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Harron Wins 270’s; Hoch & Landis Split Twin 15’s At Linda’s

Devin Harron wasted no time jumping into the race lead in the 270 Micro Sprint main event. Harron started in the fourth position and with a three wide move at the drop of the green flag he showed the way on lap one. Once out front Harron had to hold off the challenges of defending National Open race of champion winner Pat Bealer, the defending track champion Brad Brown, and the Jacob Hendershot who charged from the 15th starting spot. Harron was able to do away with all challengers on his way to his first win of the season. The win is Harron’s 11th of his career at the speedway. Brown finished in second followed by Hendershot, Bealer, and Brandon Firestine. Tommy Kunsman finished in sixth just ahead of Kyle Weiss, Collin Ginther, Dylan Adams, and Christi Sweigart. 270 Micro Sprint heats were won by Kyle Weiss, Ken Miller, and Pat Bealer. 25 cars were signed in for competition.

Passing points from heat races for the Seidel Hyundai Slingshots placed Mike Glass on the pole of the first of two 15 lap feature events to be run. Glass’ time in the front was short lived as Dylan Hoch used the momentum of the outside line to take the race lead before the field entered turn one. Hoch survived a mid-race yellow that produced a double file restart to stay out front. Hoch did make contact with the outside wall when the field went three wide for the lead, but the 35 car remained the out front. Hoch’s race lead grew as the closing laps passed by. Hoch was able to take his third checkered flag of the season. Glass finished in second with Brett Bieber, Seth Spayd, and Dawson Landis the top five.

In victory lane Dylan Hoch drew an inversion pill of six. That put two time Twin 15 winner Sam Scicchitano on the pole for the second feature. It seemed as though the story had already been written and Scicchitano was on his was to another win. Again, the outside starting spot proved to be the place to be. Dawson Landis bolted from second starting spot into the race lead. Landis then selected the outside starting spot for each double file restart with Brett Bieber and Dylan Hoch each lining up beside him at different times. Both times the inside line was able to get a glimpse at the race lead before Landis took it back. Once he got to clear race track Landis drove away for the win. Hoch came home second with Seth Spayd, Brett Bieber, and Mike Glass rounding out the top five finishers.
Dylan Hoch earned the highest average finish.

Heat race wins for the Slingshots went to Mike Glass and Brianna James. Both drivers were first time heat race winners for the 2016 season.

The three-week point average came into effect this week for the Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Micro Sprints. That started co-point leaders Tim Buckwalter and Tommy Kunsman mid pack for the feature event. The starting spot made no difference at Kunsman and Buckwalter were on race leader Jesse Maurer’s heels by the time lap four was on the board. Maurer was the race leader and was no aware that Kunsman was making the inside line work until Kunsman passed the 72 for the top spot right before a yellow flag. The timely caution put Kunsman out front and he was there to stay driving to his third win of the season. Buckwalter grabbed second while Steve Whary nipped Maurer at the line for third. Tyler Brehm rounded out the top five finishers. Jacob Severn came from 23rd to finish in sixth. Brandon Heist, Austin Bishop, Kenny Harris, and Devin Gundrum rounded out the top ten finishers. Tim Buckwalter, Steve Whary, and Tommy Kunsman won heat races for the 23 car Wingless 600 Micro Sprint field.

Mark Sensenig and Scott Gesford took checkered flags in the Modified heat races. The redraw for the Modifieds put a very fast Sensenig on the pole. Michael Burrows was scheduled to start second, but the second place point’s car had an issue and had to start last in a different car. Sensenig shared row one with Brian Blankenbiller and before the two could battle for the lead Blankenbiller broke and went off the season. Some early race luck ran out for Sensenig when the two most recent point champions, Richie Hitzler and Jason Dunkleberger, pulled to his rear bumper. Hitzler challenged Sensenig for a few laps before he a Dunkleberger began to wage a fight for second. That allowed Sensenig to drift away to his first Linda’s Speedway win. Hitzler was second and Dunkleberger finished in third. Josh Bewley was fourth with Jeromy Guistwite fifth. Michael Burrows, Scott Heilman, Dakota Bartlett, Joe Carter, and Tyler James made up the top ten finishers. 16 Modifieds were on hand for the racing action.

Next Friday night, July 22, is the Action Track Takeover night featuring the Speedstrs, Wingless 600 Micro Sprints, Slingshots, Legends, and 270 Micro Sprints. The 270 Micro Sprints will also run a makeup feature from July 1st. Gates open at 5 with hot laps starting at 7. Racing will follow the hot laps. For full schedule and information on the night visit LindasSpeedway.com or visit the speedway social media pages on Facebook or Twitter. You can also call the speedway hotline at (717) 865-5330. See you at the races next Friday!

Race Results for July 15, 2016

270 Micro Sprints

Heat 1- Kyle Weiss, Brian Sholley, Kevin Berger, Lyle Strohman, Devin Adams, Dave Williams
Heat 2- Ken Miller, Devin Harron, Tommy Kunsman, Bradley Brown, Ken Davis, Dylan Adams
Heat 3- Pat Bealer, Dan Lane, Brandon Firestine, Josh Stoyer, Jacob Hendershot, Scott Gingrich

1-Devin Harron
2-Bradley Brown
3-Jacob Hendershot
4-Pat Bealer
5-Brandon Firestine
6-Tommy Kunsman
7-Kyle Weiss
8-Collin Ginther
9-Dylan Adams
10-Christi Sweigart
11-Ken Davis
12-Dan Lane
13-Josh Stoyer
14-Lyle Strohman
15-Brian Sholley
16-Mike Glass
17-Ken Miller
18-Kevin Berger
19-Dave Williams
20-Devin Adams
21-Scott Gingrich
22-Sean Zechman
23-Kenny Miller
DNS- Morgan Rochlle

Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Micro Sprints

Heat 1- Tim Buckwalter, John Moore, Kenny Harris III, Brooklyn Gable, Mike Linderman, Shane Penny
Heat 2- Steve Whary, Austin Bishop, Tyler Brehm, Devin Gundrum, Dustin Stoltzfus, Dan Leaper
Heat 3- Tommy Kunsman, Kenny Miller, Brandon Heist, Jesse Maurer, Bruce Buckwalter, Mike Meyers

1-Tommy Kunsman
2-Tim Buckwalter
3-Steve Whary
4-Jesse Maurer
5-Tyler Brehm
6-Jacob Severn
7-Brandon Heist
8-Austin Bishop
9-Kenny Harris III
10-Devin Gundrum
11-Dustin Stoltzfus
12-Mike Linderman
13-Dallas Sanders
14-Shane Penny
15-Bruce Buckwalter
16-Scott Meyers
17-Mike Meyers
18-Dan Leaper
19-Ron Lewis
20-Brooklyn Gable
21-Dylan Licklider
22-John Moore
23-Kenny Miller
DNS- Ben EArnst

Seidel Hyundai Slingshots

Heat 1- Brianna James, Dylan Hoch, Seth Spayd, Ronnie Spitler, Brett Spitler, Dakota Kohler
Heat 2- Mike Glass, Sam Scicchitano, Brett Bieber, Dawson Landis, Scott Gray, Alex Schmiedel

Feature I
1-Dylan Hoch
2-Mike Glass
3-Brett Bieber
4-Seth Spayd
5-Dawson Landis
6-Sam Scicchitano
7-Brett Spitler
8-Dakota Kohler
9-AJ Gerhart
10-Alex Yankowski
11-Joe Toth
12-Alex Schmiedel
13-Scott Gray
14-Brianna James
15-Rob Best
16-Ronnie Spitler

Feature II
1-Dawson Landis
2-Dylan Hoch
3-Seth Spayd
4-Brett Bieber
5-Mike Glass
6-Alex Yankowski
7-Dakota Kohler
8-Alex Schmiedel
9-Scott Gray
10-Ronnie Spitler
11-Joe Toth
12-Brett Spitler
13-Sam Scicchitano
14-AJ Gerhart
15-Brianna James
16-Rob Best

Dayne’s Automotive 600 Modifieds

Heat 1- Mark Sensenig, Michael Burrows, Brian Blankenbiller, Josh Bewley, Jason Dunkleberger, Jeromy Guistwite
Heat 2- Scott Gesford, Richie Hitzler, Joe Carter, Tyler James, Scott Heilman, Austin Bishop

1-Mark Sensenig
2-Richie Hitzler
3-Jason Dunkleberger
4-Josh Bewley
5-Jeromy Guistwite
6-Michael Burrows
7-Scott Heilman
8-Dakota Bartlett
9-Joe Carter
10-Tyler James
11-Scott Gesford
12-B E Mills
13-Madisom Pancheco
14-Austin Bishop
15-Jason Mills
16-Brian Blankenbiller
DNS-Katelyn Burrows

By Mike Batz

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Photo by Amy Williams
Video by Jim Murdoch