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Brown Sweeps Night Of Racing

Logan Diehl again looked fast in the regularly scheduled RTS Chassis 270 Micro Sprint feature event again Friday before his engine let go on lap seven. Up to that point in the race Chase Gutshall was running a tough runner up position, but on the restart Gutshall’s car never came up to speed and third place Brad Brown pounced at the opportunity to grab the top spot. Once Brown was out front he would drive away to the win dodging lap traffic along the way. Brown won every event he competed in Friday by winning the makeup feature for the 270 Sprints plus his heat and the regular feature. Nick Skias gave chase to Brown in the closing laps, but settled for second. Scott Gingrich held off Mike Rutherford at the end for third while Jesse Maurer nipped Colling Gither at the line for fifth. Quinn Roberts, Gutshall, Consi winner Josh Stoyer, and Devin Harron rounded out the top ten finishers.Heat race winners for the 270 Micro Sprints were Chase Gutshall, Brad Brown, Nick Skias, and Devin Harron. Consi winners were Josh Stoyer and Kyle Weiss for the 36 car field.
Race Results July 17th
Heat 1- Chase Gutshall, Quinn Roberts, Josh Schaffer, Jacob Dunn, Ricky Sechrist, Christi Sweigart
Heat 2- Bradley Brown, Mike Rutherford, Mike Skias, Brent Shearer, Josh Stoyer, Bob Brubaker
Heat 3- Nick Skias, Logan Diehl, Scott Gingrich, Jesse Maurer, Kyle Weiss, Chad Myers
Heat 4- Devin Harron, Collin Ginther, Cory Myers, Mason Peters, Brandon Heist, Mike Boyer
Consi 1- Josh Stoyer, Bob Brubaker, Christi Sweigart, Ricky Sechrist, Stone Keller, Missi Seip
Consi 2- Kyle Weiss, Brandon Heist, Mike Boyer, Dave Williams, Lyle Strohman, Trevor Dunn
1- 23b Bradley Brown
2- 88 Nick Skias
3- 8 Scott Gingrich
4- 5k Mike Rutherford
5- 88g Jesse Maurer
6- 44g Collin Ginther
7- 43 Quinn Roberts
8- 1a Chase Gutshall
9- 3 Josh Stoyer
10- 9d Devin Harron
11- 10 Mason Peters
12- 5w Kyle Weiss
13- 20 Cory Myers
14- 74 Jacob Dunn
15- 12s Josh Schaffer
16- 21d Dave Williams
17- 12 Brent Shearer
18- 41 Mike Boyer
19- 12x Bob Brubaker
20- 99 Brandon Heist
21- 34 Christi Sweigart
22- 28s Ricky Sechrist
23-16 Mike Skias
24- 94d Logan Diehl