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A Wild Wingless Wednesday Finish

Even though last night was the final Wingless Wednesday (for now) until Kutztowns Action Track USA closes for the folk festival and season, it was definitely one of the best ones yet. There was decent car counts all around except for the Sr Slingshots which only had 3. We’re not sure if this is part of a sick trend or they were just scared away by the threat of rain. In other divisions there were 7 Jr Slingshots and 16 270 wingless micro sprints. There always seems to be good car counts for the Jrs due to the fact that they need practice and the 270s don’t go wingless much so it’s nearly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The show was ran smoothly as usual even with 2 practice sessions, a load of heats, and a lot of action packed features. The first feature event that was ran was the Sr Slingshots. The Sr Slingshots were lead to the green by Andrew Kreis who seems to have the track down. This is his first year in the Sr division but he did run the Jr division last year. There isn’t much of a difference in divisions except a 1 barrel or 2 barrel carburetor and age. The change doesn’t seem to be bothering him much as it lead him to another victory of the early season. Besides running Shellhammers he has been showing dominance at Linda’s Speedway and Bridgeport Speedway as well with top 5 runs.

In the Jr Slingshots Kyle Smith and Autumn Ankiewizc lead the field for the whole main event. They are the two most dominant drivers in the division at this moment as they both lead the field to green. There seemed to be heavy lap traffic between the two but Kyle Smith seemed to get through better.

One of the main people in the 270 scene at this moment is Richie Hartman, Richie has seen victory lane as well quite a few times and he’s the winner of probably the wildest feature on these Wednesdays yet. He pulled away and left a traffic jam behind him. There was actually a lot of yellows but there was reasons for that as there was hard racing everywhere. Louden Reimert who has been trying to get the most seat time since it’s his first year in a 270 has showed major improvement since the beginning of the year. He was running about 7th when him and Trevor Dunn made contact. When him and Trevor made contact Reimerts throttle stuck and he climbed the wall. This resulted in a red flag. The flip wasn’t major but screwed up the front end pretty badly. Everything else seemed to be fine.

Full Results
1. Richie Hartman
2. Nick Skias
3. Brandon Heist
4. Josh Stoyer
5. Kyle Lick
6. Steven Drevicki
7. James Morris
8. Joshua Schaffer
9. Tim Henry
10. Trevor Dunn
11. Scott Gantert
12. Tyler Ulrich
13. Toby Blumenshine
14. Louden Reimert
15. Mike Kalman
16. Cale Mutter

1. Kyle Smith
2. Autumn Ankiewizc
3. Tanner VanDoren
4. Robert Schlenker
5. Joey Vaccaro
6. Cole Stangle
7. Nicholas Flammer

1. Andrew Kreis
2. David Galloway
3. Lee Schantzenbach