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Skias, Dunkelberger, Schantzenbach At Shelly’s

With a threat of rain in the weather forecast Shellhammers managed to push through the slight drizzle and complete the next night of Wingless Wednesdays. In some areas, it was actually pretty bad weather wise. So the speedway definitely got luck on their side. Car counts are starting to be back where they need to be but there’s still some room for improvement. Remember to support your local track because we don’t need another speedway being bought out to replace for a housing development. There was 12 270 Micro Sprints, 6 XCel Modifieds, and 6 Senior Slingshots.

Even though there was 6 Senior Slingshots, 1 of the Junior Slingshot drivers decided to give it a try. They seem to have a little more luck in that division anyway, none other than Joey Vaccaro. Which actually has improved quite a lot this year.

In the Senior Slingshot division they started straight up since there was less than 10 cars. If there was more than 10 cars there would be an invert of what we believe to be the top 5 only. Lee Schantzenbach started pole and drove away from the field. Jack Lewis (who has recently won at the Speedway as well) followed behind him. Scott Solt who is a part of the team with Schantzenbach rounded out the top 3. Joey Vaccaro finished 4th and Amber Britto rounded out the top 5.

Sr Slingshots
fastest feature lap: Lee Schantzenbach, lap 18, 11.110, 40.503 mph
1. Lee Schantzenbach
2. Jack Lewis
3. Scott Solt
4. Joey Vaccaro
5. Amber Britto
6. Dan Lewis

In the XCel Modified division Richie Hitzler is usually the man to beat but the Dunkelberger duo seemed to be tough to catch this week. They have usually been running the Speedway every Saturday night they can get if they are not running the Doug Borger tour.
Arden Snyder did not start the main event due to a unfortunate wreck in his heat race that sent him straight into the wall head on. He was okay though… Hopefully they can get it fixed up for next week. There is only 3 shows remaining for Wednesday Nights.

Xcel Mods
fastest feature lap: Jason Dunkelberger, lap 2, 9.893, 45.486 mph
1. Jason Dunkelberger
2. Dustin Dunkelberger
3. Richie Hitzler
4. Scott Washburn
5. Barry Lee
Arden Snyder (DNS)

The 270 division always runs last in the nightly schedule due to being the division to always look out for. There’s always a decent turn out and exciting action. The speedway always tries to get the cars to run the outside groove before the main event is started so that there can be 3 to 4 wide racing all the way around. That was proven to be true. In the beginning Steven Drevicki started pole and pulled away. But then after a early yellow it bounded up the field again and Nick Skias and Richie Hartman were right on his tail. When Nick Skias made a pass for the lead, Richie Hartman followed right through almost like it was a train. Behind them Joshua Schaffer, Tyler Ulrich, and Louden Reimert as well as Jenna Schostkewitz all seemed to battle for the top position. They were 3 to 4 wide coming out of each corner which definitely made it exciting. After another yellow the field was bunched up yet again… This gave Richie Hartman the break he needed to catch up to Skias. Skias seemed to pull away but then with about 5 laps to go Richie almost grabbed to lead. Luckily Nick was able to hold him off. Skias, Richie, and other drivers all seem to have the track down to a science when it comes to driving style and setup.

Wingless 270 Micros
fastest feature lap: Nick Skias, lap 18, 9.827, 45.794 mph
1. Nick Skias
2. Richie Hartman
3. Steven Drevicki
4. Joshua Schaffer
5. Tyler Ulrich
6. Louden Reimert
7. Jenna Schostkewitz
8. Morgan Rochelle
9. Adam Harnish
10. Mike Kalman
11. Tim Henry
12. Steve Walters