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Kobylarz Tops Midgets; Swavely In 600 Micro Sprints At Linda’s

Birdsboro racer Trevor Kobylarz found his way to his first ARDC Midget feature win of the season at Linda’s Speedway to start the Independence Day Weekend at Linda’s Speedway. Jason Swavely of Douglasville won the 600 Micro Sprint feature as his motor began to give up. The rain hit just before the 270 Micro Sprint feature came onto the track. Their feature will be made up at a later date.

Starrcade winner Brett Arndt jumped out to the early lead in the ARDC Midget feature event. It looked like the field was in trouble because Arndt has been very strong all year and was looking for his second checkered flag of the season. Contact with the front stretch wall on lap four by Arndt brought Danny Stratton into the front of the field showing the way. Stratton, the opening night winner from last season, led until Trevor Kobylarz pulled a slide job off of turn four for the front spot on lap 11. Kobylarz had moved to the bottom of the race track while Stratton continued to work the top. Although Stratton saw the daylight of the race lead a few times on restarts, Kobylarz always came away with the top spot. Kobylarz went on to claim his first win of the season with ARDC. Stratton was second followed by Arndt who rebounded after a mid-race flat tire. Alex Bright and Jamie Spears rounded out the top five. Bright broke after hot laps and started last in the feature. Josh Heckman finished sixth in his first Midget start followed by Kenny Johnson, Brendon Bright, Mark Lowrey, and Ryan Greth. Heat race wins went to Nick Wean and Ryan Greth. The Midgets will return to Linda’s Speedway August 19th at the finale of Midget week in Pa.

ARDC Midget title sponsor Autobahn Go Kart Track in Harrisburg presented two gift cards to the fans for $75!

Jason Swavely was the recipient of the Race Chasers Facebook page hard luck away last week in the Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Micro Sprint feature event. Swavely was out for redemption on Friday night. Swavely is the two time and defending Tri-Track Challenge champion. The Tri-Track Challenged kicked off on Friday night. Swavely rose to occasion as he has the last few years and grabbed the race lead early. Tim Buckwalter could challenge on restarts, but last week’s feature winner had nothing to offer Swavely. Swavely said he felt his engine begin to “lay down” with ten to go and a late race restart had him on his toes. Swavely stumbled on the start and what was a fantastic battle for second became the race for the top spot with just two laps to go. Buckwalter, Tommy Kunsman (The defending winner of the race) and Jesse Maurer were all on Swavely tail tank. Swavely got just enough space that as his motor expired coming to the checkered flag he could hold on for the win. Kunsman was second followed by Buckwalter, Maurer, and Ken Murray. Steve Whary celebrated his birthday a little early with a sixth place run followed by Jacob Severn, Kenny Harris III, Shebly Harper, and Mike Myers rounded out the top ten finishers. Jason Swavely, Tim Buckwalter, and Kenny Murray were heat race winners with BJ Antonio taking the B-Main. The feature was lined up by passing points and Tim Buckwalter had the most passing points of any drivers after the heat races.

The Tri-Track Challenge is in action at Lanco’s Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway on Saturday. The series will close out at the Action Track USA later in July.

The 270 Micro Sprint feature event was set to come onto the racetrack when a rainstorm hit. With a lot of rain predicted to be coming the speedway felt that it was unfair to hold the drivers in the pit area for the time it would have taken to rework the track. Unfortunately, the event could not be run and will be made up at a later date in the season. Ross Perchak set Mike Co quick time for the fourth time this season. Perchak and Brandon Firestine were the heat race winners for the 20 car field.

This coming Friday night, July 8th (7/8), the speedway will pay tribute to one of its most loyal car owners over the past two decades and a close friend of the track. Karl Miller passed away earlier this year due to an illness and the speedway will honor him this Friday. Miller owned the 270 Micro Sprints driven by his sons Greg and Wade Miller. The Miller’s began competing at the speedway in the early 90’s. Both Greg and Wade have been feature winners at Linda’s Speedway. This Friday marks a special date because it is July 8th or 7/8. Wade ran the number 78 while Greg, who has competed at Linda’s Speedway this year carries the number 77. This is the closest Friday to the 7/7 date as well.
The 270 Micro Sprints, winged 600 Micro Sprints, Modifieds, and Chargers will be in action. Gates open at 5:30 followed by hot laps at 7. For more information, you can visit LindasSpeedway.com, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also phone the speedway hotline at (717) 865-5330.

Race Results for July 1, 2016

ARDC Midgets

Heat 1- Nick Wean, Brett Arndt, Trevor Kobylarz, Justin Grosz, Tim Buckwalter, Kenny Johnson
Heat 2- Ryan Greth, Danny Stratton, Brenden Bright, Mark Lowrey, Jamie Spears, Josh Heckman

1-Trevor Kobylarz
2-Danny Stratton
3-Brett Arndt
4-Alex Bright
5-Jamie Spears
6-Josh Heckman
7-Kenny Johnson
8-Brenden Bright
9-Mark Lowrey
10-Ryan Greth
11-Tim Buckwalter
DNS- Nick Wean
DNS- Justin Grosz
DNS-Brett Wanner
DNS-Jim Radney

Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Micro Sprints

Heat 1- Tim Buckwalter, Steve Whary, Jesse Maurer, Ben McGowan, Eric Heydenreich, Jacob Severn
Heat 2- Jason Swavely, Sam Kravitsky, Kenny Harris III, Dan Leaper, Shelby Harper, Devin Gundrum
Heat 3- Ken Murray, Austin Bishop, Tommy Kunsman, Kenny Miller, Ben Earnst, Cale Mutter

Consi 1- BJ Antonio, Brandon Heist, Mike Meyers, Dustin Stoltzfus, Mike Linderman, Cory Grenzy

1-Jason Swavely
2-Tommy Kunsman
3-Tim Buckwalter
4-Jesse Maurer
5-Ken Murray
6-Steve Whary
7-Jacob Severn
8-Kenny Harris III
9-Shelby Harper
10-Mike Meyers
11-Brandon Heist
12-BJ Antonio
13-Dustin Stoltzfus
14-Cory Grenzy
15-Mike Linderman
16-Austin Bishop
17-Ben Earnst
18-Devin Gundrum
19-Eric Heydenreich
20-Dan Leaper
21-Ben McGowan
22-Cale Mutter
23-Kenny Miller
24-Sam Kraviysky

RTS Chassis 270 Micro Sprints Freedom 30

Heat 1- Ross Perchak, Josh Stoyer, Nunzi Allegrucci, Tommy Kunsman, Richie Harman, Greg Miller
Heat 2- Brandon Firestine, Collin Ginther, Scott Gingrich, Quinn Roberts, John Ruoss, Morgan Rochelle

(Their feature will be made up at a later date)

By Mike Batz

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Photo by Amy Williams