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Morris, Hartman, Swinehart, King, and Smith Aces At Poker

Over ninety cars filled the pit area for the first round of the Poker Series at Bridgeport Speedway’s quarter mile. James Morris survived a first lap crash to come from the back of the pack to win his first wingless 600cc Micro Sprint feature. Jay Hartman and Joe King, Jr. remain undefeated in the 270cc Micro Sprint and Four Cylinder Enduro divisions while Dylan Swinehart earned the Ace for the Slingshots. Joel Smith took the checkered flag for the Stage-1 Modifieds.

Morris was scheduled to start sixteenth in the 28-car starting field but a melee on the opening lap caught over half the field in turn two. Driving with a broken left shock, Morris masterfully worked through the field to overtake Jermain Godshall for the lead on lap seven and then pulled away from the field. Grady Johnston, Godshall, Rob Vivona and Sam Locuson completed the top five in the wingless 600cc Micro Sprint feature event.

Hartman continued his dominance in the 270cc Micro Sprint feature as he grabbed the lead from Sam LaMothe on lap three. Hartman lead Jacob Hendershot, Kyle Spence, LaMothe and Brent Bull to the checkered flag for his third consecutive win in a row for the 270’s.

Swinehart passed polesitter, Mike Toth for the lead on the opening lap and survived challenges from B.J. Antonio who broke down due to the axle and chain and then by Kurt Bettler to record his first win in a Slingshot in his first visit to Bridgeport Speedway. Bettler who had trouble in his qualifying event came from 20th to second in the feature event. Jordan Knapp, Toth and Austin Stufflet completed the top five.

Joe King, Jr. remains undefeated in the Four Cylinder Enduro division for 2015. While, Joel Smith showed his ability by winning the 20-lap main event for the Stage-1 Modifieds.



1. James Morris, 2. Grady Johnston, 3. Jermain Godshall, 4. Rob Vivona, 5. Sam Locuson, 6. Chad Sandt, 7. Bill Thomas, 8. Tony DiMattia, 9. Steve Kemery, 10. Ernie Miles, III, 11. Jon Keller, 12. Nick Walton, 13. Sam LaMothe, 14. Steve Bull, 15. Molly Chambers, 16. Luke Thomas, 17. Rich Mellor, 18. Zach Bealer, 19. Ed Barber III, 20. Lee Nardelli, 21. Gary Bozowski, 22. Ernie Miles, Jr., 23. Jeff Hartman, 24. Jay Hartman, 25. Tim Buckwalter, 26. Joel Smith, 27. Chris Locuson, 28. Jim Tippin, DNQ – Bobby Butler, Mike Fillbrunn, Shawn Rooney, Mark Landwher, Nick Havens, Eric Ankiewcz, Dave Damaio, Josh Meadly, Buddy Hines, Tyler DeVault, Ryan Neil


1. Jay Hartman, 2. Jacob Hendershot, 3. Kyle Spence, 4. Sam LaMothe, 5. Brent Bull, 6. Andrew Locuson, 7. T.J. Greve, 8. Steve Coslop, 9. John Blanda, 10. Tyler Reinhardt, 11. Ryan Wozunk, 12. Bill Gray, 13. Roland Saxton, 14. Colin Bustard, 15. Robert Miles, 16. Rich Keller, 17. Jonathan John, 18. Sean Huesser, 19. Jenna Shostkewitz, 20. Lee Reinhardt, 21. Mike King, 22. Pat Bealer


1. Dylan Swinehart, 2. Kurt Bettler, 3. Jordan Knapp, 4. Mike Toth, 5. Austin Stufflet, 6. Dave McCullough, 7. Anthony Raisner, 8. Jason Schenker, 9. Dave Morrell, 10. Steve Svanda, 11. Andrew Kreis, 12. William Mohring, 13. Tess Horvath, 14. Steve Schenker, 15. Tom Hennessy, 16. Steve Schenker, 17. David Galloway, 18. B.J. Antonio, 19. Louie Partite, 20. Richard Patite, DNS – Eric Jones


1. Joel Smith, 2. John Comandini, 3. Steve Svanda, 4. Jimmy Jonston, 5. Mike Marold, 6. Brett Smith


1. Joe King, Jr., 2. John Webster, 3. Joe King, Sr., 4. Art Knapp, 5. Chris Sammons, 6. Keith McKinley, 7. Laura John