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Xcel Junior Division Announced

The 600 Modifieds are scaled down versions of Dirt Modifieds powered by 600cc 4-stroke motorcycle engines. The Series is a spec division that promotes competitive and affordable, wheel-to-wheel racing. Xcel Chassis is a pioneer in spec division racing and supplies parts/services to racers in the greater tri-state area such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Even though the 600 Modifieds are a scaled down version, there’s an even smaller vehicle that is only available for 5-14 year olds to drive. As of now it runs a stock sealed 125cc 4 cycle air cooled 3 speed engine. It has a real suspension with a full travel front and rear axle. No swing arm though. Doug Borger has gotten the class to run on the Snydersville Speedway Friday and Shellhammers Speedway Saturday night schedule for the 2015 racing season. The car will run on dirt or asphalt which is the same as its predecessor that contains a hard tire compound. Only 8″ Hoosiers will be tolerated. As of pricing, there is nothing Doug wants to not be affordable. The first ten cars ordered are $5,500 and after that they’re $5,995. This is definitely the vehicle to put your child in with safety and affordability at mind. For more information in the future, please like the Xcel Racing Series Facebook Page here – https://www.facebook.com/groups/75347724713/

Xcel Mini