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Fourth Card Dealt In Spirit Auto Center Speedway Poker Series

Spirit Auto Center Speedway held the fourth hand of the Poker Series on the quarter mile speedway. For the first time this season, Tommy Kunsman won the wingless 600cc Micro Sprint feature, earning an ace for his Poker series hand. Pat Bealer scored his fifth Spirit Auto Center Speedway win in the companion 270cc Micro Sprint feature while Chris Kurtz picked up his third ace in the 20-lap JeffreyHogueRealtor.com Action Track/Slinger Warehouse

Jay Hartman led the opening laps of the wingless 600cc Micro Sprint feature leading Bobby Butler, Kunsman, Tim Buckwalter and Kyle Lick. Kunsman, Buckwalter and Lick dropped Butler to fifith. Lick continued his march to the front passing Kunsman and Buckwalter for second. On a lap 12 restart, Kunsman moved from third passing Hartman and Lick to take the lead at the halfway mark. Kyle Spence was the driver on the move moving from eighth to third in the next two laps while Buckwalter moved into second.

Spence’s great run ended with four laps remaining when he spun exiting the fourth turn. Over the final laps Buckwalter tried passing Kunsman on the inside and then on the outside. Kunsman crossed the line first and was able to record his first win at Spirit Auto Center Speedway. Buckwalter finished second and now has an ace and three kings for his hand. Lick, Hartman and Bealer completed the top five.

In 270 Micro Sprint action, Brandon Pavel jumped out to the early and led the first ten non-stop laps. On the restart, Brandon Edgar overtook Pavel for the lead. Tyler Reinhardt and Pat Bealer followed in Edgars tire tracks and challenged Edgar for the lead. Bealer took the lead on lap fourteen as Reinhardt, Alex Swift dropped Edgar to fourth. Once in front Bealer began to pull away from Reinhardt. Bealer crossed line to pick up his third ace for his efforts. Reinhardt was second. Edgar rebounded to finish third with Swift fourth and Jacob Hendershot fifth.

Kurtz led the entire 20-lap distance for the JeffreyHogueRealtor.com Action Track/Slingers Warehouse Slingshots. Kurtz continued to pull away from Travis Beiber, Cody Kline and Dylan Hoch ran second, third and fourth for the entire event with James Morris taking fifth.

WINGLESS 600CC MICRO SPRINTS (25 laps): 1. Tommy Kunsman, 2. Tim Buckwalter, 3. Kyle Lick, 4. Jay Hartman, 5. Bobby Butler, 6. Travis Hill, 7. Jermain Godshall, 8. Nick Havens, 9. Wayne Scott, 10. Bill Thomas, 11. Ed Barber, III, 12. Rich Mellor, 13. Mike Linderman, 14. Mark Landwher, 15. Kyle Spence, 16. Jim Tippin, 17. Steve Bracall, 18. Jon Keller, 19. Austin Quick, 20. James Morris, DNS – Charles Cobourn

270CC MICRO SPRINTS (25 laps): 1. Pat Bealer, 2. Tyler Reinhardt, 3. Brandon Edgar, 4. Alex Swift, 5. Jacob Hendershot, 6. Robbie Watson, 7. Brandon Pavel, 8. Mike Rutherford, 9. Shawn Ratchford, 10. Billy Gray, 11. Joe Dopke, 12. Joe Bednarek, 13. Glenn Macomber, 14. John Wagner, Jr., 15. Rich Keller, 16. Colin Bustard, 17. Ryan Wozunk, 18. Kyle Weiss, 19. Tom Landwher, DNS – Kristin Landwher, Tommy Kunsman, Luke Fogg

JEFFREYHOGUEREALTOR.COM ACTION TRACK/SLINGER’S WAREHOUSE SLINGSHOT (20 laps): 1. Chris Kurtz, 2. Travis Beiber, 3. Cody Kline, 4. Dylan Hoch, 5. James Morris, 6. Joe Toth, 7. Seth Spayd, 8. Mike Toth, 9. Brett Beiber, 10. Amber Oraschin, 11. Brianna James, 12. David Bell, 13. Dave Morrell

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