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Esh + Spence Are Wingless Winners, Bodenshatz Takes Slinger W

Three divisions produced a total of 144 entries on Sunday at Lanco’s Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway, pushing the weekend’s grand total to an overwhelming 305 entries for this year’s Labor Day Shootout!
Sunday’s wingless Micro-Sprint winners were Jared Esh (600cc) and Kyle Spence (270cc), while Joe Bodenschatz registered his very first National Slingshot Tour victory in the Slide at the Clyde III. Bodenschatz went home with more than $2,000 in purse and lap money, courtesy of OMS Used Parts Outlet, Kim Glass of Kim’s Kreations, and a host of associate and contingency sponsors.
The two-day Labor Day Shootout was also sponsored by Hyper Racing, West Fabrications, and Jared Davis Motorsports, along with Ankiewicz Enterprises, Inc., Logeman Signs, and Hoosier Racing Tires.

Esh started sixth in the wingless 600cc A-Main but it wasn’t long before he was mixing it up with Kyle Lick, Kyle Spence, and Jason Swavely as the foursome battled for second place behind early leader and pole sitter Alex Bright.
Lick threw a slide job on Spence to claim the runner-up position, then executed another slider on Bright in turns three and four to snatch the top spot on lap seven. Lick then motored away to a huge lead, leaving Bright, Esh, Saturday night’s winged winner James Morris, and Swavely to dice for second.
As the leader caught the back of the pack, the four drivers behind him were able to close the gap because Lick was mired in heavy traffic until a scary mishap stopped the race with 18 circuits complete. Morris got squeezed into the homestretch guardrail, which broke the front end on his No. 75x. As he slowed, the cars behind him, roaring down the straightaway with a full head of steam, had nowhere to go and began to pile up in turn one, with Morris going over and the No. 7h of Heath Hehnly using Morris’ bellypan as a launching pad to flip his mount as well. Brandon Azzalina, Pat Bealer, and Rich Mellor were also involved, with Bealer going to the hospital on his way home after suffering some major bruising and contusions on his right side. As this news release was typed on Monday afternoon, Bealer was waiting for X-ray results.
On the restart, Lick and Bright traded slide jobs with Esh lurking close behind in third. Lick held on to the lead, but another restart with eight tours remaining resulted in a slider from Esh that propelled him to the lead. Once in front, the Millersville, Pa. resident pulled away and he would go on to win by slightly more than one second over Lick.
Those final laps, however, provided the scenario for a terrific three-car tussle to decide who would earn runner-up honors, as Lick, Swavely, and Bright swapped lines and positions on a repeated basis. They were joined by Robbie Hocker, but it was Lick who emerged as the second place finisher ahead of Swavely, Bright, and Hocker.
The victory was the fifth of the 2015 campaign for Esh, but the other four have been in winged competition. His first career wingless triumph was worth $1,000 plus lap money.
A total of 65 wingless 600’s participated in the Sunday portion of the Labor Day Shootout.
Chris Gerhart was part of a nasty incident in round one of qualifying as four cars, including Gerhart’s No. 51, flipped simultaneously entering the first turn. Gerhart, complaining of neck pain, was carefully removed from his car and transported to Lancaster General Hospital for X-rays and further examination. Thankfully, he was released in the early hours of Monday morning with nothing more than a bunch of painful bumps and bruises.

The wingless 270cc A-Main also saw its winner come from the sixth starting spot, as Kyle Spence of Bear, DE, drove Gary Miller’s Gold Rush Trailer Sales, Mongoose Chassis No. 82 to victory lane. While it was the fourth 270cc triumph of the season for Spence, it was his first since picking up the ride in Miller’s No. 82.
Kenny Miller III raced into the early lead from his pole position starting spot, but it was Tyler Ulrich who captured everyone’s attention as the Hurst Exterior No. 42u blasted around the high groove, then sliced between Richie Hartman and Dan Lane Jr. to grab the runner-up position on the fourth revolution. Ulrich then swept past Miller to secure the top spot as lap nine was scored.
On a restart with nine complete, Spence slipped into second, then got a great launch off the bottom of turn four to snare the top spot on lap ten, just before the yellow flag waved again. As Spence throttled away from his pursuers on the restart, an entertaining battle for second developed between Ulrich, Miller, Hartman, and 18th starting Mike Rutherford.
Rutherford went high, low, and everywhere in between to claim the runner-up slot at the halfway point, but Spence was simply too good on this night and Rutherford’s Kaylor Petro No. 5k could not reel in the leader over the final 15 laps.
Spence crossed the stripe almost 2.5-seconds in front of Rutherford, who held on for second place money after some fantastic racing with Ulrich, who finished third, Hartman, and Lane.
There were 45 entries in the wingless 270cc Class on Sunday.

New Jersey’s Joe Bodenschatz started on the pole of the All Star Slingshot Slide at the Clyde III, the 30-lap National Tour race that also awarded points for the Mid-Atlantic Gold Region Tour and served as the final event in the OMS/ Kim’s Kreations Triple Crown series for the Briggs & Stratton powered racers.
Bodenschatz led all the way to score the lucrative win, worth $2230 when all the purse, lap money, and contingency prizes were tallied. He drove the S&S Speedways/ Hamlin Speedway No. 5s, owned by Randy and Denise Smith, to the big win, joining his car owner (Randy Smith) as a Slide at the Clyde winner. Smith won the first Slide at the Clyde in 2013.
With Bodenschatz cruising out front, BJ Antonio, Cody Kline, and Brett Bieber fought for the runner-up position after Kline and Bieber went three-wide with Kassidy Kreitz for third spot. Ninth-starting Louden Reimert moved through the field quickly, joining Kline and Bieber in their battle with Antonio.
With four laps complete, Bodenschatz led Antonio, Kline, Reimert, and Bieber. By lap 11, Bieber had worked his way by the cars in front of him, passing Antonio for second.
Bieber, who has more than 100 career Slingshot victories, closed in on Bodenschatz at the halfway mark, but then began to lose ground to the leader as the second half of the 30-lapper went by in rapid fashion.
Bodenschatz crossed under the checkered flag by a healthy margin over Bieber, whose runner-up finish was enough to earn him the Triple Crown Championship, worth $500. Antonio wound up third in the race, with Kline and New York’s Dillon Steuer making up the top five.
A great field of 34 All Star Slingshots took part in the Slide at the Clyde.

Lanco’s Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway swings back into action this Saturday, September 12, in the second-to-last racing program of the season. The battles for the five point championships and top 15 positions in the standings will intensify as the 600cc, 270cc, Sportsman, 125cc, and 250cc Four-Stroke Micro-Sprints compete in qualifying heats, consolations, and 25-lap features.
Gates open at 3:30 with warm-ups beginning at 5 p.m. The first heat race goes green at 6:00.
General admission for adults is just $8.00, with discounts for Senior Citizens and Students. Tickets for Youth between the ages of six and 12 are priced at $2.00 and children under the age of six are free.

Wingless 600cc Micro-Sprint Feature, 30 laps: 1.Jared Esh, 2.Kyle Lick, 3.Jason Swavely, 4.Alex Bright, 5.Robbie Hocker, 6.Kenny Miller III, 7.Jarid Kunkle, 8.Brent Ely, 9.Bobby Butler, 10.Shaun Brandel, 11.Austin Bishop, 12.Ryan Groff, 13.Justin Whittall, 14.Jermain Godshall, 15.Chris Kurtz, 16.Josh Conover, 17.Bradley Brown, 18.Eddie Strada, 19.James Morris, 20.John Smith, 21.Heath Hehnly, 22.Brandon Azzalina, 23.Pat Bealer, 24.Rich Mellor, 25.Danny Buccafusca, 26.Kyle Spence.
DNQ: Jacob Hendershot, Luke Thomas, Jon Keller, Tyler Tank, Matt Carr, Patrick Ely, Chris Panczner, Nathan Prazenica, Tatter Kysor, Bruce Ginther Jr., Kyle Melvin, Wayne Scott, Will Butler, Colin White, Kameron Morral, Frank Jarkiewicz, Scott Rupp, Justin Schraden, Jacob Severn, Wayne Scott Jr., Josh Martin, Steve Bull, Brent Shearer, Dan Jones, Cory Grenzy, Dave Dimaio, Jordyn Mohr, Rebecca LaMothe, Sal Tossona, Bret Cronrath, Zack Hollinger, Cale Mutter, Ben Earnst, Sam LaMothe, Don Hess, Johnny Brenner, Hank Steller, Chris Gerhart

Wingless 270cc Micro-Sprint Feature, 30 laps: 1.Kyle Spence, 2.Mike Rutherford, 3.Tyler Ulrich, 4.Richie Hartman, 5.Dan Lane Jr., 6.Nick Skias, 7.Kenny Miller III, 8.TJ Greve Jr., 9.Toby Blumenshine, 10.Steve Drevicki, 11.Nick Walton, 12.Nick Sweigart, 13.Brandon Heist, 14.Ross Perchak, 15.Ronald Helmick, 16.Jenna Schostkewitz, 17.Brent Bull, 18.Dave Grube, 19.Randy West, 20.William Manotti, 21.Jacob Hendershot, 22.Lee Reinhardt, 23.Kyle Lick, 24.Tyler Reinhardt, 25.Billy Logeman, 26.Bradley Brown.
DNQ: Glenn Macomber, Cameron Bellinger, Angelo Mercado, Josh Stoyer, Brian Sholley, Devin Adams, Alex Swift, Chris Heagy, Keith Holiday, Corey Schmuck Jr., Lauren Huffman, Derek Ecenrode, Decker Morrow, Dustin Fox, Adam Minzer, Elizabeth Helmick, Brock Whisler, Alan Durham, Jason Swavely.

All Star Slingshots Slide at the Clyde III, 30 laps: 1.Joe Bodenschatz, 2.Brett Bieber, 3.BJ Antonio, 4.Cody Kline, 5.Dillon Steuer, 6.Kassidy Kreitz, 7.Corey Cormier, 8.Dave Carraghan, 9.William Mohring, 10.Henry Anderson, 11.Don Schmidt, 12.Daniel Morgiewicz, 13.Austin Silfee, 14.Seth Spayd, 15.Tom Arntz, 16.Anthony Raisner, 17.Mike Toth, 18.Dakota Kohler, 19.Dylan Swinehart, 20.Dylan Hoch, 21.Louden Reimert, 22.Kyle Gruber, 23.Travis Bieber, 24.Chris Kurtz.
DNQ: Steve Svanda, Sam Scicchitano, Austin Stufflet, Mike Glass, Ava Bellinger, Jordan Lawrence, Kyle Herve, Dave Morrell, Mike Taylor, AJ Gerhart.

By Barry Angstadt – https://www.facebook.com/barry.angstadt?fref=ts&ref=br_tf