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Galloway/Hartman Grab The “W” At Shelly’s

It was a great day at the Hammer in Shoemakersville, PA. 2 weeks ago the weather didn’t look so promising and it seemed to have scared away the competition, but Wednesday night it was beautiful weather. There was 13 Senior Slingshots and 23 270 Micro Sprints. Drivers in all classes were going to attempt to get the big $500 paycheck, but only 2 drivers came out on top. Heat races were 10 laps, and the feature races were 25 laps.

The fastest lap time in the feature for the Senior Slingshots was by Brett Bieber with a 10.549 on lap 12. He was going 42.656 mph.
The fastest lap time in the feature for the 270 Micro Sprints was by Richie Hartman with a 9.781 on lap 23. He was going 46.005 mph.

Senior Slingshots :
David Galloway, Kassidy Kreitz, Brett Bieber, Jordan Knepp, Larry Raifsnider, Jason Schenker, Dennis Garl, Joe Nemeth, Jeff Kemp, William Mohring, Dylan Swinehart, Bryan Ray, Dawson Landis, Jordan Knepp

270 Micro Sprints :
Richie Hartman, Jason Swavely, Tyler Ulrich, Tim Buckwalter, Rusty Crone, Mike Rutherford, Toby Blumenshine, Ronald Helmick, Trevor Dunn, Brandon Heist, Steven Drevicki, Jacob Dunn, Corey Schmuck, Jenna Schostkewitz, Mark Mehalick, Hunter James, Josh Schaffer, Stevie Senn, Kyle Hehnley, Dan Degler, Brent Bull

Photos by Dennis Takacs