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Wingless Wednesday Returns

Yesterday at the high banked 1/8th mile contained a great deal of excitement for the fans and the drivers combined. It was the return of “Wingless Wednesday” with consumed of 270 wingless Micro Sprints and Jr/Sr Slingshots. Due to the large amount of cars in the 270 division, they actually had to run a consi. They took about 5 cars from each heat to the a main, the rest had to run the consi. Due to having a consi, every driver seemed to be anxious from the beginning of the night to the end of the night. The result of that had a decent amount of cars flipping in the practice sessions as well as heat sessions. There was also a decent amount of Jr/Sr Slingshot drivers. Which most of them are getting dialed in for the Shellhammers Spring Spectacular which is this Sunday. It’s 50 laps and it’s $1,000 to win. It’s a part of the triple track challenge which also consists of Linda’s Speedway Friday and Lanco Saturday.

Due to SCW owner Brian (BJ) Antonio running, we didn’t get as much coverage as we would of liked, but we will do our best. In the heat (we only were able to watch the Sr Slingshot heat) Lee Schantzenbach and Bridgett Contie led the field to the green. On the start, everyone seemed to go but in turn 1 Lindsey Garl made contact with Bridgett. Bridgett spun when collected but everyone managed to continue going. Therefore, no yellow was thrown. Then, Dylan Hoch and Brian Antonio made the attack on Lee. Lee managed to fall back to third but held his own there for the remainder of the heat race. Dylan Hoch won the heat. The heat finish resulted in starting the feature straight up from there. Dylan Hoch started first with Brian starting second on the outside. Within the first lap, Dylan Hoch seemed to have a issue and stopped on the front stretch and a yellow was thrown. After the yellow was thrown the race went completely green. BJ Antonio pulled a half a track lead on Lindsey Garl. The Fastest Feature Lap: BJ Antonio, Lap 8, 10.884, 41.347 mph

Sr Slingshots
1. BJ Antonio
2. Lindsey Garl
3. Dakota Kohler
4. Lee Schantzenbach
5. Dylan Hoch
DID NOT START: Bridget Conti

In the Jr Slingshots there really wasn’t too much to talk about as only two cars finished out of three and the winner won by half a track, similar to Antonio. Stangle took the lead and never looked back. We’re not sure why there wasn’t many Jr Slingshots. They possibly might not have been aware that Shelly’s was racing yesterday. Stangle seems to be having a pattern like Richie Hartman where they can win none stop at the 1/8th mile high banked bull ring. The Fastest Feature Lap: Cole Stangle, Lap 18, 11.192, 40.207 mph

Jr Slingshots
1. Cole Stangle
2. Robert Schlenker
3. Nicholas Flammer

Richie Hartman took the feature event win in the wingless 270 micro sprints, which isn’t unusual. He definitely had quite a challenge between a bunch of drivers including Jacob Hendershot and Josh Stoyer. We were quite surprised at how well Jacob did at his first appearance ever at the speedway. Usually when you’re new to a track you have to deal with the people that have a large amount of experience there. Well it wasn’t the case for Jacob. There was also many other hard hitters such as Louden Reimert who has only ran his 270 about 5 times this year. Richie Hartman seems to love the little bull ring but people definitely make it tough. For the 270’s, there was a $2,000 payout which also included tow money. The Fastest Feature Lap: Brent Bull, Lap 1, 10.115, 44.487 mph

Wingless 270 Micros
1. Richie Hartman
2. Jacob Hendershot
3. Josh Stoyer
4. Brent Bull
5. Kenny Miller
6. Toby Blumenshine
7. Jenna Schostkewitz
8. Nick Skias
9. Brandon Heist
10. Joshua Schaffer
11. Steve Walters
12. Mike Kalman
13. Ethan Cunningham
14. Geordan Marrero
15. Devin Adams
16. Steven Drevicki
17. Larry George
18. Stevie Senn
19. Brett Altomose
20. Louden Reimert
DID NOT QUALIFY: Tyler Galatro, Mark Kemp, Trevor Dunn, Greg Walter, Matt Hoffman