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Skylar Sherriff Ready To Run With ARDC At The Grove

Skylar Sherriff is currently 20 years of age, he has been racing for 8 years. He actually started racing at the age of 12 in the Go-Kart division. Recently Skylar heard about the possible chance down through the “grapevine” from a friend. He was able to get in contact with Wayne from ARDC and went on from there. It worked out extremely well for both parties. Skylar will be behind the wheel in one of his Hyper Racing Midgets at Williams Grove on June 10th. It’s awesome that it’s the same date as the USAC Silver Crown Cars that make their return to the speedway. Williams Grove is definitely one nostalgic track in Pennsylvania and it being a 1/2 mile results in some tight and awesome racing in all divisions that have touched the speedway.

Skylar has ran various different types of Karts,(both arena and outdoor) XCel 600 Modifieds, 600 Micro Sprints, as well as Tobias SpeedSTRs. Skylar feels that the key to making his racing career so successful is that his family treats his racing career as a team. First off, his dad (George Sheriff) puts countless hours of his own time to work on perfecting the cars and make sure they are in tip-top shape. It’s a huge plus especially when Skylar is at college or just not at home in general. Skylar can’t thank George enough for what he does. Sometimes Skylar and his dad get a couple of other hands in to help them from time to time at the track but they’re a small team as far as staff goes. Also, his sister (Sierra Sheriff) is 100% on board w/ support and she’s classified as the track maintenance crew. Skylars mom is also always there for morale backing and support.

Skylar feels that he couldn’t be doing it without any of his sponsors. Johnz Catering has one of the best catering you can even dream of and has always been a supporter. Axiom has also been on for a couple of years and is great with hydraulics and hose repair. Darkstar Motormods and Coatings was a recent addition to the team this year and they’re great for the powder coating on the cars Skylar runs. Finally, Schuykill Tree and Landscaping has done so much for the team from the start. He honestly couldn’t do it without any of them contributing.

Skylar also would like to thank his supporters and fans giving him the drive to succeed and continue to impress and improve himself. Nothing is better than knowing you have fans backing you and supporting your driving.

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