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Gingrich, Kunsman, & Hoch Grab Wins On ‘Pink Out’ Night

Friday July 29th marked the “Pink Out” night at Linda’s Speedway presented by Kim’s Kreations. The event was held in honor of Terri Bucks who is a survivor of Breast Cancer as well as all those lost to the disease. Terri is the mother to Slingshot racer AJ Gerhart and the sister to Slingshot driver Mike Glass. Terri is of TT’s Troops and the monies raised through four Pink Out events held at area speedway’s go to care packages given to women undergoing treatments for breast cancer.

It’s a rare sight when the leading feature winner in Linda’s Speedway Slingshot history gets passed for the win in a feature event. Brett Bieber led the Seidel Hyundai Slingshot feature event from lap one until lap fifteen. Bieber fended off two challenges before point leader Dylan Hoch was able to pick off the race long leader on lap 16 to lead the field. A lap 17 yellow flag led to a double file restart in which the race leader threw the field a curve ball by selecting the inside line which is rarely an accordance. Although Bieber gave Hoch a run for his money when the green flag flew there was no stopping the three, soon to be four, time winner. Hoch under the checkered flag for the victory over Bieber, a hard charging Sam Scicchitano, Alex Yankowski, and Dawson Landis. Ronnie Spitler, Chuck Whary, Mike Taylor, Scott Gray, and Rob Best rounded out the top ten finishers in the field. Hoch and Yankowski were heat race winners. Many bonus awards went to Slingshot drivers from Kim’s Kreations and TT’s Troops on the “Pink Out” night.

Charlie Kimmel Jr. led the first lap of the first of two Charger feature events held Friday night. Twin 12 lap features were run for the Chargers. Kimmel showed the way before his teammate Troy Hostetter moved by on the inside into the race lead for good. Hostetter paced Kimmel before Josh Michael climbed from his ninth starting spot into second. Michael brought Eric Hollenbach with him into the top three. Michael and Hollenbach had ground to make up, but they were able to do so as Hostetter car began breaking as the event ended. Hostetter limped the 00 home to the checkered flag just holding off Michael and Hollenbach. Kimmel and Shjon Dove were the top five. In victoy lane Hostetter pulled an inversion of 10 cars.

It was the first time Charles Wengard was in a Charger all season, but he was back behind the wheel with the intention of going to victory lane. Wengard beat pole setter Scott Thunberg to turn one to show the way in the second 12 lap feature of the night. Wengard withstood restart challenges from Chris Derr throughout the event while eighth place starter Eric Hollenbach kept onto the podium where he finished the first feature of the night. The final restart of the race came on lap nine with just three laps left. Wengard tip toed around the outside of the speedway while Hollenbach peddled the inside groove. The two were all but even through turns three and four coming to the checkered flag to a photo finish. Hollenbach edged Wengard by about a foot at the finish. Hollenbach grabs his second win of the season while Wengard settles for an impressive second place finish. Josh Michael, Chris Derr, and Chris Smith rounded out the top five finishers.

Eric Hollenbach had the highest overall finish and will be credited with the overall victory. Shjon Dove, Josh Demmy, and Troy Hostetter won heat races for the Chargers who appeared with a strong 18 car field.

The Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Micro Sprints saw a new contender join some familiar names at the front of the field. Bruce Buckwalter led the first eight laps of the feature before he lost an engine. Dustin Stoltzfus showed the way after various challenges from Austin Bishop, Jesse Maurer, and finally tenth place starter Tommy Kunsman. Kunsman used a lap 18 restart to go around Stoltzfus for the race lead. Stoltzfus’s attempts were limited to try to get the lead back because he soon had to deal with Maurer who was looking for second. Kunsman’s fourth win of the season came over Maurer, Stoltzfus, Bishop, and Kenny Harris III. Steve Whary finished in sixth just ahead of Bj Antonio, Dallas Sanders, Brandon Heist, and Tyler Brehm. Heat races for the 23 car field were won by Kunsman, Bishop, and Antonio.

Josh Stoyer took the race lead on the start of the 270 Micro Sprint feature. Scott Gingrich took a dominating effort to the race leader and by lap three Gingrich was out front. Gingrich didn’t feel much pressure until the yellow flag flew on lap 22. The field would try three times to put lap 23 on the board before it would happen. Devin Harron kept the pressure on Gingrich on the last few laps but never showed a serious threat as Gingrich won his second race of the season. Harron solidified a strong points effort with a second place finish while Stoyer rounded out the podium finishers. 11th place starting Jacob Hendershot finished in fourth. Ken Miller rounded out the top five finishers. Pat Bealer, Collin Ginther, Kyle Weiss, Dan Lane, and Brandon Firestine rounded out the top ten. Heat race wins for the 30 car field went to Ken Miller, Jacob Hendershot, and Kyle Weiss, with Brandon Firestine winning the lance chance qualifier. In victory lane Gingrich dedicated the victory to Karl Miller. This coming Friday, August 5th, the 270 Micro Sprints will race for $500 to win on a night to honor Karl Miller presented by Be Gold and Tan of Palmyra and Harrisburg.

Friday August 5th Linda’s Speedway will host a night in honor of Karl Miller. The 270 Micro Sprints will compete for $500 to win and added money to the purse from Be Gold and Tan of Palmyra and Harrisburg. The Wingless 600 Micro Sprints, 125 Micro Sprints, Chargers, and Slingshots will be in action. The Slingshots will be competing in the Speedweek opener. Gates open at 5, hot laps are at 7, and racing will follow practice. For more information on this race or the speedway you can visit LindasSpeedway.com, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also phone the speedway at (717)865-5330.

Race Results for July 29, 2016

RTS Chassis 270 Micro Sprints

Heat 1- Kyle Weiss, Randy West, Bradley Brown, Dylan Adams, John Wagner Jr., Tommy Kunsman
Heat 2- Ken Miller, Scott Gingrich, Bob Brubaker, Dan Lane, Collin Ginther, Ben Stolz
Heat 3- Jacob Hendershot, Josh Stoyer, Devin Harron, Pat Bealer, Dave Williams, Josh Schaffer

Consi 1- Brandon Firestine, Christi Sweigart, Ken Davis, Lyle Strohman, Morgan Rochelle, Ray Miller

1-Scott Gingrich
2-Devin Harron
3-Josh Stoyer
4-Jacob Hendershot
5-Ken Miller
6-Pat Bealer
7-Collin Ginther
8-Kyle Weiss
9-Dan Lane
10-Brandon Firestine
11-Dave Williams
12-Christi Sweigart
13-Morgan Rochelle
14-Bob Brubaker
15-Ben Stolz
16-Ray Miller
17-Bradley Brown
18-Lyle Strohman
19-Dylan Adams
20-John Wagner Jr.
21-Josh Schaffer
22-Randy West
23-Tommy Kunsman
24-Ken Davis

Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Micro Sprints

Heat 1- Austin Bishop, Steve Whary, Jesse Maurer, Kenny Harris III, Ron Lewis, Nick Sweigart
Heat 2- BJ Antonio, Brandon Heist, Charles Hunt, Bruce Buckwalter, Mike Meyers, Scott Meyers
Heat 3- Tommy Kunsman, Mike Linderman, Dustin Stoltzfus, Dallas Sanders, Eric Ankiewitz, Tyler Brehm,

1-Tommy Kunsman
2-Jesse Maurer
3-Dustin Stoltzfus
4-Austin Bishop
5-Kenny Harris III
6-Steve Whary
7-BJ Antonio
8-Dallas Sanders
9-Brandon Heist
10-Tyler Brehm
11-Charle Hunt
12-Mike Meyers
13-Ron Lewis
14-Scott Meyers
15-Joe Plunkett
16-Nick Sweigart
17-Mike Linderman
18-Eric Ankiewitz
19-John Moore
20-Madyson Pacheco
21-Bruce Buckwalter
22-Jarrad Justiniano
23-Ben Earnst

Westside Auto Body Slingshots

Heat 1- Dylan Hoch, AJ Gerhart, Dawson Landis, Brett Bieber, Mike Taylor, Sam Scicchitano
Heat 2- Alex Yankowski, Mike Glass, Chuck Whary, Ronnie Spitler, Anthony Raisner, Rob Best

1-Dylan Hoch
2-Brett Bieber
3-Sam Scicchitao
4-Alex Yankowski
5-Dawson Landis
6-Ronnie Spitler
7-Chuck Whary
8-Mike Taylor
9-Scott Gray
10-Rob Best
11-Brett Spitler
12-AJ Gerhart
13-Alex Schmiedel
14-Mike Glass
15-Anthony Raisner


Heat 1- Shjon Dove, Charles Kimmel Jr., Josh Michael, Brian Derr, Troy Ebling, Chris Derr
Heat 2- Josh Demmy, Chris Smith, Scott Tunebird, John Snavely, Chris Cunnane, Austin Bishop
Heat 3- Troy Hostetter, Eric Hollenbach, Paul Lambert, Charles Wengard, Don Stoudt, Jeff Albert

Feature I
1-Troy Hostetter
2-Josh Michael
3-Eric Hollenbach
4-Charle Kimmel Jr.
5-Shjon Dove
6-Josh Demmy
7-Chris Derr
8-Paul Lambert
9-Charles Wengard
10-Scott Thunberg
11-Austin Brown
12-Don Stoudt
13-Chris Smith
14-Chris Cunnane
15-Jeff Albert
16-John Snavely
17-Brian Derr
18-Troy Ebling

Feature II
1-Eric Hollenbach
2-Charles Wengard
3-Josh Michael
4-Chris Derr
5-Chris Smith
6-Paul Lambert
7-Austin Brown
8-Josh Demmy
9-Chris Cunnane
10-Shjon Dove
11-Charles Kimmel Jr.
12-Jeff Albert
13-Scott Thunberg
14-Troy Hostetter
15-Brian Derr
16-John Snavely
17-Troy Ebling
DNS-Don Stoudt

By Mike Batz

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Photo by Amy Williams