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Bieber/Maurer Grab The “W” At Shelly’s

Yesterday was the final Wednesday show at Shellhammers Speedway. It is a 1/8th mile, and very high banked like stated in other articles. There were 7 Slingshots, and 19 270’s. They will decide to have shows when Kutztown’s Action Track USA isn’t running next year if the car counts stay high, which is a slight issue due to people having work and such. Weekdays can definitely cause a interference with our favorite past time.

The fastest lap time in the feature for the Senior Slingshots was by Jordan Knepp with a 10.748 on lap 20. He was going 41.868 mph.
The fastest lap time in the feature for the 270 Micro Sprints was by Jesse Maurer with a 9.567 on lap 23. He was going 47.035 mph.

Brett Bieber, Andrew Kreis, Jordan Knepp, David Galloway, Anthony Raisner, Dawson Landis, Jeff Kemp

Jesse Maurer, Steve Drevicki, Brandan Heist, Jarid Kunkle, Josh Schaffer, Jacob Dunn, Toby Blumenshine, Geordan Marrero, Ray Miller, John Davis, Jenna Schostkewitz, David Grube, Ronald Helmick, Trevor Dunn, Brent Shearer, Tim Gilbert, Brett Altemose, Damon Bomgardner, Tyler Ulrich

Photos by Dennis Takacs