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600cc Sprints To Be In Fall Jamboree At Grandview

With fans and competitors now in full withdrawal because they’re missing the incredible racing that takes place at the JeffreyHogueRealtor.com Action Track USA on the Kutztown Fairgrounds, the management and staff of the Berks County oval are taking their show on the road…

Saturday and Sunday, November 1st and 2nd, co-promoters Rich Tobias and Doug Rose will present the Fall Jamboree – their version of Champions Weekend, where National champs will be crowned in the USAC SpeedSTR and All Star Slingshot divisions. Joining these two classes will be the third division that makes up the weekly menu at Action Track USA…the always exciting, “hold your breath while you sit on the edge of your seat”, white knuckle-style of racing produced by the Wingless 600cc Sprints. And the wingless warriors will a pair of opportunities to earn some major cash as the 2014 racing season winds to a close. And it all takes place at a track with a reputation for good, hard racing and extremely close competition…the Grandview Speedway in Bechtelsville, Pa.

While the SpeedSTRs and Slingshots compete for National Tour points as well as a lucrative payout, it’s all about dollars, bragging rights, and the prestige of winning at Grandview for the Wingless 600’s.

Here are the details for the wingless 600cc portion of the huge weekend of dirt track activity…

On Saturday, November 1st, the pit gates will open at 10 a.m. Trailers may remain parked in the pits overnight on Saturday.

The 600cc throttle-jockeys will race for a $400 winner’s share on Saturday, but that amount could rise to $600 if the victorious driver took the $20 Gambler’s Challenge at sign-in. Saturday’s entry fee is a paltry $20, and the main event will be contested over a distance of 20 laps.

Sunday’s triumph will be worth $600, unless the winning 600cc wheel-twister paid the $20 Gambler’s Fee, in which case the victor will go home with $800! Sunday’s entry fee is $25, and the feature distance increases to 25 trips around the high banks of Grandview.

The top three finishers from Saturday’s main go straight to the redraw group for Sunday’s feature race. Those drivers finishing in positions four through seven on Saturday will start in the front of Sunday’s qualifying heats.

The Mad Scramble returns on Sunday of the Fall Jamboree Weekend! Drivers who did not qualify on Saturday will have the chance to participate in the Mad Scramble, with the winner going directly into the redraw for Sunday’s main event.

On both days, the drivers’ meeting begins at noon, with warm-ups getting underway at 12:30. Qualifying events will commence immediately following the hot lap sessions.

All teams that compete on Saturday will have their names submitted in a drawing for a large flat screen television, provided they return to race again on Sunday. The television will be given away during Sunday’s driver’s meeting.

In addition, one lucky fan who attends Saturday’s event and then comes back on Sunday will also be eligible to win at flat screen television. The winner of the “fanavision” tv will be chosen at the beginning of Sunday’s program.

Last year, when the Fall Jamboree was held at another race track, Billy Pauch Jr. swept the 600cc races. This season, with Grandview Speedway serving as the backdrop, one driver could go home with $1400, and a new television after just 45 laps of heart-stopping action on the Rogers family’s 1/3-mile oval.

Freddie Rahmer Jr. captured the 2013 National SpeedSTR title, while Oley’s Brett Bieber nailed down his third consecutive National Slingshot Championship at the Fall Jamboree at the Path Valley Raceway Park. Rahmer is now a 410 Sprint Car chauffeur, but Bieber is once again squarely in the hunt for the Slinger title. Both championship battles are wide open, and will most certainly come down to the last few laps of Sunday’s double-point features.

Tobias, Rose, and the entire Action Track USA staff will be working the two shows at Grandview, so it will be a perfect weekend to come out and see the cars and stars of the JeffreyHogueRealtor.com Action Track USA. It’ll be your last chance to get an “Action Track fix” until the 2015 season begins at the Kutztown Fairgrounds.

By Barry Angstadt – https://www.facebook.com/barry.angstadt?fref=ts&ref=br_tf