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Morris, Hendershot, and Sammons Named Champs

The final card in the 2015 Poker Series was dealt on Sunday night on the Bridgeport Speedway 1/4 mile inner circle. Jame Morris and Jacob Hendershot raced to the wins in the wingless 600cc Micro Sprints and 270cc Micro Sprints. Andrew Kreis continued his winning ways in the Slinghshots. Art Knapp won for the fifth time in ServPro Four Cylinder division while Chris Sammons won the Poker Series title for the division. Joel Smith returned to winning form claiming his third Stage-One Modified win.

James Morris came from the seventeenth starting position to claim his second win in the Poker Series. Tim Buckwalter took full advantage of his front row starting spot and led the opening laps of the 600cc Micro Sprint feature event. Morris who found the extreme inside of the track to his liking quickly moved through the field and was challenging Buckwalter for the lead by the tenth lap. Morris passed Buckwalter for the lead and then had to hold of the challenges of Kyle Lick, Kyle Spence and Lee Nardelli over the closing laps of the feature. Morris crossed under starter, Gary Buzby’s checkered flag with Lick, Spence, Nardelli and Buckwalter close behind.

Jacob Hendershot collected his fourth Ace in the 270cc Micro Sprint Poker Series. Kyle Spence took the lead at the start of the feature. Hendershot passed Spence for the lead but Spence challenged and retook the lead for a lap before Hendershot took control for good. Brandon Edgar making his first start at Bridgeport Speedway ran a strong second and remained in striking distance of the leader. Jay Hartman quietly worked his way to third while Spence finished fourth. Tyler Grau finished fifth.

Andrew Kreis extended his win streak to four in the Slingshot division. Kreis grabbed the lead at the drop of the green flag and was never seriously challenged. Dillon Steuer got close but could not mount a challenge for the lead. Steuer finished second followed by Dylan Hoch, Louden Reimert and Travis Bieber. The final hand of the Slingshot Poker Series will be determined during the Bill Thomas Memorial weekend in October.

Art Knapp scored his fifth win of the season in the ServPro Four Cylinder Enduro Division. Knapp led the entire distance with Outlaw Stock regular, Jeramy Doerr finishing second. Keith McKinley, Laura John and Scott Miller completed the top five. Chris Sammons fell back to sixth to record the best hand in the Four Cylinder Poker Series.

Joel Smith won his third Stage-One Modified feature. John Commandini jumped out to the early lead. Dylan Hoch, a regular competitor with the Slingshots, took a liking to the Stage-One Modified and challenged and over took Commandini for the lead on lap six. Smith running the outside groove past Hoch for the lead on lap eight. Hoch chased and challenged Smith until the checkered flag. Bill Dianella, Steve Darling and Jacob Hendershot completed the top five.


WINGLESS 600CC MICRO SPRINTS (20 laps): 1. James Morris, 2. Kyle Lick, 3. Kyle Spence, 4. Lee Nardelli, 5. Tim Buckwalter, 6. Jim Tippin, 7. Grady Johnston, 8. Jermain Godshall, 9. Joel Smith, 10. Bobby Butler, 11. Sam Locuson, 12. Rob Vivona, 13. Jeff Hartman, 14. Bill Thomas, 15. Doug Snyder, 16. Steve Kemery, 17. Ed Barber, III, 18. Sal Tossana, 19. Mark Landwher, 20. Ernie Miles, Jr., 21. Sam LaMothe, 22. Tyler DeVault, 23. Chris Locuson, 24. Austin Quick, DNS – Josh Medley, Nick Havens, Tom Fraschetta, Marty Shurr, Johnny Smith, Scott Rupp

270CC MICRO SPRINTS (25 laps): 1. Jacob Hendershot, 2. Brandon Edgar, 3. Jay Hartman, 4. Kyle Spence, 5. Tyler Grau, 6. Lee Reinhardt, 7. Chuck Palmucci, 8. Tyler Brehm, 9. Roland Saxton, 10. Sean Huesser, 11. Ryan Wozunk, 12. Brandon Pavel, 13. Tyler Reinhardt, 14. Billy Gray, 15. John Blanda, 16. Tom Landwher, 17. Nick Walton, 18. Robbie Watson, 19. Andrew Locuson, 20. Rich Keller, 21. John Wagner, Jr., 22. R.J. Magyari, DNS – Colin Bustard, John Wagner, Sr.

ACTION TRACK USA/OMS RACING SLINGSHOTS (20 laps): 1. Andrew Kreis, 2. Dillon Steuer, 3. Dylan Hoch, 4. Louden Reimert, 5. Travis Beiber, 6. Austin Stofflet, 7. Dylan Swinehart, 8. Jordan Knepp, 9. Dave McCullough, 10. Richard Partite, 11. Mike Toth, 12. Lou Partite, 13. Steve Svanda, 14. Steve Schlenker, 15. Natasha Henn.

SERVPRO FOUR CYLINDERS ENDURO (20 laps): 1. Art Knapp, 2. Jeramy Doerr, 3. Keith McKinley, 4. Laura John, 5. Scott Miller, 6. Chris Sammons, 7. Jeff Dirkes

STAGE ONE MODIFIEDS (20 laps): 1. Joel Smith, 2. Dylan Hoch, 3. Bill Dianella, 4. Steve Darling, 5. Jacob Hendershot 6. John Comandini