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Opener Ends As One Of Most Exciting Wingless Wednesday Events

The first “Wingless Wednesday” took the green March 30th of 2016 at Shellhammers Speedway in Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania. 4 divisions set the night with some exciting action throughout. Jr and Sr Slingshots, XCel Modifieds, and the headline division – Wingless 270 Micro Sprints. The stands were absolutely packed as it seemed that no one could keep the racing bug away any longer.
There was 3 Jr Slingshots, 4 XCel Modifieds, 5 Sr Slingshots, as well as 17 270 Micro Sprints. Hopefully we see a much larger field in the near future as it is just the beginning of the season and some teams are still trying to get last minute preparations together. 2 rounds of practice started the night then it was off to the heats and main events. The races were amazingly well put and ran in a timely matter. In fact, racing started at 7 and ended around 9.

In the Jr Slingshots, Nicholas Flammer was strong throughout the night. Though Gavin Santee was also pretty confident. Gavin got a great start on the outside groove and never looked back. While Nicholas was running in 2nd place, he seemed to lose control of the car and hit an infield tire. Unfortunately resulting in a broken front end but he was able to continue. After the yellow flag was thrown for Nicholas he had to go to the rear. That resulted in Junior Ankiewicz taking over the 2nd place position temporarily. Back under green Gavin pulled away which let the two other competitors go at it. Eventually Flammer got by Ankiewicz and pulled away. Keep in mind that he was ‘man-handling’ the car until the checkered dropped. All the Jr drivers did an outstanding job for the first time back on the hard clay.

In the Sr Slingshots, they made us go back to Twitter and post constant updates because they put on one heck of a show. Anthony Raisner led the entire race with a whole bunch of cars on his tail. Kyle Smith who is certainly a young buck definitely showed that he could transfer his talent from the Jr to the Sr. He ran with the best of the best up front. Raisner kept noticing that Smith was taking peeks inside of him, so he did his best to protect the inside lane. Unfortunately on the last lap Smith took the final peak inside of Raisner that resulted in him gaining the lead. Both of them as well as the other drivers that ran the event should be proud.

The Dunkelberger brothers really have the facility figured out in regards to the XCel Modifieds, they’re extremely competitive at any track they visit as well. They also showed off some new bling on top of their roofs. As we’re aware, they’re solar panels that power some of the electronics. Rounding out the field was Barry lee and Jared Peckham

The final division of the night was the 270’s. Ronald Helmick led the field to the green with a pack of hungry drivers awaiting for the first win of the season. Within the first few laps of the race the front row drivers already hit lap traffic. While under green, Jenna Schostkewitz in her 4 stroke seemed to be no match for the other 2 stroke cars in the field. Richie Hartman also had a strong car throughout the night. Richie did make a pass at Jenna for the lead but the field had to reset due to a yellow flag. When the green was thrown once again, Jenna continued to hit her marks and run her race. Though with 5 laps to go Hartman made the move and went on to win the first Wingless Wednesday 270 event of the year.

Full Results :
Jr Slingshot
1. Gavin Santee
2. Nicholas Flammer
3. Junior Ankiewicz

Sr Slingshot
1. Kyle Smith
2. Anthony Raisner
3. Joey Vaccaro
4. Lee Schantzenbach
5. Jack Lewis

XCel Modified
1. Dustin Dunkelberger
2. Jason Dunkelberger
3. Barry Lee
4. Jared Peckham

Wingless 270 Micro Sprints
1. Richie Hartman
2. Jenna Schostkewitz
3. Josh Stoyer
4. Ronald Helmick
5. Brandon Edgar
6. Jacob Hendershot
7. Mark Ludwig
8. Louden Reimert
9. Mike Kalman
10. Glenn Macomber
11. Ken Davis
12. Adam Minzer Jr
13. Anthony Yerger
14. Liz Helmick
15. Tyler Galatro
16. Kerry Lengoe
17. Joshua Schaffer (did not make weight)

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Photo by : Steve Sabo