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Firestine First Time Winner

The point chase is tight in the RTS Chassis sponsored 270 Micro Sprints, but Friday it was three drivers that didn’t have to worry about points that were racing for the win. Lyle Stroman took the race lead when Dave Williams slowed on lap three of the main event. Stroman began to pull away from Brandon Firestine and Stone Keller as the race went on. A yellow flag on lap 16 changed the whole event. Firestine bolted by Stroman into the top spot on the restart amidst a three wide battle between Firestine, Stroman, and Keller. Brad Brown crept into the thick of the battle in the closing stages before Keller slowed on lap 24. Firestine had to hold off one of the point contenders in a one-lap shootout after Brown worked y Stroman. Brown would challenge on the restart, but September 11th was Brandon Firestine’s night as he picked up his first career Linda’s Speedway checkered flag. Firestine stated the following : “It was an amazing surface and great, clean neck to neck racing as we were three wide for the race lead.” Brown was second and will leave as the point leader after the night going into the final event. Mike Boyer nipped Devin Harron at the line for third. Harron will be the runner up in points going into the final night. Scott Gingrich rounds out the top five finishers. Denny Rinehimer, Stroman, Logan Diehl, Brandon Heist, and Collin Ginther were the top ten finishers in the 25 lap main event. Two cautions in the event were thrown for point leader Josh Stoyer and championship contender Nick Skias. Stoyer ened up in 18th while Skias was 20th. Harron,Gingrich, and Kyle Weiss were heat winners with Josh Schaffer taking the consolation win.
Sept 11 Race Results
RTS Chassis Sponsored 270 Sprints
Heat 1- Devin Harron, Bradley Brown, Lyle Strohman, Brandon Firestine, Nick Skias, Brandon Heist
Heat 2- Kyle Weiss, Stone Keller, Mike Skias, Dave Grube, Collin Ginther, Christi Sweigart
Heat 3- Scott Gingrich, Mike Boyer, Dave Williams, Denny Reinheimer, Logan Diehl, John Ruoss
Consi 1- Josh Schaffer, Brian Heist, Guy Snyder, Frank Mammana, Andrew Dietrich, Greg Miller, Josh Stoyer
1- 11f Brandon Firestine
2- 23b Bradley Brown
3- 41 Mike Boyer
4- 9d Devin Harron
5- 8 Scott Gingrich
6- 5 Denny Rinehimer
7- 3sx Lyle Strohman
8- 94d Logan Diehl
9- 99 Brandon Heist
10- 44g Collin Ginther
11- 7 John Ruoss
12- 12s Josh Schaffer
13- 11 Brian Heist
14- 34 Christi Sweigart
15- 88m Frank Mammana
16- 16x Guy Snyder
17- 21t Stone Keller
18- 16 Josh Stoyer
19- 77 Greg Miller
20- 88 Nick Skias
21- 21d Dave Williams
22- 5w Kyle Weiss
23- 3d Dave Grube
24- 88d Andrew Dietrich
DNS- Mike Skias
DNQ- Sean Zechman, Denise Pensyl