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Slick Willy’s Give Back Success

Thank you to everyone who came to the Slick Willy’s Give Back event located in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania at the Works complex. It was great to see everyone there for a extremely fun time on Black Friday. It was definitely packed to the roof and the event went from 5:30 to 11PM EST. We are thankful for everyone that helped out including : Brian Antonio, Travis Snyder, William Mohring, Jeremy Raifsnyder, Mikey Schauer, and much more. We gave away a variety of items such as a banner, t-shirt, hat, and even a hoodie. If you’re interested in seeing photos from the event they are available on antoniosphotos.com

So tell us, what was your favorite part of the event? The giveaway, the road course, the slick track, the raffle, or something completely different?
Also, we apologize for the lack of news. We’re trying to keep ya’ll updated in the off-season here in the USA.
Though indoor racing isn’t too far away such as Trenton, Atlantic City, Tulsa Shootout, and the Chili Bowl!

Update : Also, we have uploaded a video of the event from the Slick Track to http://www.youtube.com/tisRadius