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First Wednesday Show In The Books At Shelly’s

Recently we posted the opening night results from Shellhammers Speedway located in Shoemakersville, PA on Saturday (which was only a few days ago…) and then they got the track ready immediately for Wednesday. In the forecast it was supposed to be bad weather throughout the week. But here on the East Coast all tracks seemed to get through it in a timely fashion. Due to the new clay here at the “hammer” the track officials didn’t have to add calcium into the mix so it won’t eat up tires like the track usually does. The racing started at around 7 PM EST and gave plenty of time for the drivers that didn’t make it on practice day or Saturday to assess the track.

The Junior Slingshot drivers never ran a Wednesday show before at Shellhammers so it was actually a wild race. They were all thinking what to do at the right place at the right time without any errors. In their feature, Tan Vandoren seemed to have the WHOLE feature wrapped up. Unfortunately it seemed that his chain popped off with about 12 or so laps to go. That gave the other drivers like Joey Vaccaro a shot at the win. Unfortunately Joey Vaccaro had a pretty bad night for his first ever feature race. He was caught up in a wreck that he couldn’t really avoid. A car climbed the wall and started to flip and he hit the other driver head on. It was pretty nasty and the track officials had to actually throw a red flag due to the incident. When the red occured, Joey decided to pull off the track and he decided to come back on the track before the green. There was a lot of damage but he decided that he wanted to continue. About 5 laps later Joey climbed the wall like the other driver and flipped it wildly. If there wasn’t enough damage already it was even worse after the fact.

The Senior Slingshot drivers have always ran Wednesday shows when they were ran. All drivers seemed to keep it clean but it was pretty sad due to some drivers not being able to make it. Car counts are usually quite high and hopefully it’ll be that way when the next race comes around. The only drivers that were able to appear was Dylan Swinehart, Dave Galloway, and Dawson Landis. In the heat race Dylan dominated it due to Dawson and Dave both being unable to finish (DNF)
In the feature was for the Senior Slingshots it resulted pretty similar to the heat race. Within the first few laps Dawson collected Dave and he had no where to go resulting in a chain pooping off similar to what happened to Tan.

The final event of the night was the 270 Micro Sprints which really showed a lot of good racing throughout the night. They even made a cushion and could run right up against the wall without any error. Louden Reimert really was the show along with Richie Hartman. Louden Reimert usually runs his Senior Slingshot but on Wednesday nights he parks the Slingshot and goes Micro Sprint racing. This is his first ever year in a 270 and when we recently talked to him he stated that it was only a side thing and he will not be moving out of Slingshots any time soon since he has been racing them for 6 years so far. Louden started 9th and moved all the way up to 4th by the finish. Some of the drivers state that is quite hard to pay attention to the shifting and racing at the same time. Though, if it is tacky enough you can usually keep it in one gear. Either way it’s extremely tiring and you can really feel for the drivers at the end of the night.
Richie Hartman who is actually one of the people who runs RTS Chassis continues to lead off from the last time he ran at Shellhammers picking up the first win of the season there.

Results Below :

JUNIOR SLINGSHOT (Top 5 ONLY, not full results)
Autumn Ankiewizc, Joey Vaccaro, Tan Vandoren, Damion Susheck, Nicholas Flammer
Fastest Feature Lap: Autumn Ankiewizc, lap 17, 11.602, 38.785 mph

SENIOR SLINGSHOT (Only 3 Senior Slingshots, some drivers were unable to make it resulting in a lack of car count)
Dylan Swinehart, Dawson Landis, David Galloway
Fastest Feature Lap: Dylan Swinehart, lap 23, 11.025, 40.818 mph

MICRO SPRINT 270 (Total of 16 270 Micro Sprints)
Richie Hartman, Tommy Kunsman, Jr., Kyle Lick, Louden Reimert, Mike Kalman, Pete Skias, Scott Gantert, Trevor Dunn, Joshua Schaffer, Nick Skias, Troy Hoffman, Cale Mutter, Matt Hoffman, Steven Drevicki, Jack Hanna, Josh Stoyer
Fastest Feature Lap: Tommy Kunsman, Jr. , lap 3, 9.709, 46.348 mph