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Maurer Wins Fall Brawl 2015 On The Eve Of His Wedding Day

Bradley Brown and Jesse Maurer worked all night to get into position to face off in the last match race of the first Fall Brawl for the RTS Chassis sponsored 270 Micro Sprints. The final race was estimated to have been decided by less than two inches based off of the time difference. Brown was the winner and was given the chance to start last for $1,000 to win bonus. Brown took the offer and went from the first starting spot to 23rd. Maurer then moved to the pole and after an early race battle with Scott Gingrich, showed the way. As the 30 lap main event ran on, Maurer looked like the car to beat as Brown made his way through the field. A late race yellow gave a hard charging duo of Kyle Weiss and Devin Harron a shot at the race leader, but Maurer would fend off their challenges for the win. It was an extra special win for the “Mt Joy Outlaw” as Saturday is his wedding day. Maurer’s fiancé Samantha was in victory lane to greet him. This win also moved Maurer into the ten win club at the Speedway. Weiss ended up second with Harron in third. Kenny Miller III made the best of a rare 270 Micro Sprint start at the track with a fourth. His team mate for the night, Jarid Kunkle, came from 18th to finish in fifth. Another hard charger, Jacob Dunn, started 15th and drove to sixth, the Liquid Nitro quick timer Collin Ginther was seventh, Brown ended up eighth, Nunzi Allegrucci and Pete Skias made up the top ten. Brown said afterward that more cautions would have helped him early in the race as the field went to lap 14 before the yellow was seen for the first time. Maurer, Gingrich, Harron, and Miller III were heat winners with Jacob Dunn and Richie Hartman taking consolations. Next to Brown, Kunkle gained the most spots and was credited with the Amy’s Photos Hard Charger award. Quinn Roberts received a bonus for finishing 12th in memory of DJ Furney.
Race Results for September 25, 2015
RTS Chassis 270 Micro Sprints
Heat 1- Jesse Maurer, Ken Miller, Collin Ginther, Quinn Roberts
Heat 2- Scott Gingrich, Kyle Weiss, Stone Keller, Nunzi Allegrucci
Heat 3- Devin Harron, Logan Diehl, Mike Skias, Mason Peters
Heat 4- Kenny Miller III, Bradley Brown, Brandon Edgar, Nathan Bacon
Consi 1- Jacob Dunn, Pete Skias, John Ruoss, Dave Williams
Consi 2-Richie Hartman, Jarid Kunkle, Trevor Dunn, Josh Schaffer
1- 88g Jesse Maurer
2- 5w Kyle Weiss
3- 9d Devin Harron
4- 23m Kenny Miller III
5- 75x Jarid Kunkle
6- 74 Jacob Dunn
7- 44g Collin Ginther
8- 23b Bradley Brown
9- 83 Nunzi Allegrucci
10- 8s Pete Skias
11- 74f Ken Miller
12- 43 Quinn Roberts
13- 39 Richie Hartman
14- 8 Scott Gingrich
15- 21d Dave Williams
16- 10 Mason Peters
17- 7 John Ruoss
18- 21t Stone Keller
19- 57 Brandon Edgar
20- 12s Josh Schaffer
21- 7b Nathan Bacon
22- 92 Trevor Dunn
23- 16 Mike Skias
DNS- 22h Ronald Helmick
DNS- 94d Logan Diehl