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Bednar, & Whary Steal Wins At Action Track Takeover At Linda’s

The idea behind the Action Track Takeover races at Linda’s Speedway was to offer more races for the Speedstr drivers as well as providing a different shaped speedway for them to compete on. Earl Paules was a big supporter of the events and Friday night he showed why they were to his liking. Paules led early on in the A-main with Steve Drevicki looming in second. Drevicki made a pass for the race lead, but a yellow flag negated the pass and Paules would not let it happen again. Paules looked to be in good shape as Mike Bedner battled side by side with Drevicki for the runner up spot. At one point Bednar slide up the track and seemed to find a racing groove that allowed him to challenged Paules in the closing laps. A yellow flag for a slowing Matt Janisch reset the field with just two laps to go. It was a single file restart, but Bednar wasted little time climbing the Linda’s Speedway banking to make the move on the outside of Paules for the win. Bednar claimed his second Speedstr victory of the season and his first ever at Linda’s Speedway. The defending National Champion led Paules and Drevicki across the line. Heat races for the Speedstrs went to Billy Pauch and Tim Buckwalter. Mike Bednar was the night’s quick timer.

Quinn Roberts was the first driver this season that was able to grab a Mike Co quick time award away from Ross Perchak. Roberts looked like the car to beat in the Time Trial event for the 270 Micro Sprints. Robert led early in the night’s main event before catching the tail of the field and beginning the demanding task of working through lap traffic on a mid-summer race track. Robert soon had company at the front of the field as Collin Gither, Josh Stoyer, and Kyle Weiss closed in to make it a four car race for the lead. As the leader cross the line for lap 19 they were two by two at the front before a lap car got out of shape and Roberts and Weiss wrecked. Stoyer and Ginther were able to skate away unscathed to settled the race for the win. With clear race track Stoyer was able to pull away from Ginther who had to deal with a hard charging Ross Perchak before the race was over. Stoyer’s victory was his second of the season, his 16th of his career, and moves him into tenth on the all-time 270 Micro Sprint win list at Linda’s Speedway. It was also a special win on his grandfather’s birthday. Ginther was second ahead of the Amy’s Photos hard charger Ross Perchak. Scott Gingrich and Brandon Firestine were the top five for the event. Nunzi Allegrucci, Tommy Kunsman, Devin Adams, John Ruoss, and Dave Williams concluded the top ten finishers. Williams was also credited with a Hard Charger bonus gaining the same amount of spot (8) as Perchak. Kim’s Kreations hard luck awards will go to Roberts and Weiss after wrecking while racing for the win.

Ross Perchak’s winning way continued at the start of the night on July 22nd as he picked up his fourth time trial feature victory of the season in the July 1st make up feature race. Perchak led the whole race with Quinn Roberts pressuring him for some of it. Perchak had a scary moment when he made contact with a lap car. Roberts was not close enough to make the pass for the lead, but did close in on Perchak. Brandon Firestine also joined the race for the lead with a few laps to go. Perchak passed the line .554 second ahead of Roberts in the end. Firestine finished out the podium runners with Josh Stoyer and Scott Gingrich completing the top five. Collin Ginther, Nunzi Allegrucci, Tommy Kunsman, Kyle Weiss, and Brad Brown were the top ten finishers. Points are accumulated for these time trial events. The driver with the most points will get a wing from Titan Wings of Jonestown. Brad Brown was the Amy’s Photos Hard Chargers and Lyle Stroman will receive the Kim’s Kreations Hard Luck Award. Ross Perchak was the Mike Co fast timer on July 1st.

Scott Gray was the early race leader in the Seidel Hyundai Slingshot feature on Friday night. Gray had command for much of the event until just past the half way mark Dawson Landis began to reel the race leader in. Landis was coming off his first win the week before made a pass of Gray on lap 13 for the top spot. Once out front Landis never looked back locking up his second win of the season and his second in a row. Anthony Raisner crossed the line in second after starting tenth and was followed across the line in third by 11th place starting Sam Scicchitano. Mike Glass and Ronnie Spitler made up the top five. Dakota Kohler, Brianna James, Aiden Svanda, Blaire Schoenly, and Alex Schmiedel closed out the top ten finishers. Heat races for the Slingshots were won by Dylan Hoch, Anthony Raiser, and Joey Vaccaro. The Slingshot will compete again on July 29th in the Pink Out event with lap sponsorship’s and other special awards being handed out throughout the night.

Former Linda’s Speedway feature winner Scott Houndeshell started from the pole of the first Central Pa Legend car race of the season. Hayden Pascoe and Bob Stough were in a battle for second right behind the race leader when they made contact and spun. Chad Earnst moved into the second spot and added some pressure on the race leader along with Travis McClelland. McClelland fell victim to a mechanical issue and retired on lap 15 letting Houndeshell and Earnst to settle it. Houndeshell kept the race lead to the checkered flag for the victory over Earnst and Austin Bellemare. Gregg Burd and Clint Penkaskas finished out the top five finishers. Heat races for the Legends were won by Houndeshell and McClelland. The next Legend car race at the speedway is scheduled for August 26th.

The Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Micro Sprints feature win went to Steve Whary. Whary was in a battle with race long leader Ben McGowen, Jesse Maurer, and Jacob Severn for the win. Whary and McGowen tangled coming off turn four which resulted in McGowen’s car spinning. Whary was able to hold off the last lap charge of Severn for the win. Jesse Maurer was third. Tommy Kunsman was fourth followed by Bruce Buckwalter. Robbie Hocker, Jesse Maurer, and Bj Antoinio were heat race winners. Kunsman won the last chance qualifier.

Next Friday night will be the Kim’s Kreations Pink Out Night at the Speedway. The night will raise awareness and financial support for Breast Cancer. The 270 Micro Sprints, Wingless 600 Micro Sprints, and Chargers will be in action. The Chargers will race in twin 12 lap features. The Slingshots will also be racing with lap money and extra bonuses going to the drivers. There will be raffle items and gift items for the fans and drivers. Gates open at 5:30 and Practice will begin at 7.

Race Results for July 22, 2016

270 Micro Sprints

Heat 1- Scott Gingrich, John Ruoss, Quinn Roberts, Devin Adams, Kenny Miller III, Dylan Adams
Heat 2- Kyle Weiss, Collin Ginther, Brandon Firestine, Ken Davis, Morgan Rochelle, Bob Brubaker
Heat 3- Nunzi Allegrucci, Bradley Brown, Ross Perchak, Josh Stoyer, Tommy Kunsman, Dave Williams

1-Josh Stoyer
2-Collin Ginther
3-Ross Perchak
4-Scott Gingrich
5-Brandon Firestine
6-Nunzi Allegrucci
7-Tommy Kunsman
8-Devin Adams
9-John Ruoss
10-Dave Williams
11-Bob Brubaker
12-Kenny Miller III
13-Kyle Weiss
14-Ken Davis
15-Josh Schaffer
16-Ken Miller
17-Dylan Adams
18-Morgan Rochelle
19-Quinn Roberts
20-Brandon Hawkins
21-Todd Bolton
22-Bradley Brown
DNS-Jeff Harnish

270 Makeup Feature from July 1st
1-Ross Perchak
2-Quinn Roberts
3-Brandon Firestine
4-Josh Stoyer
5-Scott Gingrich
6-Collin Ginther
7-Nunzi Allegrucci
8-Tommy Kunsman
9-Kyle Weiss
10-Bradley Brown
11-Greg Miller
12-Dave Williams
13-Josh Schaffer
14-Morgan Rochelle
15-Lyle Strohman
16-Ken Davis
17-John Ruoss
18-Ken Miller
DNS-Chris Heagy
DNS-Ben Stolz

Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Micro Sprints

Heat 1- Jesse Maurer, Steve Whary, Ken Murray, Jacob Severn, Brandon Heist, Mike Meyers
Heat 2- Robbie Hocker, Austin Bishop, Sam Kravitsky, Kenny Miller, Will Butler, Devin Gundrum
Heat 3- BJ Antonio, Tim Buckwalter, Ben McGowan, Bruce Buckwalter, Dustin Stoltzfus, Joe Plunkett

Consi 1- Tommy Kunsman, Jay Hartman, Kenny Harris III, Brooklyn Gable, Dallas Sanders, John Moore

1-Steve Whary
2-Jacob Severn
3-Jesse Maurer
4-Tommy Kunsman
5-Bruce Buckwalter
6-Dustin Stoltzfus
7-Kenny Miller
8-Will Butler
9-Jay Hartman
10-Austin Bishop
11-John Moore
12-Brooklyn Gable
13-Kenny Harris III
14-Robbie Hocker
15-Joe Plunkett
16-Dallas Sanders
17-Devin Gundrum
18-Mike Meyers
19-Ken Murray
20-Tim Buckwalter
21-Sam Kravitsky
22-BJ Antonio
DQ-Brandon Heist
DQ- Ben McGowan


Heat 1- Billy Pauch Sr.,Steve Drevicki, Briggs Danner, Jay Hartman, Jeff Hartman, TJ Mayberry
Heat 2- Tim Buckwalter, Matt Janisch, Steven Nederostek, Earl Paulus, Frank Yankowski, Joe Mooney

1-Mike Bednar
2-Earl Paulus
3-Steve Drevicki
4-Tim Buckwalter
5-Tim Iulg
6-Billy Pauch Sr.
7-Briggs Danner
8-Frank Yankowski
9-Joe Mooney
10-Damon Paul
11-John Bockhorn
12-Matt Janisch
13-Jay Hartman
14-Jason Musser
15-Joe Vacarro
16-Steven Nederostek
17-Jeff Hartman
18-Louden Reimert
19-TJ Mayberry
20-Rich Tobias
21-Tom Mayberry
DNS-Keith Prutzman

Seidel Hyundai Slingshots

Heat 1- Anthony Raisner, Scott Gray, Chuck Whary, Blaire Schoenly, Aiden Svanda, Alex Schmiedel
Heat 2- Dylan Hoch, Sam Scicchitano, Mike Glass, AJ Gerhart, Ronnie Spitler, Brianna James
Heat 3- Joe Vacarro, Dawson Landis, Alex Yankowski, Tayllor Schoenly, Richard Partite, Dakota Kohler

1-Dawson Landis
2-Anthony Raisner
3-Sam Scicchitano
4-Mike Glass
5-Ronnie Spitler
6-Dakota Kohler
7-Brianna James
8-Aiden Svanda
9-Blaire Schoenly
10-Alex Schmiedel
11-Taylor Schoemly
12-Alex Yankowski
13-AJ Gerhart
14-Dylan Hoch
15-Joe Vaccaro
16-Austin Stufflet
17-Natasha Henn
18-Hunter Zimmerman
19- Brett Spitler
DNS- Richard Partite
DNS-Steve Schnecker
DNS-Brett Bieber
DQ- Chuck Whary (Muffler)
DQ-Scott Gray (Muffler)

Central Pa Legends

Heat 1- Scott Houdenshell, Hayden Pascoe, Bob Stough, Austin Bellemare, Gregg Burd, Chris Transeau
Heat 2- Travis McClelland, Clint Penkauskas, Chad Earnst, Dean Ficarro, Chris McKinney, Robert Shaw

1-Scott Houdenshell
2-Chad Earnst
3-Austin Bellemare
4-Gregg Burd
5-Clint Penkauskas
6-Hayden Pascoe
7-Chris McKinney
8-Bob Stough
9-Chris Transeau
10-Joe Radle
11-Travis McClelland
12-Cody Madison
13-Robert Shaw
14-Vernon Houseman

By Mike Batz

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Photo by Amy Williams