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Champions Crowned At Bridgeport 1/4 Mile

Going into the feature Luke Thomas and Andrew Locuson were tied for the point lead. Both drivers won their heat race. With an invert of zero being drawn for the feature, Andrew Locuson and Luke Thomas comprised the front row for the feature. Thomas immediately grabbed the lead from the drop of the green flag and never looked back to capture his fourth win of the season and the 2014 title. In Victory Lane, Thomas stated “that was the first time this entire season that he passed Andrew Locuson on the track.” Andrew Locuson held on for second followed by Lee Nardelli, Bill Thomas and Matt Smith.

Coslop went to Victory Lane for his second time this season by winning the 270cc Micro Sprint feature event. Coslop gained the lead after Tyler Reinhardt slowed with mechanical trouble. Ryan Wozunk, Luke Fogg, John Blanda and Billy Gray completed the top five.

Scott Dunn recorded his eighth win of the season in the Four Cylinder Enduro class but it was his son, Justin Dunn who captured the 2014 title. Scott Dunn crossed the line ahead of newcomer, Chris Sammons and Art Knapp.

Lee Allen inherited the lead at the halfway point of the race when Tom Wolf had a right front tire blow out and he pitted for repairs. Christopher Allen, Sr. finished second, Wolf returned to finish third. Rick Burnham and Danny Serrano completed the top five. It was the fourth win of the season for Lee Allen who also captured the 2014 title.


600CC Micro Sprint Feature (20 LAPS)

1. Luke Thomas, 2. Andrew Locuson, 3. Lee Nardelli, 4. Bill Thomas, 5. Matt Smith, 6. Tyler DeVault, 7. Sam Locuson, 8. Jon Keller, 9. Chris Locuson, 10. Steven Bracall, 11. Dave Carlberg, 12. Jim Tippin, 13. Sam LaMothe, 14. Wayne Scott, 15. Ed Barber III, 16. Nick Havens, 17. Gary Bozowski, 18. Chris Panczner, 19. Joey Butts, 20. Gary Forsythe, 21. Jerry Allen
2014 Champion – Luke Thomas

270CC Micro Sprint Feature (20 LAPS)

1. Steve Coslop, 2. Ryan Wozunk, 3. Luke Fogg, 4. John Blanda, 5. Billy Gray, 6. Glenn Frye, Jr., 7. Sean Huesser, 8. Tyler Reinhardt, 9. Jonathan John, 10. Samantha Lieberman, 11. Joe Dopke, DNS – R.J. Magyari, Ron Malec, Chris Moll
2014 Champion – Tyler Reinhardt

Four Cylinder Enduro Feature (20 LAPS)

1. Scott Dunn, 2. Chris Sammons, 3. Art Knapp, 4. John Gray, 5. Laura John, 6. Justin Dunn, 7. John Webster
2014 Champion – Justin Dunn

John Gasko & Son Farm + GreenHouses Eight Clinder Enduro Feature (40 LAPS)

1. Lee Allen, 2. Christopher Allen, Sr., 3. Tom Wolf, 4. Rick Burnham, 5. Danny Serrano, 6. Steve Taciak, 7. Doug Snow, 8. Stephen Michael, 9. Mike “The Animal” Baldwin, 10. Kyle Ellingsworth
2014 Champion – Lee Allen