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Raifsnider/Maurer Grab The “W” At Shelly’s

It was another great week of racing at the 1/8th mile high banked clay oval in Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania. There were 8 Senior Slingshots and 13 270 Micro Sprints.

In the Senior Slingshots, Jordan Knepp led the majority of the laps until he made one error which allowed Larry Raifsnyder and Brett Beiber to pass. Jordan had a strong, and competitive car. It just didn’t have enough that night to hold off two experts in the division.

In the 270 Micro Sprints, it was a similar outcome. Josh Shaffer led the majority of the laps, but one error let Jesse Maurer get by. Jesse is also a expert in the Micro Sprints. Including a lot of top 5’s in the Linda’s Speedway National Open. Tyler Ulrich started 4th, and got 4th. Tyler did manage to work his way back up to 4th after being sent to the rear for spinning out by himself. Ronald Helmick, got in contact with Jenna Schostkewitz which resulted in Ronald being sent into a series of flips. He was done for the night.

The fastest lap time in the feature for the Senior Slingshots was by Larry Raifsnider with a 10.741 on lap 24. He was going 41.859 mph.
The fastest lap time in the feature for the 270 Micro Sprints was by Tyler Ulrich with a 9.846 on lap 6. He was going 45.702 mph.

Larry Raifsnider, Brett Bieber, Jordan Knepp, Andrew Kreis, Kassidy Kreitz, Jeff Kemp, Dawson Landis, Ryan Updegrove

Jesse Maurer, Josh Schaffer, Jason Swavely, Tyler Ulrich, Ronald Helmick, Kyle Hehnley, Dave Nelson, Jenna Schostkewitz, Derek Ecenrode, Toby Blumenshine, Steve Drevicki, Rusty Crone, Mike Boyer

Photos by Dennis Takacs