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Whary Wins Summer Shootout At Linda’s Speedway

Steve Whary’s eyes were as big as saucers when race leader Jim Young hopped the cushion in turn one and two on lap 22 of the 600 micro sprint feature event. Young looked like the car to beat the whole race in the opening event of the 2016 Summer Shootout Series. Whary was second for most of the event until he caught and passed Young on lap 23. Right after Whary got the lead there was a caution flag. Although Young was fast the whole race, Whary bolted away on the restart and drove to his ninth career Linda’s Speedway 600 micro sprint win. Young Slowed on the final lap allowing BJ Antonio to grab his career best finish with a second. Kenny Miller, Hayden Miller, and Travis Scott rounded out the top five. Randy West was sixth and led a slew of hard chargers across the line. Jesse Maurer, Austin Bishop, and Tommy Kunsman all gained at least eight spots in the feature race. Dustin Stoltzfus rounded out the top ten finishers. Tommy Kunsman was the hard charger award winner. Heat race wins went to Hayden Miller, Ryan Groff, Travis Scott, and Steve Whary. Dan Braun won the consolation. The next two events for the series will go to Path Valley and Trail-Way Speedways.

I’m just struggling to stay motivated this year to come to the track and race said 270 micro sprint feature winner Scott Gingrich in Victory Lane after he claimed his fourth career Linda’s Speedway win. Gingrich Muscle the race lead away from early leader Josh Schaffer on lap number 8. Dan Lane and Josh Stoyer wage waging a fantastic battle for the second position while Gingrich pulled away. That battle came to an end on lap 14 when the two drivers got together. Brandon Firestine moved into the second spot and ran there the rest of the race in chase of the 8 car. As the race came to a close Firestone began to reel in Gingrich. With two laps to go Firestine was on the race leader’s tail tank and trying to make the move for the win. Gingrich made one big move around a lap car coming to the checkered flag to hold on for the win. Firestine was second followed by 12th place starter Pat Bealer in the top three. Collin Ginther finished in the fourth spot and Tommy Kunsman rounded out the top five. The race chasers Facebook page gave a bonus to sixth place finisher Brad Brown for being the hard charger gaining 12 spots. Kyle Weiss, Josh Schaffer, Bob Brubaker, and Dan Lane were the top ten finishers. Kyle Weiss, Collin Ginther, and Pat Bealer were the winners of 270 Micro Sprint heat races. The Race Chaser page also gave a hard luck award and that went to Josh Stoyer after the flip.

Most Race car drivers will tell you that being the race leader isn’t always the best place to be. Jeromy Guistwite will attest to that after leading the first ten laps of Friday nights Dayne’s Automotive 600 Modified feature. Guistwite looked to be in good shape when fourth place running Dylan McCrone found the bottom line to be the fast way around the speedway. McCrone took his chance on the inside and passed Richie Hitzler and Mike Burrows to move into second and then went by the leader Guistwite. His race lead was short lived when he tangled with a lap car on the 13th circuit. Burrows had grabbed the race lead and Hitzler had moved into second before the yellow flag came out. Burrows got away from Hitzler on the restart and was able to drive away to his second win of the season. Hitzler was second with Guistwite third. Jason Dunkleberger made a late race charge into fourth followed by Dakota Bartlett. Josh Bewely, Tyler James, Joe Carter, Hunter Diehl, and Brian Blankenbiller rounded out the top ten finishers. McCrone, Guistwite, and Hitzler were the heat race winners. Next Friday night will be the Modified Tour event but Will Not be a topless race to save teams from removing the newly installed shifter lights.

The Chargers served as the night cap for the racing action Friday and almost gave us a first time winner. Shjon Dove lead the race early with all former championship winner behind him. Josh Michael, Eric Hollenbach, and Chris Smith chased Dove for four laps before Josh Michael was able to make an inside move stick and grab the race lead away. Eric Hollenbach spent the rest of the race hounding Dove for the second spot while Michael pulled away. Michael did have to fend off Dove on a late race restart, but he did just that and went on to pick up his second win of the year and his 11th career win putting him in sole possession of fourth on the all time Charger win list. Hollenbach did wrestle away second from Dove. Troy Hostetter took third, Dove was fourth, and Chris Smith rounded out the top five finishers. Sixth through tenth saw Brian Derr, Don Stoudt, Austin Brown, JJ Cunnane, and Troy Ebling see the checkered flag. Dove and Michael were the heat race winners for the Chargers.

Next Friday night is the final visit to Linda’s Speedway of the Mason Dixon traveling 270 Micro Sprint series. The North/South Smackdown is a time trial event that does not pay points for the 270 Micro Sprints. Joining the 270 sprinters are the 125 Micro Sprints, Chargers, and the Xcel 600 Modifieds in a Xcel tour event. Gates open at 5:30 with hot laps at 7:15. Racing will follow. For more information you can visit LindasSpeedway.com, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also call the speedway at (717)-865-5330.

Don’t forget about the Action Track Take Over night on June 24. It’s the second Action Track takeover night featuring the Speedstrs, 270 Micro Sprints, Wingless 600 Micro Sprints, and Slingshots “Triple Crown Weekend”.

Race Results for June 10, 2016

RTS Chassis 270 Micro Sprints

Heat 1- Kyle Weiss, Brandon Firestine, Tommy Kunsman, Scott Gingrich, Steve Haefke, Markus Miller
Heat 2- Collin Ginther, Josh Stoyer, Christi Sweigart, Josh Schaffer, Adam Minzer, Ray Miller
Heat 3- Pat Bealer, Devin Harron, Lyle Strohman, Dan Lane, Dave Williams, Bradley Brown

1-Scott Gingrich
2-Brandon Firestine
3-Pat Bealer
4-Collin Ginther
5-Tommy Kunsman
6-Bradley Brown
7-Kyle Weiss
8-Josh Schaffer
9-Bob Brubaker
10-Dan Lane
11-Lyle Strohman
12-Adam Minzer
13-Markus Miller
14-Guy Snyder
15-Jonathan Swift
16-Christi Sweigart
17-Dave Williams
18-Josh Stoyer
19-Devin Harron
20-Morgan Rochelle
21-Brian Kramer
22-Steve Haefke
23-Ray Miller

Hoosier Tire Winged 600 Micro Sprints – Summer Shootout Series

Heat 1- Hayden Miller, Jim Young, Bradley Weber, Cale Mutter, John Moore, Dan Braun
Heat 2- Ryan Groff, BJ Antonio, Jason Swavely, Brandon Heist, Mike Meyeres, Randy Kunkle Jr.
Heat 3- Travis Scott, Kenny Miller, Bo Gordon, Jesse Maurer, Dan Souder, Christian Reed
Heat 4-Steve Whary, Randy West, Dustin Stoltzfus, Bruce Ginther Jr., Austin Bishop, TJ Greve

Consi 1- Dan Braun, Tommy Kunsman, Christian Reed, Brooklyn Gable, TJ Greve, Anthony Macri

1-Steve Whary
2-BJ Antonio
3-Kenny Miller
4-Hayden Miller
5-Travis Scott
6-Randy West
7-Jesse Maurer
8-Austin Bishop
9-Tommy Kunsman
10-Dustin Stoltzfus
11-Dan Braun
12-Jim Young
13-Brooklyn Gable
14-Mike Meyers
15-Christian Reed
16-Bruce Ginther Jr.
17-Cale Mutter
18- Dan Souder
19-Ryan Groff
20-Brandon Heist
21-John Moore
22-Anthony Macri
23-Bradley Weber
24-Bo Gordon
25-Jason Swavely
26-Hanna Riser
DNS-TJ Greve

Dayne’s Automotive 600 Modifieds

Heat 1- Dylan McCrone, Dakota Bartlett, Barry Lee, B E Mills, Scott Peters, Tiffany Hitzler
Heat 2- Jeromy Guistwite, Jason Dunkleberger, Brian Blankenbiller, Scott Heilman, Tyler James, Hunter Diehl
Heat 3- Richie Hitzler, Michael Burrows, Joe Carter, Josh Bewley, Logan Snyder, Madison Pancheco

1-Michael Burrows
2-Richie Hitzler
3-Jeromy Guistwite
4-Jason Dunkleberger
5-Dakota Bartlett
6-Josh Bewley
7-Tyler James
8-Joe Carter
9-Hunter Diehl
10-Brian Blankenbiller
11-Barry Lee
12-Dylan McCrone
13-Andrew Layser
14-Madison Pancheco
15-Tiffany Hitzler
16-B E Mills
17-Katelyn Burrows
18-Logan Snyder
19-Austin Bishop
20-Scott Heilman
DNS-Jason Mills
DNS-Scott Gesford


Heat 1- Shjon Dove, Eric Hollenbach, Chris Smith, Charles Kimmel Jr., Troy Hostetter, Austin Brown
Heat 2- Josh Michael, Bryan Michael, Josh Demmy, Don Stoudt, Brian Derr, JJ Cunnane

1-Josh Michael
2-Eric Hollenbach
3-Troy Hostetter
4-Shjon Dove
5-Chris Smith
6-Brian Derr
7-Don Stoudt
8-Austin Brown
9-JJ Cunnane
10-Troy Ebling
11-Charles Kimmel Jr.
12-Bryan Michael
13-Josh Demmy
14-Paul Lambert
DNS- Chris Derr

By Mike Batz

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Photo by Amy Williams