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Snydersville MicroStock World Formula Tour Results

On Friday the engines would start to rumble and dirt would fly as Snydersville would ready for another action packed night of racing. The Microstock Racing League and World Formula Modified Tour would combine together to make the 1st Annual Pocono Shootout. They would join with our weekly warriors to put on some action packed racing at The Ville. 62 Cars would make for some exciting racing for everyone to see with grandstands and pits all watching! We want to thank everyone for coming on out on Friday and racing with us under the Friday Night Lights in the Poconos. Here are this weeks results from the exciting racing action!

Kid Karts
1st: Jack VanVarick
2nd: Jacob Ferri
3rd: Brooklynn Peters

Briggs Stock Light
1st: Chris Melchor
2nd: Steven Frindt
3rd: Shawn Peters
4th: Branden Walker

Jr. Sportsman
1st: Blaze Croop
2nd: Dylan Labar
3rd: Mikey Smith
4th: Cadence Freeman

Jr. Sportsman Champ 1
1st: Autumn Ankiewicz
2nd: Colton Boucher
3rd: Aidan Boucher
4th: Cadence Freeman
5th: Jack VanVarick
6th: Junior Ankiewicz
7th: Tanner Jones
8th: Alex Kolonics

Briggs Stock Heavy
1st: John Wolfe
2nd: Rick Shive
DQ: Eric Ceaser (Underweight)

Rookie Jr. Sportsman
1st: Brandon Walsh
2nd: Matthew Rodenbach

AllStar Slingshots
1st: Jim Doremus

Controlled Stock Champ
1st: Troy Snyder
2nd: Gary Surch
3rd: Charlie Shaver
4th: Bob Wilson
5th: Buddy Lord
6th: Duke Lasowski
7th: David Lestician
8th: Guy Lestician
9th: Hunter Smith

Microstock Animal 206
1st: Ted Harris
2nd: Tom Arntz
3rd: Matt Ackerman
4th: Ron Farber
5th: Fred Delibero
6th: Larry Ealey
7th: Jim Counterman
8th: Matt Gyurkovics
9th: James Counterman
10th: Ron Counterman
11th: Roy Morris
12th: Tyler Wagner
DQ: Bob Counterman (Underweight)

Sr. Clone
1st: Jonny Peters
2nd: Emily Oswald
3rd: Eddie Geiger
4th: Bob Wilson
DQ: Pat VanVarick & Scott Neary (Did Not Weigh)

Microstock World Formula (Pocono Shootout- MRL/WFMT)
1st: Anthony Wood
2nd: Noel Scheffen
3rd: Bob Wagner
4th: Jeff Weinacker
5th: Paul Pairo
6th: Gary Scheffen
7th: David Parker
8th: Carl Weinacker
DNS: Tom Ervin

What an awesome night at the track! To view laptimes/results from our scoring go to http://www.mylaps.com/en/events/1145441.