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New For 2015 Ultimate Kart Series Unveiled

The dirt oval karting world was abuzz this week with the creation of a new Facebook page called “Ultimate Kart Series“. While the page was created, no official information was released. We’ve got the exclusive details on the new for 2015 Ultimate Kart Series, and we’re here to make it official. John Philpott, whom most of you know as the owner/operator of Providence Raceway, has taken on the task of launching the Ultimate Kart Series in 2015. Philpott will promote the 2015 UKS Series, which will be comprised of eight races. This series will be unique in that it’s not just targeting one region, but will actually take the show on the road, making stops on both sides of the Mason/Dixon, and will even venture into the Midwest. The vision that Philpott will be enforcing is based on putting the emphasis back on the fun of karting and series racing. Not to worry though, in addition to the fun, the Ultimate Kart Series will also be a points and money series, which will feature guaranteed payouts, end of the year awards, and more!

You can look forward to a seasoned, professional staff taking the reigns on this deal. John Philpott himself has been involved with the sport of dirt oval kart racing in many different capacities throughout his entire life. Most recently, his involvement with the sport has centered around operating and promoting Providence Raceway. In addition to cultivating and healthy, thriving program for his local racers, John has also welcomed some of the biggest series’ and title events in all of karting through the gates at Providence, and has received rave reviews from colleagues and consumers alike. His experiences in the sport have given him perspective that will be an asset to the UKS. In addition to Philpott himself, Terry “Big T” Brigman, Keith James, Bobby Johnson, and Zach Holcombe have also signed on to the UKS team for 2015. Finally, Mike and Kurt Burris of Burris Racing have been instrumental to bringing this series to life, and the racers can look forward to having their usual five star support throughout the 2015 Ultimate Kart Series.

The full racing schedule, along with tracks and sponsorship packages, will be released in the coming days on the Ultimate Kart Series Facebook page. Until the UKS website is complete, the UKS Facebook page will be the hub for all information from the series in the immediate future.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact John Philpott directly either by phone (540-420-6833) or by email (johnpri121@gmail.com). John will be in attendance this weekend at the King of the Concrete, and will also be at the KARTMANIA tradeshow in January, and will be available to answer any questions or concerns at those events as well.

John would like to publicly thank Mike and Kurt Burris for their involvement in this project, and for their support of dirt oval kart racing as a whole. Look for more news and developments from the UKS soon…