat race win putting him on the pole for the feature event. Rookie Cody Manmiller who is the son of prominent Pennsylvania Modified star Doug Manmiller was making his second Wingless Wednesdays start and would finish in the second position behind Dunkleberger holding off Dave Dimaio and Jeff Metzger.
The 270 Micro Sprints would see 11 competitors enter the pit area with Louden Reimert and Glenn Macomber sharing the front row after the heat race redraw. Reimert would make his way into the lead and have a spirited battle with Richie Hartman and eventual feature winner Brandon Edgar.

Side note : Waiting on Official Shellhammers Speedway Facebook Page to post full results.

Photo : SDS Photography
Edited By : BJ Antonio – Nicholas Fillman

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