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Similar Winners In Victory Lane At Shellhammers

Four divisions decided to give a hand at yet another Wingless Wednesday show, there’s only 2 shows left so if you haven’t made a trip there as a spectator or driver, be sure to do so… There’s a great payout with decent cars. If you’re unable to make the races, be sure to check out the Race Monitor application that the Speedway started using this week. There were 9 270 Wingless Micro Sprints, 8 Slingshots (6 Sr, 2 Jr), as well as 2 XCel 600 Modifieds.

The feature line up was the following :
Jr Slingshots
XCel 600 Modifieds
Sr Slingshots
270 Micro Sprints

In the Jr Slingshot division Nicholas Flammer is familiar in the Slingshot division, but Jr Ankiewicz was a rookie to the scenario. Jr is usually running karts or pit crewing for his sister, Autumn when she runs the Slingshot or Micro Sprint at Greenwood Valley Action Track. Nicholas Flammer pulled away from Jr but he definitely didn’t give up and seemed to be learning very quickly the more laps he put in the car. He will shortly be in victory lane so be sure to keep an eye on him.

Jr Slingshots
fastest feature lap: Nicholas Flammer, lap 12, 11.643, 38.651 mph
1. Nicholas Flammer
2. Jr Ankiewicz

In the XCel Modifieds, Jason Dunkelberger and Barry Lee are also known as a regulars to the 1/8th mile bull ring. They both usually run the Saturday night shows any time they can get. Since they both have a decent amount of experience to the track it created an exciting show even though there was only 2 cars.

Xcel Mods
fastest feature lap: Jason Dunkelberger, lap 4, 9.861, 45.635 mph
1. Jason Dunkelberger
2. Barry Lee

In the Sr Slingshots BJ Antonio made his return to the speedway with a few other regulars at the track. With him starting pole in the feature and Jack Lewis on his outside it definitely made an interesting start for sure. Since the bottom groove was quite slick, it resulting in BJ spinning his tires and Jack nearly getting a pull on him entering the corner. Luckily, BJ was able to hold him off but that resulted in Lee Schantzenbach (last weeks winner) passing him. Torwards the back of the pack there was a constant battle between Dakota Kohler and Scott Solt for 4th place. Torwards the end it did seem to get hairy as BJ quickly closed in on them. Luckily everyone kept their car straight and without contact.

Sr Slingshots
fastest feature lap: BJ Antonio, lap 20, 10.932, 41.163 mph
1. BJ Antonio
2. Lee Schantzenbach
3. Jack Lewis
4. Scott Solt
5. Dakota Kohler
6. Dan Lewis

When it comes to the final division of the night, what everyone comes to see, they are anxious to see who is in victory lane by the end of the night. From 1st place to last place everyone has a shot at the victory. Louden Reimert has been showing major improvement every week ever since he started suffering from motor issues that seemed to never have been resolved, he passed Steven Drevicki with just a few laps remaining. Nick Skias led the whole main event but it didn’t stop Richie Hartman from giving him a good challenge for the lead. Nick was leading by a straightaway and when a yellow was thrown out it gave Richie the opportunity to give it one last shot. He was unfortunately unable to make it happen. Mike Kalman was high up in the points standings but he’s been suffering similar issues to what Louden has been suffering. He just can’t seem to get it fixed and resulting in that makes him drop further back in the points standings than what he would have liked. If he gets the car back running to how it should be, he can definitely be a contender for the championship.

Wingless 270 Micros
fastest feature lap: Nick Skias, lap 4, 9.710, 46.345 mph
1. Nick Skias
2. Richie Hartman
3. Louden Reimert
4. Steven Drevicki
5. Joshua Schaffer
6. Steve Walters
7. Matt Hoffman
8. Larry George
Mike Kalman (DNS)