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First Time Winners Abound In Spirit Auto Center Series Event

Spirit Auto Center Speedway held the third hand of the Poker Series on the quarter mile speedway. For the first time this season, Tim Buckwalter won in the wingless 600cc Micro Sprint feature, earning an ace for his Poker series hand. Jacob Hendershot scored his Spirit Auto Center Speedway win in the companion 270cc Micro Sprint feature while Dylon Hoch was the winner in the 20-lap JeffreyHogueRealtor.com Action Track/Slingers Warehouse Slingshots for his first Bridgeport win of the season. Jason Dunkleberger was the winner of the Xcel 600 Modified feature event.

Buckwalter trailed race leader, Nick Havens through the mid-point of the race. Had Buckwalter finished second to Havens, it would have meant a third Queen for his Poker Series hand. Historically, three of a kind is a tough hand to beat. “I don’t really play the strategy,” Buckwalter explained. “We come here to take the money and go home.”

Nick Havens took the lead at the green flag and held the lead over Buckwalter. Bobby Butler challenged Buckwalter for second and held the position for one lap. Jon Keller and James Morris rounded out the top five. Buckwalter, Morris and Eddie Strada moved passed Havens at the halfway mark. The top three remained unchanged to the checkered. Butler edged out Jay Hartman to finish fourth after Hartman raced his way from a 22nd place start.

In 270 Micro Sprint action, Hendershot out distanced his teammate to record his first win at Spirit Auto Center Speedway this season. Kenny Miller led the opening laps of the feature with Kyle Weiss, Tommy Kunsman, Alex Swift and Robbie Watson in tow. Pat Bealer moved from sixth to third on lap two while Hendershot steadily worked his way to the front from his eleventh place starting position. Hendershot and Bealer passed Miller for the lead on a lap eight restart. Watson, Kunsman and Lee Reinhardt swapped third with Watson finishing third. Reinhart finished fourth. Mike Rutherford took fifth after Kunsman slowed on the final lap.

Hoch led the entire 20-lap distance for the JeffreyHogueRealtor.com Action Track/Slingers Warehouse Slingshots. Travis Beiber, Chris Kurtz and Jordan Knepp ran second, third and fourth for the entire event. James Morris passed Amber Orashin for fifth in a rare Slingshot appearance.

In the Xcel 20-lap feature. Travis Fichter grabbed the early lead from his pole starting position until Aaron Bowes took command on lap two. Dunkleberger took the lead on lap four which he held to the checkered flag with Bowes chasing him. Ritchie Hitzler, Kevin Van Valkenberg and Rob Vivona completed the top five.

WINGLESS 600CC MICRO SPRINTS (25 laps): 1. Tim Buckwalter, 2. James Morris, 3. Eddie Strada, 4. Bobby Butler, 5. Jay Hartman, 6. Kyle Spence, 7. Luke Thomas, 8. Rich Mellor, 9. Wayne Scott, 10. B.J. Antonio, 11. Kyle Lick, 12. Tommy Kunsman, 13. Nick Havens, 14. Austin Quick, 15. Kenny Miller, 16. Ed Barber, III, 17. Bill Thomas, 18. Jermain Godshall, 19. Jim Tippin, 20. Sam Locuson, 21. Tyler Tank, 22. Sam Kravitsky, 23. Jacob Severn, 24. Jon Keller, 25. Travis Hill, 26. Grady Johnston, DNQ – Zach Azzalina, Ernie Miles, Jr., Doug Snyder, Tony Hodgson, Gary Bozowski, Bob McGowan, Mike Linderman, Steve Bacall, Mark Landwher, Kyle Melvin, Mike Fillbrunn, Jake Fox, Charles Cobourn, Sal Tossona, Zach Bealer

270CC MICRO SPRINTS (25 laps): 1. Jacob Hendershot, 2. Pat Bealer, 3. Robbie Watson, 4. Lee Reinhardt, 5. Mike Rutherford, 6. Kyle Weiss, 7. Kenny Miller, 8. Brandon Pavel, 9. Shawn Ratchford, 10. Rich Keller, 11. Colin Bustard, 12. Glenn Macomber, 13. Tom Landwher, 14. John Blanda, 15. Ryan Wozunk, 16. Decker Morrow, 17. Tommy Kunsman, 18. Joe Bednarek, 19. Jonathan John, 20. Billy Gray, 21. Tyler Grau, 22. Alex Swift, DNS – Ken Miller, Tyler Reinhardt, Luke Fogg

JEFFREYHOGUEREALTOR.COM ACTION TRACK/SLINGER’S WAREHOUSE SLINGSHOT (20 laps): 1. Dylan Hoch, 2. Travis Beiber, 3. Chris Kurtz, 4. Jordan Knepp, 5. James Morris, 6. Amber Oraschin, 7. Steve Svanda, 8. John Gilroy, 9. Joe Toth, 10. Dave McCullough, 11. Eric Jones, 12. Cody Kline, 13. Dave Galloway, 14. Mike Toth, 15. Natasha Henn, 16. David Bell, 17. Dave Morrell

XCEL 600 MODIFIEDS (20 laps): 1. Jason Dunkleberger, 2. Aaron Bowes, 3. Richie Hitzler, 4. Kevin Van Valkenburg, 5. Rob Vivona, 6. Hunter Diehl, 7. Jeff Metzger, 8. Grant Schibilia, 9. Dakota Bartlett, 10. Travis Fichter, 11. Ron Ford, 12. Vincent Varano, 13. Brian Blankenbilller, 14. Scott Heilman, 15. Kory Inglin, 16. Bryce Higgs.

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