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Recchione Hoping To Bounce Back Better Than Ever

Steve Recchione Jr started racing when he was just 10 years of age. He raced until he finished the 1/4 Midget division and even gave 270’s a try too. After a long break from 270’s and racing as a whole, Steve and his father decided last year that they really missed racing and wanted to give the 600 Micro Sprint ‘thing’ a shot. Steve has been around racing since he was just 5 years old. He will be 31 in August.

Steve’s sponsors for the 2016 season are Recchione Auto Body, Valley Ag and Turf, DW’s Deli, Walton-Ebert Insurance Agency, SmallCarWeekly.com, TSL – Tim’s Shock Lab, Shiley Fabrication, Zemco Speed Equipment, BDB Graphics, Matco Tools, West Fabrication, as well as SPAR Racing Engines.
Besides sponsors, Steve mentioned that he wouldn’t be in the position he is in without his dad for always giving him a great car and the best equipment possible. His father always believes in him and that makes things much easier from a driver standpoint. He also mentioned that he can’t thank his wife, Ashley Recchione or his step-mother Robin for always putting up with him being in the shop to work on the race car. Last but definitely not least he would like to thank the rest of his family and friends that take off of work on Fridays to come support him at the track. People playing these rolls week in and week out give him an experience that he will never forget.

In the off-season Steve did everything to prepare for the quickly approached 2016 season. Steve and the team ripped the car down to the bare frame and had it sent out to Randy West to check over everything as well as do a few updates. Steve stated that he had a new body made, chassis powder coated, engine rebuilt, all new axles, new bearings all around, put all new nuts and bolts on (majority being titanium), new rods and heims, as well as new shocks from TSL.

Unfortunately not all of this was a fairy tale for Steve. The first race of the 2016 season at Linda’s Speedway on April 1st ended as a worse case scenario. During the beginning laps of the A-Main event there was a 2 car accident in turns 3 and 4. Steve was running the high side going down the backstretch and the driver in front of him checked up and drove high for the wreck. Steve had no where to go and he hopped the competitors RR. This sent Steve into the wall at an intense speed. After he made contact with the wall he was knocked out cold without knowing that his car actually caught fire. After the incident Steve is focusing mainly on recovering to the best of his ability.
Recovery is as good as it could be. Luckily, no surgery is needed even though he has a fracture… His knee and plate is all still in alignment. As long as nothing shifts it should heal correctly. Steve and the team are looking at a minimum of a 12 week recovery. Too long to say the least. He’s hoping at the end of June or early July that he will be able to hop back into a 600 Micro Sprint.

Now, Steve has been driving a SB3 600 Chassis for a decent amount of time. Steve has always loved the SB3 Chassis but it was eventually time to move on to a Hyper Chassis. Steve and his team can’t thank Randy West enough for all of his help and dedication over the past year or so. Steve stated that Randy is an outstanding guy that builds some truly amazing cars. Over time Steve had talked to a few other drivers similar to his size. The other drivers had mentioned that there was more opportunities for room in the Hyper so that was decided in the best of interest. If you aren’t comfortable behind the wheel you can’t correctly perform. Besides the comfortable aspect; Hyper has several things that they bring to the table that made the decision to switch an easy one. They have a state of the art facility, outstanding customer service, and a group of employees that would drop what they’re doing to help you out in a heartbeat. The team is definitely excited to give them a try.

When Steve is back behind the wheel he created a list of some of the tracks that he is running.
Originally the team planned on running a full schedule at Linda’s Speedway for points but have recently decided that they would like to give a few other tracks a try. He’d love to give Kutztown’s Action Track USA a try at least once this year. The team mentioned that they would also like to give Greenwood Valley Action Track a shot. They’re just hoping a better wingless deal comes through there eventually.

We at SmallCarWeekly.com wish the best to Steve for a quick and speedy recovery! We love you!

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