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Heilman Ready For The 2016 XCel Mod Season

Scottie Heilman is currently 24 years old and has been racing for a total of 18 years. He is from Reading, PA which seems to be the grassroot for a lot of talented dirt and asphalt oval racers.

He decided to move on up to XCel Modifieds from Go-Karts due to the fact that it was eventually time. Him and his highly talented father, Scott Heilman accomplished so much. Scott seemed to never receive as much recognition as he legitimately deserved. Most likely because social media and such was non-existent back then. A grand national championship is under his belt. This is back in the day when winning a local race meant something. Scottie states that his own father is the only person he fears on the racetrack and he doesn’t even race anymore.

Scottie is looking forward to the 2016 season to learn as much as he can and improve every week. There’s some bad ass karts out there that go pretty fast with the power to weight ratio. But when you race a 600cc stock Modified that can go 100+ at big tracks such as Big Diamond, it’s a completely different learning curve. If the Modifieds could go that fast on a stock motor due to being spec, imagine what they could do if they went to their own motor builder and such. Scottie has over 300 karting wins as well as 24 track championships. So hopefully we can see him in victory lane quite a lot as well as Rookie of the Year.

Scottie plans on running Linda’s Speedway weekly and the tour as much as possible. Maybe even some of the Brett Deyo shows…
His sponsors that will make the 2016 season possible are : SmallCarWeekly.com, Jeremy Raifsnider Graphics, as well as Haggerty Lures. If you’re interested in becoming a marketing partner for his race team, be sure to contact him on his personal Facebook page.

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