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Brehm Set For ARDC In 2016

The past three years, Tyler Brehm, 22, has been chasing the dream of racing. After 2012, he knew his family could not keep his passion going and if anyone was, it would be him.
“I can’t thank my family enough for what they done. We had a lot of fun and success. But I knew it was eminent that I would need to keep my racing going.”
Brehm’s time spent these past years have not gone unnoticed. Recently, he caught the attention of a prominent team in ARDC, RT Racing. Bryan Kobylarz approached Brehm at the Chili Bowl this past January.
“Bryan and I spoke and said I should give Carey (Becker) a call. After we all got home that is what I did.”
After discussion and meeting, it is set that Brehm will be behind the seat of the RT Racing Elite Midget Chassis #20 at Susquehanna Speedway this Saturday the 16th.
“I am super excited to drive for this team. They have great equipment and work really hard to be fast. As well as work with 2 ARDC Champions (Bryan and Trevor Kobylarz).”
“We have noticed Brehm when he was spending time in the Jim Jackson #97. He races hard and keeps his nose clean. We like that. We are excited to see where this leads with him” – Carey Becker
The team will get Brehm fitted and the car fired this week.

Updates can be found on Tyler via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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