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One Show Left After A Wild Wednesday

Shellhammers Speedway has been the home to Wingless 270 Micro Sprints, Slingshots, as well as 600 Modifieds for the past few weeks. After last night, there is only one show left. The shows start at 7 PM EST on a Wednesday night. So be sure to not miss the action if you have never been to the speedway before. In the pits there appeared to be 7 270 Micro Sprints, 6 Sr Slingshots, 2 Jr Slingshots, as well as 3 600 Modifieds. The car count used to be high resulting in at least 33 270’s, 10 Slingshots, and more… If you have one of these cars in the following divisions, be sure to give the Speedway a glance and try it out. The feature lineup was the same as last week.
The Jr Slingshot drivers decided to give it another go from last week, as Jr Ankiewicz has been showing major signs of improvement week in and week out, Nicholas Flammer pulled out to the early lead with Jr right on his bumper. Unfortunately, Nicholas pulled about half a track lead on Jr picking up the victory. Maybe we will see yet another Jr driver in victory lane next week? This is only Jrs second time out in the car after his sister decided to move on into a 270 Micro Sprint at Greenwood Valley Action Track. Nicholas Flammer has had a decent amount of experience, so it’s not shocking to see him in victory lane every once in awhile. Congrats to both drivers!

In the Xcel Modifieds, Jason Dunkelberger who was last weeks winner as well dominated the competition. With putting Barry Lee at least one lap down, Jason was to be beat. Due to the surface being somewhat “racier” due to the weather conditions, each driver in each division had amazing lap times that would be hard to be beat.

In Sr Slingshots, one of the old regulars at the speedway decided to show up once again after suffering motor issues. After getting his motor back the night before, he put it in the car and was the man to be beat. That man is no other than David Galloway. David Galloway raced champ karts before he moved on into the Slingshot division, so he is definitely familiar with how the track is and how to get a setup going. The rest of the field seemed to be battling behind him for positions which led to a exciting race in the back of the pack…

As for the 270 Micro Sprints, the top 5 drivers all seem to have a shot at the win. Whether it’s Richie Hartman, Louden Reimert, Nick Skias, Joshua Schaffer, etc, etc… Nick Skias seemed to have the race all wrapped up. Then, he noticed that Richie was side by side with him for a decent amount of time. Since Nick was a little closer to the wall, he washed up just a little too much and made a mistake. That mistake led him into a vicious amount of flips which led him with a DNF. Luckily he was okay and didn’t need a trip to the hospital. After the red flag incident, Richie Hartman resumed with the lead. Richie Hartman pulled out front but that left Louden Reimert and Brent Shearer battling behind him. Brent held Louden off for a decent amount of time but Louden eventually stuck his nose in there and grabbed the position.

Jr Slingshots
fastest feature lap: Nicholas Flammer, lap 18, 11.508, 39.104 mph
1. Nicholas Flammer
2. Junior Ankiewicz

Xcel Mods
fastest feature lap: Jason Dunkelberger, lap 4, 9.772, 46.050 mph
1. Jason Dunkelberger
2. Barry Lee
Bryce Higgs (DNS)

Sr Slingshots
fastest feature lap: David Galloway, lap 12, 10.900, 41.285 mph
1. David Galloway
2. Scott Solt
3. Ian Zellers
4. Jack Lewis
5. Joey Vaccaro
6. Lee Schantzenbach

Wingless 270 Micros
fastest feature lap: Richie Hartman, lap 5, 9.573, 47.009 mph
1. Richie Hartman
2. Louden Reimert
3. Brent Shearer
4. Joshua Schaffer
5. Dustin Fox
6. Nick Skias
Mike Kalman (DNS)