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Shellhammers Practice Day Is A Success

Shellhammers practice day occurred yesterday 4/4/15 and it was certainly a success. The car counts were extremely high and even ranged from the back of the pits to the entry gate. Many cars wanted to get dialed in before their season opener at certain tracks like Linda’s, Lanco, and even Shellhammers for their Wingless Wednesday 270 Micro Sprint and Slingshot races as well as their regular Saturday night shows.

The practice session kicked off at noon and ranged past 5PM EST due to them having to adjust the track after every session was over. There was a wide range of classes such as Go-Karts, 600 Mods, Outlaw Karts, Slingshots, and 270 Micro Sprints. If you thought yesterday was awesome just wait till you actually see the racing. For such a small track (1/8th to be exact) they certainly get around there.

Whether if it’s a pee-wee or a 600 mod. Some new people that were practicing yesterday seemed to get the feel for their car such as when Louden Reimert decided he was going to move up from Slingshots to 270’s. He seemed to get the hang of it pretty quickly so just be sure to watch him and how he performs on this upcoming Wednesday. The photographers yesterday were Dean Patton and Travis Snyder (co-founder of SCW) and if you need any pictures of yourself or friends/family then don’t hesitate to contact them through email or social media.

The only other practice day that we were notified of was Lanco and that’s usually a Micro-Sprint track but even the Midgets got a taste of what it will be like for their upcoming race which will be quite insane.