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Wingless Wednesday Wraps Up In An Exciting Fashion

For the second week in a row Shellhammers speedway was running their Wingless Wednesday program while Action Track USA is off for the Kutztown Folk Festival. 29 cars would enter the pit area spread across 5 divisions that would feature: 2 Junior Slinghots, 5 Senior Slingshots, 2 Xcel Sportsman Modifieds, 3 125cc Micro Sprints and 17 of the Wingless 270 Micro Sprints.

Josh Schaffer and Tyler Ulrich would start the feature event in the first and second positions. However a yellow flag would fly early for Ulrich. The restart would be extremely interesting as the top three cars would go three wide coming out of the fourth corner. Nick Skias would battle close behind Bloomenshine before lap traffic would come into play. Brandon Edgar would try to pass Nick Skias for the 2nd place position but, a lapped car would spin out in front of the field forcing Edgar to remain in the 3rd position after scoring would originate it back to the previously recorded lap. Unfortunately multiple time winner early in the season on Wingless Wednesdays Richie Hartman would break while running in the top 5. Once things got back under way Brandon Edgar would complete the pass on Nick Skias to move into the second position with Louden Reimert moving into the top 5. Brandon Edgar would then pass Bloomenshine for the lead and Reimert move past Schaffer into the 4th spot before the spinning car of Morgan Rochelle would stack the field up once again. The ensuing restart would be all she wrote for the field as Brandon Edgar would collect the 270 micro sprint victory.

Three 125 Micro Sprints would be in the pit area Wednesday but unfortunately Dakota Hibshman would be unable to start the feature event. Bradley Brown hopped into the Kyler Heiney #22 machine and would go unchallenged in the feature event collecting the win over Corey Schmuck Jr.

In the Senior Slingshot event Ian Zellers started on the pole with Kurt Bettler on his outside. Zellers, who won his heat in a great fashion, would lead early but Bettler looked strong after running a few laps in the feature. After a long side by side battle for the lead, Bettler would take the lead and walk away with it with more than half a straight away lead to collect the Senior Slingshot victory.

There were two Junior Slingshots in the pit area Wednesday night driven by Tyler Ulsh and Joe Costello. Ulsh would grab the victory in the main event.

It would be the Dunkleberger show all over again at Shellhammers Speedway as only two cars would be in attendance. Jason in his blue #6, and his cousin’s red #16 which on Wednesday night was driven by Mark Ludwig. Dunkleberger would grab the win in a commanding fashion for yet another win during Wingless Wednesday competition.

Full Results :
Junior Slingshot
fastest feature lap: Joe Costello, lap 4, 11.104, 40.5250 mph
1. Tyler Ulsh
2. Joe Costello

Xcel Modified
fastest feature lap: Jason Dunkelberger, lap 7, 9.547, 47.137 mph
1. Jason Dunkelberger
2. Mark Ludwig

Senior Slingshot
fastest feature lap: Kurt Bettler, lap 14, 10.765, 41.802 mph
1. Kurt Bettler
2. Ian Zellers
3. Jack Lewis
4. Pat Bealer
5. Myron Moyer

125 Micro Sprint
fastest feature lap: Bradley Brown, lap 2, 9.860, 45.637 mph
1. Bradley Brown
2. Corey Schmuck Jr
Dakota Hibshman (DNS)

270 Micro Sprint
fastest feature lap: Josh Schaffer, lap 5, 9.505, 47.345 mph
1. Brandon Edgar
2. Nick Skias
3. Toby Blumenshine
4. Louden Reimert
5. Josh Schaffer
6. Mike Rutherford
7. Glenn Macomber
8. Tyler Ulrich
9. Matt Hoffman
10. Dustin Fox
11. Morgan Rochelle
12. Mike Kalman
13. Scott Fick
14. Raymond Young
15. Richie Hartman
16. Adam Minzer Jr
William Mohring (DNS)

Noted by : BJ Antonio
Edited By : Nicholas Fillman
Photo By : Steve Sabo/Mike Knappenberger

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