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Shelly’s Spring Spectacular

Shellhammers Speedway located in Shoemakersville, PA was home to the 2nd race of the speedweek. It was more different than their other events that usually occur at night. This happened during the day which made it a true drivers track. If you didn’t know how to run it, you could easily be involved in a wreck or just following the pack in the back. If someone would run too high, you would get so much dust in your face you could rarely see what’s in front of you.

The day started off with time trials for the Sr and Jr Slingshots, with Mark Sensenig on lap 2 with a 10.789. The other drivers seemed to be around the 10.8 and 10.9 range.
In the Jr Slingshots Alex Yankowski (who has also been showing some talent in a shifter kart recently) had a good time on lap 1 of 11.011
There was 11 Jr Slingshots and 27 Sr Slingshots. There seemed that there could have been more cars if the race was scheduled on a different day but the event was rescheduled due to a rain-out. Still a healthy car count nonetheless.

In the Jr Slingshot A-Main Alex Yankowski led the field to the green, but seemed to make minor errors up torwards the middle of the race. This allowed some drivers to pass him including the one for the lead that was made by Gavin Santee. Gavin Santee made the fastest lap on lap 25 with a 10.749.

The finishing order for the Jr A Main :

1. Gavin Santee
2. Justin Mills
3. Kyle Smith
4. Bobby Flood
5. Alex Yankowski
6. Joey Vaccaro
7. Cole Stangle
8. Kyle Braun
Hunter Lapp (DQ), Joseph Costello (DNS), Nicholas Flammer (DNS)

In the Sr Slingshot A-Main Mark Sensenig led the field to the green and never looked back. There was several challengers though that didn’t give up including Brett Bieber, Louden Reimert, Cody Kline, and BJ Antonio. Since the A-Main was 50 laps it seemed that a lot of cars broke down and were unable to finish. Like stated we said it was a drivers track, if you weren’t easy on the throttle you could easily spin around and that’s what some did. That allowed others to advance. When we talked to Mark after the races he said that he was only about half throttle on the straightaway and throughout the corner. If you made one screw up, you were done and someone would be there freight training you. Mark had the fastest lap on lap 21 with a 10.917. This is surprising to see Mark with a slower lap time than a Jr Slingshot. It shows how competitive these cars really are.

The finishing order for the Sr A Main :

1. Mark Sensenig
2. Brett Bieber
3. Louden Reimert
4. Cody Kline
5. Dylan Hoch
6. BJ Antonio
7. Anthony Reisner
8. Henry Anderson
9. Travis Bieber
10. Sam Scicchitano
11. William Mohring
12. Ricky Yetter
13. Joe Nemeth
14. Dillon Steuer
15. Dylan Swinehart
16. Cole Hentschel
17. Kyle Gruber
18. Jack Lewis
19. Tom Arntz
20. Dawson Landis
21. Larry Raifsnider