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Brad Farry Memorial At Snydersville

This past Friday the engines would roar at the 1/8 mile oval of Snydersville as racers prepared to duke it out. We would have the Brad Farry Memorial with a complete Regular Show. 65 entries of racers would show to enjoy some short track racing! We want to thank all who attended the race on Friday and we hope you make the return to Snydersville. Here are this weeks results:
The Brad Farry Memorial would see 10 drivers ready to go for the win. The race would see a lot of racing action in 20 laps. Daughter of Brad Farry, Geordan Farry would take the win for the 2nd Brad Farry Memorial with Kyle Kania finishing in a close 2nd. Scott Neary would bring the flathead out of retirement and bring home a podium finish of 3rd. Kevin Boyko would finish 4th with Shawn Peters finishing in 5th. Zak Gorski would finish in 6th, Adam Brown would finish in 7th, finishing 8th would be AJ Slideways Jadacki, Steven Frindt would finish in 9th, and Cale Ross would finish 10th after his brakes would fail during the race.
Brooklyn Peters would pick up her 2nd win in the Kid Karts with Paul Hartwig III finishing in 2nd.
Aidan Boucher would take home the win for the Jr. Sportsman Champs with Alex Kolonics finishing in 2nd and Andrew Pratt rounding out the field in 3rd.
8 Briggs Lights would show to put on an exciting race. Cale Ross would fix his brakes and come back to pick up the win, Chris Melchor would finish in 2nd with Zach Evans finishing in 3rd. Scott Neary would finish in 4th with AJ Slideways Jadacki rounding out the top 5. Shawn Peters would finish in 6th, Trent Dreher would finish in 7th and Steven Frindt would round out the field in 8th.
Blaze Croop would pick up another win in the Jr. Sportsmans with Dylan Labar finishing in 2nd, Mikey Smith would round out in 3rd and Matthew Rodenbach finishing in 4th.
The Briggs Heavy race would be an intense race of passing down to the checkered flag. Trent Dreher would pick up the win with Adam Brown finishing in 2nd, Gary Labar would finish in 3rd and Rick Shive finishing in 4th. All cars would pass the finish line within 1 sec.
12 Microstock 206s would put on an exciting race of non-stop battling and passing. Winning the 20 lap race would Flying Ted Harris with The Mayor Ron Farber finishing in 2nd, Roy Morris would pick up a top 3 over Matt Ackerman who would finish in 4th and Mike Andrews would make the comeback finish out in 5th. Jimmy Ackerman would finish in 6th and Larry Ealey would finish in 7th. Fred Delibero would round out in 8th and Ronald Counterman would finish 9th. Rounding out the top 10 would be Tom Arntz, Matt Gyurkovics would finish 11th and James Counterman would round out the field in 12th.
Dillon Emmons would pick up the win for the AllStar Slingshots with Jim Doremus finishing in 2nd, David Burns would finish 3rd with Robert Schlenker finishin 4th. DNS: David Morrell, DQ: Dave McCullough (Did Not Weigh), Taylor Eccles (Did Not Weigh).
8 Controlled Stock Champs would put on a tough race as many preparing for the Art Cronce Sr. Memorial on July 24. Buddy Lord would turn his luck around and pick up the win over Troy Snyder who would finish 2nd. Mike Pollack would round out in 3rd with Anthony Damiani finishing 4th for his first dirt race. Gary Surch would round out the top 5 and Paul Valent would finish in 6th. Lew Everett would make his return to Snydersville and pull off a 7th and Charlie Shaver would round out the field in 8th.
Jonny Peters would take the win for the Sr. Clones with Zak Gorski finishing in 2nd, Emily Oswald would round out in 3rd and Eddie Geiger would finish in 4th.
Kevin Bird would pick up the win for the Beginner Quarter Midgets.
Paul Hartwig III would pick up the win for the Novice Quarter Midgets with Savanna Maynard finishing 2nd.
It was a great night of racing and we hope to see you all this Friday for some more exciting racing at Snydersville.