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Buckwalter Doubles Up On Action Track Takeover Night

Tim Buckwalter has figured out the quick way around Linda’s Speedway in the Usac All Pro Speedstrs. Matt Janisch was the race leader when lap one was completed for the main event with Buckwalter in toe. Janisch gave just enough room on lap seven for Buckwalter to tip-toe around him on the outside to take over the top spot. Buckwalter began to pull away as Janisch waged a battle with the night’s quick timer Billy Pauch Sr. Pauch took over the runner up spot on lap 13 and set sail to reel in Buckwalter. As Buckwalter worked into lap traffic, Pauch began to close in on the race leader. Buckwalter bolted by some lap cars to see the free race track and Pauch was left trying to work by the same cars while Buckwalter drove to his second win of the season at Linda’s Speedway. Pauch settled for second just ahead of the Wednesday night Action Track Usa winner Steve Drevicki. Matt Janisch ended up fourth with Jay Hartman rounding out the top five. Mike Bednar, Steve Nederostek, Earl Paulus, Brad and Kenny Brightbill rounded out the top ten. Buckwalter, Hartman, and Drevicki were the heat race winners.

Tim Buckwalter was not done after his Speedstr victory as he climbed behind the wheel of the Greth racing number 71. Steve Whary showed the way for the first half of the 600 Micro Sprint main event presented by Hoosier Tire. Whary is a former Action Track Takeover night winner and used the pole starting spot to his advatage. A crazy battle for second between Buckwaltrer, Jason Swavely, and PJ Williams would ensue on lap ten before Tommy Kunsman made it a four car tussle. Whary remained a safe distance from challengers until a lap 15 when he was under attack. Whary,Buckwalter, and Swavely went three wide for a full two laps trading the top spot with slide jobs that resulted in Tim Buckwalter coming away as the leader. A yellow flag hindered Whary’s attempt to take the first spot back. Whary admitted that the double file restarts didn’t play into his favor as Buckwalter drove away to secure the lead on the final double file restart on lap 19. Whary did have a chance with a single file restart on lap 21, but the broom came out as Tim Buckwalter crossed the line for the win. The win is his first of the season and third of his career at the track. Whary followed Buckwalter across the line with Jay Hartman rounding out the top three. Kunsman and 20th place starter Robbie Hocker were the top five finishers. Kenny Harris III was sixth. Jesse Maurer recovered from a lap one flip to finish seventh followed by Brandon Heist, Nate Brinker, and Dustin Stoltzfus. Whary, Swavely, and Steve Bull were the heat race winners while Maurer won the consolation.

After winning both the Speedstr and 600 Micro Sprint feature TIm Buckwalter gave us the quote of the night when he said, “I don’t go to the gym. I drink beer and build race car shocks for a living so a lot of credit goes to the people that work on these race cars and make them easy for me to drive.” Buckwalter also swept the Speedstr and 600 Micro Sprint feature events on opening night at Action Track Usa this season.

“You don’t pass Josh Stoyer often for a win” said Brad Brown in victory lane after claiming his second 270 Micro Sprint feature win of the season. Stoyer took the top spot from pole setter Bob Brubaker right at the drop of the green flag and as the field exited turn two Brown was out front. It would be the last time anyone would be close enough to challenge the defending champions until the caution flag came out on lap 13. Stoyer was second, but brought out the caution when his car slowed on the race track moving Devin Harron into the second spot. Both Harron and Scott Gingrich challenged Brown on the restart, but again Brown would quickly get away from the field and remain unchallenged on his way to his eighth career Linda’s Speedway win. Harron, Gingrich, Tommy Kunsman, and Brandon Firestine rounded out the top five finishers. Dan Lane was sixth followed by the point leader Kyle Weiss in seventh. Pat Bealer, Ken Miller, and Kyle Spence rounded out the top ten finishers in the 25 feature event. Heat race wins went to Ken Miller and Scott Gingrich.

Scott Gray shot into the race lead at the start of the Seidel Hyundai Slingshot feature. Gray led the first five laps before a yellow flag evened the playing field back out. Gray and Sam Scicchitano shared the front row for the restart. The two bumped the slightest bit but it was enough to allow Dylan Hoch to carry his momentum into the first spot. Hoch, who has been on fire in the SLingshot class over the last few weeks, ran away to his second win of the season becoming the first repeat winner of the year in the Slingshots. Gray and Scicchitano rounded out the podium finishers. Mike Glass spend most of the race battling with Dawson Landis and Brett Bieber in a great three car race. Glass ended up fourth just ahead of Landis and Bieber. AJ Gerhart, Taylor Mills, Blaire Schoenly, and Dave Carragahn rounded out the top ten finishers in the night cap event for the Slingshots. Joey Vaccaro and Dylan Hoch were the heat race winners. Hoch actually spun at the start of his heat race and bounced back to get the win.

Next Friday night the ARDC Midgets return to the 1/4 mile along with the 270 Micro Sprints and the Wingless 600 Micro Sprints. Adult admission to the stands will be $8 and pit admission will be $25. The 270 and 600 Micro Sprint winners will leave with a $500 payday to help kick off the 4th of July Weekend. Gates open at 5 but the speedway will be open all day for campers. Racing will start after hot laps which will take place at 7. For more information on this event, you can visit LindasSpeedway.com or follow the speedways social media sites. As always you can call the track hotline at (717) 865-5330.

Race Results for June 24, 2016

RTS Chassis 270 Micro Sprints

Heat 1- Ken Miller, Brandon Firestine, Bradley Brown, Josh Stoyer, Dave Williams, Bob Brubaker
Heat 2- Scott Gingrich, Collin Ginther, Kyle Weiss, Devin Harron, Dan Lane, Tommy Kunsman

1-Bradley Brown
2-Devin Harron
3-Scott Gingrich
4-Tommy Kunsman
5-Brandon Firestine
6-Dan Lane
7-Kyle Weiss
8-Pat Bealer
9-Ken Miller
10-Kyle Spence
11-Andrew Dietrich
12-Dave Williams
13-Morgan Rochelle
14-Josh Schaffer
15-Christi Sweigart
16-Lyle Strohman
17-Chris Heagy
18-Ken Davis
19-Bob Brubaker
20-Collin Ginther
21-Josh Stoyer
DNS-Jeff Harnish

Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Micro Sprints

Heat 1- Steve Whary, PJ Williams, Tommy Kunsman, Jay Hartman, Kenny Miller, Jacob Severn
Heat 2- Steve Bull, Austin Bishop, Cale Mutter, Bruce Buckwalter, Dan Leaper, Mike Linderman
Heat 3- Jason Swavely, Tim Buckwalter, Brandon Heist, Sam Kravitsky, Kenny Harris III, Dustin Stoltzfus

Consi 1- Jesse Maurer, Robbie Hocker, Ben McGowan, Nate Brinker, Mike Meyers, Ben Earnst

1-Tim Buckwalter
2-Steve Whary
3-Jay Hartman
4-Tommy Kunsman
5-Robbie Hocker
6-Kenny Harris III
7-Jesse Maurer
8-Brandon Heist
9-Nate Brinker
10-Dustin Stoltzfus
11-Mike Linderman
12-Ben McGowan
13-Dan Leaper
14-Jason Swavely
15-Kenny Miller
16-Bruce Buckwalter
17-PJ Williams
18-Sam Kravitsky
19-Steve Bull
20-Mike Meyers
21-Cale Mutter
22-Austin Bishop
23-Jacob Severn
DNS- Ben Earnst

Westside Auto Body Slingshots

Heat 1- Dylan Hoch, Mike Glass, Taylor Milles, Blaire Schoenly, Scott Gray, Chuck Whary
Heat 2- Joe Vaccaro, Dawson Landis, Brett Bieber, AJ Gerhart, Sam Scicchitano, Amber Britto

1-Dylan Hoch
2-Scott Gray
3-Sam Scicchitano
4-Mike Glass
5-Dawson Landis
6-Brett Bieber
7-AJ Gerhart
8-Taylor Milles
9-Blaire Schoenly
10-Dave Carragahn
11-Alex Yankowski
12-Chuck Whary
13-Alex Schmiedel
14-Ronnie Spitler
15-Amber Britto
16-Tayllor Schoenly
17-Justin Milles
18-Joe Vaccaro
19-Brett Spitler
DNS-Jack Lewis


Heat 1- Jay Hartman, Matt Janisch, Tim Iulg, Earl Paulus, Damon Paul, TJ Mayberry
Heat 2- Tim Buckwalter, Tom Mayberry, Steven Nederostek, Kenny Brightbill, Dylan Hoch, Joe Vacarro
Heat 3- Steve Drevicki, Brad Brightbill, Frank Yankowski, Briggs Danner, Keith Prutzman, John Bockhorn

1-Tim Buckwalter
2-Billy Pauch Sr.
3-Steve Drevicki
4-Matt Janisch
5-Jay Hartman
6-Mike Bednar
7-Steven Nederostek
8-Earl Paulus
9-Brad Brightbill
10-Kenny Brightbill
11-Louden Reimert
12-Tim Iulg
13-Jason Miller
14-Damon Paul
15-Briggs Danner
16-Frank Yankowski
17-Dylan Hoch
18-Jason Musser
19-John Bockhorn
20-Ray Nemeth
21-Keith Prutzman
22-Joe Vacarro
23-Tom Mayberry
DNS-TJ Mayberry
DNS-Jeff Hartman

By Mike Batz

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Photo by Amy Williams