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Stoyer Opens ’15 with Win

When Randy West and Nick Skias share the front row for a 270 Micro Sprint race at Linda’s Speedway there is a good chance there winner will be coming from row one. A wide racing surface Friday night provided a different story. Skias bolted to the front of the field and the defending champion led the first 15 laps of the RTS Chassis sponsored main event. Jacob Hendershot caught Skias in traffic and made the pass for the lead. Hendershot, who led much of the 2014 season opener but broke late in the race, had revenge on his mind. Unfortunately for Hendershot the fate would be the same. The 28 slowed on the back stretch on lap 21. Josh Stoyer had just overtaken Skias for the runner up spot and inherited the lead. Stoyer closed out the rest of the race for his 12th career Linda’s Speedway win. The win also moves Stoyer to 12th on the all time 270 Micro Sprint win list. Skias crossed the line second with 14th place starter Brad Brown closing out the podium finishers. Former National Open champions Logan Diehl and Ross Perchak raced to top five finishes. Rounding out the top ten were Brian Marriott, Pat Bealer, Jesse Maurer, Rob Pajauis, and Devin Harron. 36 of the 270 Micro Sprints were in the pit area with heat race wins going to West, Skias, Hendershot, and Christi Sweigart. Consolations were won by Lyle Stroman and Scott Gingrich.

Race Results
RTS Chassis Sponsored 270 Sprints
Heat 1- Randy West, Logan Diehl, Mike Rutherford, Jesse Maurer
Heat 2- Nick Skias, Josh Stoyer, Devin Harron, Bradley Brown
Heat 3- Christi Sweigart, Pat Bealer, Rob Pajauis, Pete Skias
Heat 4- Jacob Hendershot, Brian Marriott, Ross Perchak, Kyle Weiss
Consi 1- Lyle Strohman, Greg Miller, Chase Gutshall, Dan Degler
Consi 2- Scott Gingrich, Mike Byer, Mason Peters, Luke Kroboth
1- 3 Josh Stoyer
2- 88 Nick Skias
3- 23b Bradley Brown
4- 94d Logan Diehl
5- 4 Ross Perchak
6- 18 Brian Marriot
7- 23 Pat Bealer
8- 8g Jesse Maurer
9- 15 Rob Pajauis
10- 9d Devin Harron
11- 99 Mike Rutherford
12- 8 Scott Gingrich
13- 41 Mike Boyer
14- 10 Mason Peters
15- 8L Luke Kroboth
16- 5w Kyle Weiss
17- 3sx Lyle Strohman
18- 77 Greg Miller
19- 1a Chase Gutshall
20- D3 Dan Degler
21- 28 Jacob Hendershot
22- 23r Randy West
23-8s Pete Skias
24- 34 Christi Sweigart
DNQ- Ricky Sechrist, Collin Finther, Dave Williams, Denise Pensyl, Josh Schaffer, Dustin Fox, Brent Shearer, John Davis, Tiffany Heist, Mike Skias, Steve Bull, Barry Shearer