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Opening Day At Shelly’s, Perfection

Yesterday marked the first race of the season at Shellhammers Speedway for their regular Saturday night shows. Even though they have Saturday night shows they also have Wednesday night shows which only include the Slingshots and Micro’s excluding the Go-Karts. Before we get into detail about Saturday there has been a lot of talk about Junior Slingshots getting the availability to run Wednesday shows as well since Action Track doesn’t have the capability to run. As long as there is enough juniors a show will be ran for them thanks to the Cordier family.

Now, Saturday was double heat and feature points for all divisions. Registration started at 2:30 to 5 which gave plenty of new race teams enough to get to the speedway on time. It also gave the track workers plenty of time to run in the track with the new clay that was used on practice day last week.

The car counts were surprisingly large for most divisions. Only a few had a low car count which was to be expected due to some drivers moving up. This definitely was a good thing because it
gave drivers more seat time. Just in case anyone missed practice day last week there was 2 practice sessions along with a decent amount of laps for the heats and features.

The divisions were as followed :

Junior Slingshot
Senior Slingshot
Junior Champ Heavy
Stock 360
Rookie Champ Heavy
Flathead Champ Heavy
No fee class
Clone 360
Animal Super Heavy
Winged Modified (Outlaw Kart)
Rookie Purple Heavy
Animal Champ
XCel Modified
Rookie Champ Light
Flathead Champ Light
Junior Champ Light
Kid Kart Restricted
Rookie Purple Light

Most of the racing all night was clean all night and had very few yellows.
Also, there has been some footage uploaded to our new YouTube channel. It’s actually an in-car camera. Check it out here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJSADMn8k2c