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Flud triple sweeps, Gray w/ 1st, Bowden & Corte Repeat At PCR

After hours of relentless work from a devoted Port City Raceway crew, the Tulsa, Oklahoma facility saw a count of 108 entries last night as the famed 1/8th derailed Mother Nature’s attempt at ruining a stellar night of action in T-Town.

As the night came to a close the fans, drivers, and crew members who elected to purse the racing were in for one special treat with all the incredible action. Saturday night also marked the first time since in nearly two years that a driver pulled the rare triple sweep of A-Class, Non-Wing, and Outlaw at a tough local track of PCR. The driver who pulled off the stunning feat was Pryor, Oklahoma’s own Frank Flud, becoming the first to do so since Jordan Herrman made his mark on September 27, 2012.

Two other drivers repeated on a previous triumph this year while one lady stood tall and claimed her first career victory at PCR. It was a night full of action, intensity, and hard fought battles as Aaron Lemmons and his crew continue to whip the 1/8th mile into top notch shape for the upcoming special events.

Port City will once again host a weekly point racing event next Saturday night as the gates open at 4:00 PM and races start at 7:00 PM. Special events remaining on the 2014 schedule include the final points race that will welcome the POWRi West Midgets to Tulsa on September 27th, the 15th annual Pete Frazier Memorial on October 3-4, and the inaugural $11,000 to win Outlaw Nationals on October 15-18.

Below you can find a full breakdown of each division last night at Port City along with feature results, lineups, lap leaders, and hard chargers. For more information like point standings, schedules, special events, addresses, and more you can visitwww.portcityracin.com.

A field of 17 youngsters came to play in the dirt last night as the three-car championship battle between Jake Nail, Holley Hollan, and Hank Davis continues to heat up with the season nearing end. Three heat races won by Noah Gass, Emilio Hoover, and Jake Nail set up the exciting 20-lap feature event.

Jumping into the early race lead was polesitter and Huntsville native of Dooley Harris. Harris was a strong contender early on as he pulled away in his #12 machine building a big advantage. His once powerful lead soon diminished as Gunner Bowden in his Bowden Steel Buildings #8 came charging from ninth and into the race lead on lap eight.

Bowden would remain unchallenged for much of the race as he moved through lap traffic, but Noah Gass provided a threat in the closing laps. Charging his #25 from the 13th grid, Gass was quickly closing on Bowden as the race wound down. The DRC Memorial prelim feature winner was set to claim another victory, but Bowden fended off the challenger to claim his second win of the 2014 season.

Noah Gass settled for a strong 13th to second run, Dooley Harris held on to round out the podium, Jake Nail stormed from 15th to fourth, and Shawn Mahaffey moved from 14th to fifth. Closing out the top ten was Rees Moran in sixth, Holley Hollan in seventh from 17th, Preston Scheulen in eighth, Joey Gray in ninth, and Grayson Gaddy in tenth.

A-Main (20 laps): 1. Gunner Bowden (9), 2. Noah Gass (13), 3. Dooley Harris (1), 4. Jake Nail (15), 5. Shawn Mahaffey (14), 6. Rees Moran (7), 7. Holley Hollan (17), 8. Preston Scheulen (4), 9. Joey Gray (5), 10. Grayson Gaddy (8), 11. Emilio Hoover (2), 12. Connor Lee (10), 13. Drew Sawyer (3), 14. Baron Silva (12), 15. Kale Drake (11), 16. J Brady Hilton (6), 17. Hank Davis (16).
Lap Leader(s): Dooley Harris 1-7; Gunner Bowden 8-20.
Hard Charger(s): Noah Gass, Jake Nail +11; Holley Hollan +10.

Reeling in the highest car count of the night was the enticing A-Class division of Port City Raceway. A strong 21-car field created for three heat races and a 25-lap feature event. Claiming the three preliminary heat races was Karley Kay Dobson, Nathan Weida, and Wes Little.

It was Larry Martinez and Jason Crane leading the field to green, but a yellow in turn one on lap one for Bailey Stringer quickly halted the race. When action resumed Crane moved his #23C to the lead and stretched out his advantage. As Crane was slicing and dicing through lap traffic when halfway approached, Jason Tracy and Karley Kay Dobson were hunting him down for the top spot.

Tracy soon capitalized on a mistake from Crane through traffic as he stormed his #25 machine into the race lead on lap 14. The move sent Crane stumbling back several spots as Frank Flud and Jordan Herrman came charging past. As Flud moved into third and Herrman took fourth, the story was out front as Tracy was pulling a country mile on Dobson for the lead.

A yellow with six laps remaining would set up a final dash for the victory between Tracy, Dobson, Flud, and Herrman. Flud would pull an incredible move on lap 23 as he powered past both Dobson and Tracy in one corner and shot into the race lead. The race was not over yet as Tracy came back at Flud with a monster slidejob in turn three and four coming to the white flag.

Flud countered the daring move and roared back underneath Tracy as he drove off into the sunset and claimed the first of three victories on an impressive night. Jason Tracy slipped back to finish second after leading eight laps, Karley Kay Dobson wound up third, Kevin Bayer moved from 13th to fourth, and Kris Carroll earned hard charger honors with a 20th to fifth bid. Chad Bell, Jason Crane, Brad Best, Bailey Hughes, and Raymond Moore close out the top ten.

A-Main (25 laps): 1. Frank Flud (12), 2. Jason Tracy (11), 3. Karley Kay Dobson (8), 4. Kevin Bayer (13), 5. Kris Carroll (20), 6. Chad Bell (10), 7. Jason Crane (2), 8. Brad Best (21), 9. Bailey Hughes (7), 10. Raymond Moore (16), 11. Steven Curbow (19), 12. Ryan Hunt (15), 13. Danny James (4), 14. Jordan Herrman (14), 15. Nathan Weida (6), 16. Wes Little (9), 17. Lenny McCall (3), 18. Thad Bennett (17), 19. Bailey Stringer (5), 20. Jase Martin (18), 21. Larry Martinez (1).
Lap Leader(s): Jason Crane 1-13; Jason Tracy 14-22; Frank Flud 23-25.
Hard Charger(s): Kris Carroll +15; Brad Best +13; Frank Flud +11

An 18-entry field highlighted the Restricted division last night as we saw a first-time winner take shape. The two preliminary heat races would be claimed by Grady Widener and Kaylee Bryson as the 18-car, 25-lap main event was set to roll.

An accident on lap one involving polesitter Sam Vandiver would leave Kelsey Gray and Haley Hollan to lead the field to green. It was neither Broken Arrow resident taking the early lead as Jaiden Hughes moved her #222 Sawyer Chassis from fourth to first and led the first circuit. After stretching her lead out over the first few laps, a major mistake on lap five allowed Kelsey Gray to take the top spot in her #88K.

Gray continued to consistently pull away from the field and at one point holding a straightaway lead with her Factor One Racing, CTE Construction Supply sponsored machine. Cole Roberts soon grabbed the second spot from Hughes as he began his pursuit of Gray and his second win of 2014.

A yellow for Hollan and point leader Tristan Oakes would destroy Gray’s blistering pace and allow Roberts to lineup bumper to bumper with her on the final restart. The caution would prove meaningless in her efforts as Kelsey Gray drove away on the final restart to claim her career first feature victory after leading 19 laps.

Cole Roberts came home in a close second place, Zac Moody drove from ninth to third, Kaylee Bryson earned hard charger honors with her 12th to fourth charge, and Quinton Standlee finished fifth from 11th. Grady Widener, Jaiden Hughes, Blake Battles, Jace McIntosh, and Cannon McIntosh would round out the top ten finishers.

A-Main (25 laps): 1. Kelsey Gray (3), 2. Cole Roberts (7), 3. Zac Moody (9), 4. Kaylee Bryson (12), 5. Quinton Standlee (11), 6. Grady Widener (8), 7. Jaiden Hughes (4), 8. Blake Battles (6), 9. Jace McIntosh (10), 10. Cannon McIntosh (16), 11. Tristan Oakes (14), 12. Haley Hollan (2), 13. Noah Harris (13), 14. Brendon Wiseley (15), 15. Sam Vandiver (1), 16. Blake Hulland (5).
Lap Leader(s): Jaiden Hughes 1-5; Kelsey Gray 6-25.
Hard Charger(s): Kaylee Bryson +8

Matching their stock division partner of A-Class, Non-Wing as well pulled in a field of 21 cars last night. With no B-Main event in need, we would see three heat races followed by the 25-lap feature. Nathan Weida, Tyler Vandiver, and Shawn Wicker claimed the eight-lap heat race events as the main event was set for battle.

Jason Scheulen busted right out of the gated in his #3 machine as he grabbed the early race lead. Hunter Fischer quickly sliced his way through the field from his ninth place starting spot as he found himself in second trailing Scheulen early on. The two Non-Wing aces of Frank Flud and Andrew Deal were charging to the front as Scheulen and Fischer went to battle.

Scheulen couldn’t hold off Fischer for long as he moved his #24 into the lead on lap seven. Fischer’s lead himself didn’t last long, however, as Flud was in hot pursuit when he moved his #81 Outlaw Wings machine onto the podium. The Pryor resident quickly tracked down Fischer and dove under him on lap ten as he grabbed the race lead after charging from 12th.

Flud merely dominated the second half of the feature event as he led his Sawyer Chassis to more than a full straightaway lead over Fischer. As the white flag was set to fly, the red flag instead came out as Cole Lambert took his #91L for a monstrous flip into turn three. The Claremore native would slowly climb out of his car, but proved to be okay.

The green-white-checkered restart saw Flud once again pull away as he would lead 15 laps and dominate to claim his 43rd feature win of the season and only second with no wing on top. Hunter Fischer held on for a strong second place run, Andrew Deal stormed from 15th to third in his return to PCR, Jason Scheulen wound up fourth, and Shawn Wicker finished fifth. Rayce Bowen, Ronnie James, Thad Bennett, Nate Burkett, and Josh Wakley rounded out the top ten finishers.

A-Main (25 laps): 1. Frank Flud (12), 2. Hunter Fischer (9), 3. Andrew Deal (15), 4. Jason Scheulen (2), 5. Shawn Wicker (11), 6. Rayce Bowen (6), 7. Ronnie James (10), 8. Thad Bennett (20), 9. Nate Burkett (8), 10. Josh Wakley (7), 11. Tyler Vandiver (5), 12. Colt Dyer (18), 13. Chase Meade (16), 14. Shane Hacker (4), 15. Cole Lambert (17), 16. Braden Huff (3), 17. Jason Tracy (13), 18. Matt Bauman (21), 19. Jordan Herrman (14) [DNS], 20. Nathan Weida (1) [DNS], 21. Steven Curbow (19) [DNS].
Lap Leader(s): Jason Scheulen 1-6; Hunter Fischer 7-9; Frank Flud 10-25.
Hard Charger(s): Andrew Deal, Thad Bennett +12; Frank Flud +11.

The Sportsman division would see an 18-car field on Saturday night as another repeat winner broke out of the shed. The two-heat program saw Charles Corte and Ryan Cody earn victories as Gregory Young and Darrius Myers led the feature field to green.

After a multitude of lead changes between Danny Clum, Cody Cole, and many others early on, Charles Corte took the top spot in his #413. A race dominated by long green flag runs saw Corte yank the field as he pulled into lap traffic with a sizable advantage.

His once monstrous lead soon diminished as Ryan Cody came charging to the front from 12th. As the laps wound down Cody ate away at Corte’s lead and was poised for a last lap thriller. However, coming out of turn four to the checkered flag Charles Corte would hang on to claim his second win of the year as Cody slowed across the line with mechanical issues.

Dave Nicholson completed his night with a 13th to second charge, Ryan Cody fell to third in the final hundred feet of the race, Danny Clum finished a strong fourth, and Cody Cole grabbed fifth. Closing out the top ten was Mark Lutz, Craig Carroll, Ricky Glover Sr., Taylor Garrison, and Chris Doss.

A-Main (25 laps): 1. Charles Corte (9), 2. Dave Nicholson (13), 3. Ryan Cody (12), 4. Danny Clum (6), 5. Cody Cole (4), 6. Mark Lutz (8), 7. Craig Carroll (18), 8. Ricky Glover Sr. (17), 9. Taylor Garrison (14), 10. Chris Doss (10), 11. Kenny Howard (11), 12. Darrius Myers (2), 13. Brandon Henson (16), 14. Todd Young (5), 15. JD House (3), 16. Gregory Young (1), 17. Luke Tipton (15) [DNS], 18. Dwight Green (7) [DNS].
Hard Charger(s): Dave Nicholson, Craig Carroll +11.

What seemed as if one of the lower car counts of the year for the Outlaw divisions quickly turned into one of the best feature events held on the 1/8th mile surface of Port City Raceway. The two-heat program won by Travis Harris and “A-Town” Austin Lambert lined up the 15-car, 25-lap thrilling feature event.

Travis Harris quickly stormed his All-Pro Auto Reconditioning #155 from fourth to first on the opening lap as he led the first of 25 circuits. As the Owasso native stretched his dominating lead over second place running Brad Best, three hard chargers were flying through the field with a target planted on Harris’ Pace Chassis.

A yellow with nearly five laps completed would allow 11th place starter Kevin Bayer wheel his Factor One Racing #91 into the top five. Following the 2006 POWRi Champion in hot pursuit was Frank Flud with his Sawyer Chassis #81. As Bayer and Flud both moved into podium positions Harris had already built a straightaway lead.

The two drivers soon ate away at Harris’ once enormous lead as they began hounding him for the top spot. The race almost got nasty near midway as Bayer drove into turn one too deep on the bottom and slid into left side of Harris. Bayer himself twisted his #91 sideways and Flud then got into the back of him. The three drivers all somehow recuperated and went back to battle.

Flud soon moved under Bayer for second and was literally all over the back of Harris’ #155 as he was looking for the top spot. A yellow for the blown engine of Dalton Brown created a break in action that saw a four-car battle for the lead. On the ensuing restart you could throw a blanket over the top four drivers of Harris, Flud, Bayer, and Harley Hollan.

Hollan, in his #14 Harley Hollan Companies machine was perfecting the bottom of the track as he rolled right under Bayer, then Flud, and eventually Harris as he took the lead on lap 22. Flud took notice of Hollan’s powerful move and followed the Broken Arrow driver under Harris. As the white flag flew we were set for an incredible finish, all until the caution came out as the two drivers were flying down the backstretch.

The final green-white-checkered restart of the 25-lap main event turned into be quite the finish. Hollan immediately grabbed the jump on the Pryor resident as he dove straight to the bottom of the 1/8th mile. Flud elected to pursue the treacherous PCR cushion as he began to track down Hollan. Going into turn three on the final lap it looked as if Hollan had the race sealed, but Flud using his powerful Metric Cycles, Engler Injection, Sawyer Chassis, Infinity Shocks combo roared around the cushion to pass Hollan off of turn four and nab him for the win at the finish line!

Harley Hollan was forced to settle for an incredibly close second, Travis Harris held on for a podium position of third, Kevin Bayer grabbed fourth, and Brad Best rounded out the top five. Closing out the top ten finishers was Bailey Hughes in sixth, Quinn Jones of Missouri came from 15th to seventh, Delaney Jost ran eighth, Austin Lambert came home ninth, and Karley Kay Dobson finished tenth.

A-Main (25 laps): 1. Frank Flud (13), 2. Harley Hollan (12), 3. Travis Harris (4), 4. Kevin Bayer (11), 5. Brad Best (3), 6. Bailey Hughes (9), 7. Quinn Jones (15), 8. Delaney Jost (10), 9. Austin Lambert (7), 10. Karley Kay Dobson (5), 11. Tommy Calico (2), 12. Matt Taylor (6), 13. Dalton Brown (1), 14. Bobby Springer (14) [DNS], 15. Jerry McGinnis (8) [DQ].
Lap Leader(s): Travis Harris 1-21; Harley Hollan 22-24; Frank Flud 25.
Hard Charger(s): Frank Flud +12; Harley Hollan +10.