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Nardelli Grabs First Ace At Bridgeport

The quarter mile at Bridgeport Speedway provided plenty of excitement with a large field of cars and a good crowd on hand for the third round of the Poker series on the inner circle. Lee Nardelli picked up the $1,000 pay day for winning the 25-lap wingless 600cc Micro Sprint feature. Even though Nardelli is a past champion on the Bridgeport quarter mile this was the first time Nardelli ran his 600cc Micro Sprint wingless. Tyler Reinhardt won the 25-lap feature for the 270cc Micro Sprints. B.J. Antonio captured his third win in the 20-lap Slingshot feature while Billy Cropper won the combined event for the Delaware Super Trucks and Four Cylinder Enduros.

Forty-four cars were on hand to qualify for the 25-lap feature. By the luck of the draw, Nardelli drew pole for the feature event. Nardelli quickly jumped to the lead over Alex Bright and Sam Locuson. Locuson, starting 11th, quickly moved into third. A long green flag run saw Nardelli lead but Bright and Locuson were on his tail looking for an opening. The races final caution came with five laps remaining. On the restart, Nardelli again assumed command. Billy Pauch, Jr. moved to the extreme outside to move from fifth to second in the final five laps. Sam Locuson was third with Bright fourth. Tim Buckwalter, who was involved in the opening lap incident finished fifth after restarting from the rear.

It was all Reinhardt in the 25-lap 270cc Micro Sprint feature as Reinhardt jumped to the lead at the green flag and pulled away from the rest of the field in a dominating sixth win of the season. Pat Bealer, Joe Dopke, Andrew Locuson and John Blanda completed the top five in the event.

Bobby Smith, Jr. lead the first 18-laps of the event an incident in the fourth turn slowed the event. On the restart, Antonio assumed the lead and went onto the checkered flag. Donny Hockman was second followed by Michael Homeijer, Richard Partite and Cody Kline.

In the 20-lap combined event for the Delaware Super Trucks and Four Cylinder Enduros, Billy Cropper was the first across the line with Joe King, Jr. finishing second. The pair swapped the top spot back and forth over the course of the feature event.

Wingless 600CC Micro Sprints (25 LAPS)

1. Lee Nardelli, 2. Billy Pauch, Jr., 3. Sam Locuson, 4. Alex Bright, 5. Tim Buckwalter, 6. Chad Sandt, 7. Luke Thomas, 8. Jon Keller, 9. Grady Johnson, 10. Tyler DeVault, 11. Jeff Hartman, 12. Bill Thomas, 13. Jermain Godshall, 14. Andrew Locuson, 15. Brett Mihalski, 16. Garrett Glassman, 17. Bobby Butler, 18. Sam LaMothe, 19. Mike Rutherford, 20. Joe Kay, 21. Jim Tippin, 22. P.J. Williams, 23. Ernie Miles, 24. Joel Smith, 25. Steven Bracall, 26. Tony DiMattia DNQ – Rob Vivona, Ed Barber, III, Wayne Scott, Mike Fillbrunn, Steve Kemery, Nick Havens, Robert Hocker, Rebecca LaMothe, Wayne Scott, Jr., Carmen Leggio, Jr., Molly Chambers, Charles Colburn, Simon Egan, Jack Conover, Rich Mellor, Jay Hartman, Ed Willburg, Gary Bozowski

270CC Micro Sprints (25 LAPS)

1. Tyler Reinhardt, 2. Pat Bealer, 3. Joe Dopke, 4. Andrew Locuson, 5. John Blanda, 6. Steve Coslop, 7. Roland Saxton, 8. Billy Gray, 9. T.J. Greve, 10. Sean Huesser, 11. Jonathan John, 12. Dana Watkins, 13. Samantha Lieberman, 14. Dave Nelson, 15. Jay Hartman, 16. Glenn Frye, Jr., 17. Jacob Hendershot, 18. Luke Fogg, DNS – Chris Moll, R.J. Magyari

Slingshots (20 LAPS)

1. B.J. Antonio, 2. Donny Hockman, 3. Michael Homeijar, 4. Richard Partite, 5. Cody Kline, 6. Bobby Smith, Jr., 7. Dave McCullough, 8. Dave Morrell, 9. Tess Horvath, 10. Jason Schenker, 11. Dale Kober, 12. Lou Partite, 13. Steve Schenker

Four Cylinder Enduro (20 LAPS)

1. Joe King, Jr., 2. Robbie Dunn, 3. Justin Dunn, 4. Mike Wahl, 5. John Webster, 6. John Gray, 7. Laura John, 8. Joe Garey, 9. Jim Hughes, 10. Michael Bentley, 11. Art Knapp, 12. Kenny Wallace, 13. Dave Bentley, 14. Scott Dunn

Delaware Super Trucks (20 LAPS)
1. Billy Cropper