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Bright And Sunny Day At Shellhammers

The Slingshots and other racing divisions such as the XCel 600 Mods and Go-Karts/Champ Karts have made yet another return to the 1/8th mile speedway on a Saturday night. Even though they run on Saturday nights I’m sure you have heard us talk about the Wednesday nights as well. On Wednesday nights they do not run anything but the 270 Wingless Micro Sprints and the Sr Slingshots. They also do run the Jr Slingshots if any show up. The difference between the Jr and Sr Slingshots is age and 1 barrel or 2 barrel carburetor. We’re just making sure to remind you as in two days will be their last Wednesday show until Kutztown’s Action Track USA closes for the folk festival and for the season since they shut down early due to the college campus being right behind the speedway. Saturday shows here at the hammer are obviously still on until the rest of the season as other tracks will not be interfering.

Michael Lapicki in the Sr Slingshots always ran the Borgers asphalt oval so we thought it would take some time to get used to the dirt racing surface. He adapted quickly and had no issue picking up his first win of the season on the first Saturday night show a few weeks back. Most of the drivers knew how to drive the racing surface but as we stated before Shellhammers got new clay where they don’t have to add calcium for the go-karts. If calcium is added it will tear up tires quicker. It will be interesting to see what tire choice people use for the 50 lapper Spring Spectacular. Now, even though he picked up his first win of the season a few weeks back he did it yet again. So two in a row for him. The fastest feature lap for the drivers in the Slingshot division was completed by Lapicki on lap 9 with a 10.769. Even though Lapicki won, Andrew Kreis has been dominant ever since he has moved up from the Jr Slingshots. Lapicki would be strong in 1 and 2 but Kreis would be stronger in 3 and 4 leaving them both on a level playing field if tires weren’t involved. Andrew’s tires seemed to not cool down enough leaving Lapicki to pull away. If you’re going to run Shellhammers you need to take note that the surface is never the same and you always have to experiment with setups. If you go one week and not the other it can really mess with your mojo.

Barry Lee in the XCel 600 Mods never has seen victory lane in quite some time. He was able to change that Saturday. Since the Mods are such a competitive class we understand why it has been tough for him to finally get the car parked where he wants it. Especially with Linda’s Speedway Champion Richie Hitzler starting in the field. Since these cars are very big for the track and not a lot of racing room it is hard to pass. So where you start may be where you finish unless someone makes a specific mistake that would play into your benefits. Even though Richie is fast he was battling the whole race with others drivers like Scott Washburn and Jason Dunkelburger which let Lee pull away from the rest of the field by about half a straight away. The fastest feature lap for the drivers in the XCel Mods division was completed by Barry Lee on lap 8 (Similar to Lapicki) with a 10.121. The lap times would be even quicker if the drivers could go full throttle but they have to feature it through the corner to get the car set.

Since we weren’t able to catch all of the other awesome racing action here is the top 5 results with the best speeds/laps for every division.

Edison Crane, Emily Rushing, K-Lynn Mohring, Shannon Buffill
Fastest Feature Lap: Edison Crane, lap 10, 11.188, 40.223 mph

Orion Crane, Dakota Barton, Glenn Price, Trevor Jones
Fastest Feature Lap: Orion Crane, lap 15, 10.295, 43.710 mph

Michael Lapicki, Andrew Kreis, Jeff Kemp, Kevin Dries, Dawson Landis
Fastest Feature Lap: Michael Lapicki, lap 9, 10.769, 41.785 mph

Dave Cordier III, Wesley Potts, Johnny Kahn III, Dustin Degler, Albert Pignoli
Fastest Feature Lap: Dave Cordier III, lap 10, 10.478, 42.949 mph

Andrew Maurer, John Maurer, Cole Brown, George Manion, Austin Readinger
Fastest Feature Lap: Andrew Maurer, lap 6, 10.988, 40.953 mph

William Readinger Jr, Casey Boone, Andrew Moyer, Brandon Lin, Bob Street
Fastest Feature Lap: William Readinger Jr, lap 9, 10.937, 41.143 mph

Dave Cordier III, Wesley Potts, Dustin Degler, Lance Garrison, Mike Weaver
Fastest Feature Lap: Dave Cordier III, lap 7, 10.479, 42.942 mph

Casey Boone , Jesse Maurer
Fastest Feature Lap: Casey Boone, lap 15, 10.725, 41.958 mph

Barry Lee, Scott Washburn, Richie Hitzler, Jason Dunkelberger, Dustin Dunkelberger
Fastest Feature Lap: Barry Lee, lap 8, 10.121, 44.462 mph

Andrew Maurer, John Maurer, Cole Brown, George Manion, Austin Readinger
Fastest Feature Lap: Andrew Maurer, lap 8, 11.002, 40.901 mph

Edison Crane, K-Lynn Mohring
Fastest Feature Lap: Edison Crane, lap 12, 11.212, 40.135 mph

Casey Boone, Ty Fenstermacher, Andrew Moyer, Brad Hinkelman
Fastest Feature Lap: Casey Boone, lap 10, 11.000, 40.910 mph

Lance Garrison, Mike Weaver, Dustin Degler, Ashly Pignoli
Fastest Feature Lap: Lance Garrison, lap 14, 10.642, 42.285 mph