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Blake Wolfe Memorial At Deerfield Ends Great For All

Line X Emod’s had a special night of racing while honoring the life of Blake Wolfe. Ray Gregory led lap one with Todd Canter leading lap two through six before breaking and bringing out the second yellow of the race. Edward Harris inherited the lead but had to fight off Gregory and Josh Mueller for the win. Jeff Mundell ended with a solid fourth place finish. Current point leader Dennis Dellinger finished fifth after over coming a jumping penalty.

Feature – Harris, Gregory, Mueller, Mundell, Dellinger, Boano, Nastasi, Klein, Hrdlicka, Ingram, Baker, Humphreys, Canter, Smith

The Magrell’s Pizza Jr. Sprints early leader Charlie Biskup got some valuable experience as he led the first four and ran in the top three before breaking on lap 13. Point leader Roman Jones took the lead on lap five and cruised to another win. Chase Metheney finsihed second coming from his ninth starting position. Ayden Cipriano finished third coming from eighth starting spot. Jordan Simmons had a good fourth place finish. Trevor Goff got another top five finish, taking 5th. Heats went to Cipriano and Jones.

Feature – Jones, Metheney, Cipriano, Simmons, Goff, Cavanaugh, Hoffer, Brugman, Van Elzen, Biskup, Lutz Jr., Dye, Nichols

The Hoosier Tire Jr. Sportsman saw Tyler Purnell lead the first five laps before giving way to Vivian Jones who led the last seven laps. Cody Stillion finished third with Jacob Eakin finishing third with Jacob Eakin finishing fourth. Heat went to Jones.

Feature – Jones, Purnell, Stillion, Eakin

The Majestic Trailer Micro Sprints lad a rough time getting in lap two of the feature. Two cautions on lap two eliminated three cars. Four wide entering turn three caused the first mess. The next attempt to get around turn three ended up with Frederick flipping on his die. The caution flew again on lap 13 as leader Tim Eakin broke an engine. Brian Borawiec Jr. inherited the lead with two to go and a limping race car. Brett Brunkenhoefer passed Borawiec to lead lap 14. Contact was made coming off turn two and when the checkered flew the winner was Kyle Colwell followed by Borawiec, Jeff Haefke, Markus Miller, Brunkenhoefer, and Owen Cash. Heats went to Dunmire and Borawiec

Feature – Colwell, Borawiec Jr., Heafke, Miller, Brunkenhoefer, Cas, Eakin, Reusser, Fredericks, Dunmire, Sigley

Smith Body Shop Mod Lites say pole sitter Josh Christopher lead the first three laps before Jim Good Took the low line to lead lap four. Christopher ran third until lap fourteen before he spun and bought out the only yellow of the race. Nick Groves worked his way throught the field and tried a last lap pass but Good was too Good. Rounding out the top five were David Innes, Chase Meadows, and Todd Rhoads. Heats were won by Rhoads and Innes

Feature – Good, Groves, Innes, Meadows, Rhoads, Stanley, Christopher, Hixenbaugh, Gump, Smith

Dave’s Auto Body 600 Micro feature was won by current point leader Willie Spinnet. Mike Borawiec Jr. led the first two laps. Barry Racan led laps 3 and 4. Borawiec led laps 5 – 7 before giving way to Willie Spinnet who led the remainder of the race for another impressive win. Borawiec finsihed second with his best finished third while Racan whose car would not run, finished fourth. Jerry Spence finished fifth. Heat went to Spinnet.

Feature – Spinnet, Borawiec, Krchelich, Racan, Spence, Scholl, Heafke, Brunkenhoefer, Coggin

Joe Grzelak Jr. started on the pole and led flag to flag to win his first feature of 2015 in the Summit Racing Charger Division. Art Williams jumped into second on lap one as Steve Mix Sr. and Steve Mix Jr. fell into third and fourth. Rounding out the top five was Larry Rhoads. Angie Grzelak won the heat.

Feature – Grzelak, Williams, Mix, Mix Jr., Rhoads, Grzelak, Gillespie, Jones

Teddy Williams led all fifiteen laps in the Summit Racing Classic division. Larry Went ran second until current point leader Bob Boano passed him on lap 13 coming from his 10th starting position to finish second. Went finished 3rd ahead of Mark Suchan. Jason Myers finished fifth. Heats went to Jeff Davis and Boano.

Feature – Williams, Boano, Went, Suchan, Myers, Johnston, Myers, Ingeraoll, Davis, Van Fossen, Smith, Davis

In the Mel’s Towing Compacts outside pole sitter Patrick Madison powered his way to an early lead. Jason Shaw slipped past Madison to lead lap six, but a yellow on lap ten tightened the field up. Madison got past Shaw to lead lap eleven as the duo battled it out for the top spot, Darrell Lawson Jr. was working his way through the pack from his ninth starting position. Lawson with a big run down the back stretch entered turn three in the third but exited turn four in first. Lawson lead the last three laps for his first win on the tricky Deerfield oval. Shaw and Madison finished second and third. Johnny Bruce and Jeremy Ross rounded out the top five. Heats were won by Don Peebles and Shaw.

Feature – Lawson, Shaw, Madison, Bruce, Ross, Ring, Varner, Peebles, Peebles, Randall, Joyce, Brugman, Lawson, Workman, Joyce